10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (2023)

The beautiful town of Keller is full of greenery, parks, hiking trails and cozy restaurants. Dining options range from laid-back, laid-back spots to upscale, romantic spots.

Whether you're craving traditional American comfort food or something distinctive and unique, the wide variety and flavors are sure to satisfy every craving.

Take a look at the best restaurants in Keller, TX.

  • Overall best restaurant:FnG come
  • Best restaurant with bar:Shotzee's Bar and Grill
  • Best Family Restaurant:Horizon 76 American Grill House

The best basement restaurants

FnG come

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (1)
  • Address:201 Downtown Ln #1101, Basement, TX 76248
  • Known for:Creative American dishes and cocktails in a cozy atmosphere.

Affectionately named after the chefs' initials,FnG comeis an upscale restaurant and bar featuring traditional and innovative American cuisine. The cozy atmosphere invites you to brunch, lunch and dinner with dishes made from regional ingredients directly from the farmers market cellar.

Ideal for a light lunch, the Small Plate range includes a selection of Cellar Flatbreads as well as weekly specials featuring seasonal delights and creative inventions from the chefs. Get a sizzling appetizer of delicious pork rinds or good old Kobe sliders with provolone, tarragon aioli and fries.

In addition to entrees, entrees include a juicy FnG steak burger, wood-grilled Caesar, boneless pot roast short ribs, and wood-fired wild Bay of Fundy salmon, which are some of the most popular dishes.

Creativity doesn't end with food; Find creative cocktails on the menu to pair with your food. Don't forget to finish strong with the famous Boone's Cobbler

Shotzee's Bar and Grill

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (2)
  • Address:134 S Main Street, Basement, TX 76248
  • Known for:Choice of Fusion BBQ with extensive drinks menu.

The energetic and spiritedShotzees Bar & GrillIt is a family run restaurant with unparalleled hospitality and service. The restaurant serves traditional American cuisine along with over 20 carefully selected local, imported and craft beers.

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The menu offers a refreshing twist on the traditional Texas barbecue. The powerhouse burgers and sandwiches are packed with charred meats like juicy Texas smoked brisket and Carolina pulled pork.

For options to share with drinks, grab a basket of Hand-Breading Pickle Brined Chicken Tenders or the Smoking Wings. Their signature Shotzee Blueberry Moonshine on tap pairs incredibly well with their signature BBQ brisket burgers, smoked chicken tacos, and other BBQ fusion concoctions.

The restaurant also offers a wide range of specialty cocktails, shot menus, spirits and ciders. Keep an eye out for special events happening throughout the year.

Horizon 76 American Grill House

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (3)
  • Address:1821 S Main Street, Basement, TX 76248
  • Known for:Charming family place with delicious burgers and a large outdoor terrace.

In a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere,Horizon 76offers delicious burgers and grilled food in the countryside. Classic American comfort food is available in a wide variety with signature dishes and picnic-style seating on the covered patio for large families.

The restaurant has a charming patriotic atmosphere with a distinctly American flair. Try a classic American bone-in burger featuring signature wood-fired beef on the bone with intense flavors on a homemade bun.

Other notable dishes include the succulent Mesquite Grilled Pork Chop, the heavenly Fried Chicken Pot Pie, and the Cheeseburger Street Tacos. With plenty of family-friendly choices and an extensive drinks menu, it's one of the best family-friendly spots in Keller, TX.

Café Medi

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (4)
  • Address:129 Olive Street, Keller, TX 76248
  • Known for:Traditional, home-made Mediterranean dishes in a cozy atmosphere.

The warm and welcomingCafé Mediis a family restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant opened its doors in the old town of Keller in 2013 and offers family food in a cozy atmosphere.

Try one of their classics from a long list of Mediterranean and Greek dishes, freshly prepared every day. For a light option, opt for the delicious gyros stuffed with roast lamb and beef.

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The succulent dolmas are the perfect appetizer flavored with traditional spices, while the hearty moussaka is a star dish on the appetizer menu. Resembling a casserole, the beef, eggplant, béchamel, and parmesan dish is generously topped with marinara.

DeVivo Bros. Restaurant

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (5)
  • Address:750 S Main Street #165, Basement, TX 76248
  • Known for:Rustic restaurant with fresh Italian cuisine from the region.

Commanded by the talented team of Ralph and John Devivo, theDeVivo Bros. RestaurantIt is locally owned and serves delicious Italian and American cuisine. Rustic interiors are ideal for intimate dining, and outdoor seating is also available.

A few rustic touches, like black tablecloths and raw wood, create a romantic vibe, and they have wine glasses, so be sure to grab a bottle of your favorite wine. If you're looking for something to take away, you can order at the counter and choose from a variety of homemade delights.

The variety of seafood is fresh and delicious, from grilled salmon with risotto to marinated calamari. The weekend brunch is also quite famous, offering all the breakfast staples.

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Seven miles of coffee

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (6)
  • Address:110 W Vine Street, Keller, TX 76248
  • Known for:Hearty breakfasts in an unpretentious setting.

Get a perfect start to the day atSeven miles of coffeewith breakfast and delicious coffee. The café, run by husband and wife team Kevin and Josi Klinglee, is affectionately named after their honeymoon destination.

The deliciously prepared Southern-style breakfast fills the belly and warms the heart, reminding you of home with its nostalgic flavors. They have vegan and gluten-sensitive options available, and the espresso bar gets you going for the day ahead.

Enjoy a variety of waffles and get the California Benny for a static avocado bacon egg meal. The Gravy Train is another great dish with cookies and gravy, hash browns and fried eggs.

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Mexican cuisine Maria Cuca

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (7)
  • Address:800 S Main Street, Basement, TX 76248
  • Known for:Generous portions of delicious Mexican dishes and creative margaritas.

The spacious and rusticmaria cucaIt's the perfect place for those who love Mexican food. Filled with traditional Mexican delicacies, the restaurant has a family-friendly environment with nice touches.

You can't have a healthy Mexican experience without getting nachos from the start. From Laredo, Fajita, Beef and Bean Nachos there is something for every taste.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of tacos with vegetarian options. The giant travessas de fajita, the succulent pollo da cuca with marinated and grilled chicken Mama's Way, the premium grilled sirloin of carne asada, and the delicious shrimp platters are ideal for sharing.

For veggie options, try the veggie chimichanga, drenched in cheese and sour cream. Pair your meals with one of their creatively flavored margaritas.

Book 31

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (8)
  • Address:101 Downtown Ln #117, Basement, TX 76248
  • Known for:A huge variety of delicious Latin American street food.

With a half-day dinner and take-away orders at the counter,Book 31It's a treat for street food lovers. The charming spot serves a variety of Caribbean, Mexican and Peruvian dishes with classic delights and innovative fusions.

The restaurant is the brainchild of chef and owner Andres Meraz, and popular Latin American dishes are cooked to perfection with variations such as tacos, sandwiches, empanadas, and more. You can find the daily specials on the blackboard.

The succulent Chicken Pastor and Sweet Banana Taco are loaded with Cotija cheese and pico de gallo, and the presentation is quite beautiful and colorful. Also try the delicious Peruvian chicken sandwich with charred sweet potatoes.

The restaurant offers wine drinks and beers. Enjoy an easy meal on the go or stop by Taco on Tuesdays for a powerful Mexican feast.

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Cassandra's Mexican cuisine

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (9)
  • Address:813 Keller Pkwy, Keller, TX 76248
  • Known for:Traditional Mexican food and all day breakfast menu.

The humble and humbleCassandra's Mexican cuisineIt is located in a shopping center and serves a variety of Mexican dishes and all-day breakfast. The Mexican Diner offers a relaxed, family-friendly setting for casual dining.

The delicious dishes are available in a huge variety. On the all-day breakfast menu, try the tacos with smoked sausage and eggs for the perfect start to the morning. For a little more punch and flavor, order the bean, grilled tomato, onion, and jalapeno taco for a vegetarian option.

They also have seasonal delights like the warm and hearty chicken tortilla and albondigas soup with meatballs and seasonal vegetables. Get all the authentic and traditional fare like nachos, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, tamales, chimichanga, and tacos.

Olive Italian Restaurant

10 Best Restaurants in Keller, TX 2023 (Top Restaurants) (10)
  • Address:12477 Timberland Blvd. #633, Fort Worth, TX 76244
  • Known for:Fine Italian restaurant with classic Italian dishes.

The rustic and chicOlive Italian Restaurantoffers fine dining in the basement with a romantic setting of dark wood paneling and a cozy terrace. The restaurant offers a selection of classic pasta dishes as well as succulent meat preparations.

Classic Italian cuisine is freshly prepared with homemade bread and impeccable service. The Chef's Attraction offers a rotating menu with dishes such as Hatch Pepper Mac & Cheese with smoked sausage and herb breadcrumbs.

You can't go wrong with the variety of pasta or seafood options. Try the delicious oliva tortellini or the delicately spiced salmon piccata.

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There is never a shortage of dining options in the beautiful town of Keller. Treat yourself to something classic and traditional at local restaurants or try something innovative with fusion cuisine.

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What are the most popular restaurant times? ›

Golden Evenings. From 6 to 9 p.m., restaurants make double or triple the amount of revenue they generate at other times of day. It's the dinner rush, and it's the best time for restaurants to make the most revenue. It's also the most important time to be prepared.

What is the #1 ranked restaurant in California? ›

1. French Laundry. Bourdain said this rarified Napa Valley institution was the best restaurant in the world; French Laundry's organic garden is likely more impressive than your favorite park; and it's seemingly easier to gain admission to Stanford business school than nab a reservation.

What is the most polite restaurant? ›

The chicken chain is statistically the most polite chain in the restaurant business, according to a QSR Magazine's annual drive-thru report released in October. Employees at Chick-fil-A were the most likely of the 15 chains surveyed to say "please" and "thank you," and to smile at drive-thru customers.

What is the best day to eat out in restaurant? ›

Plan to dine out on Tuesdays

(Most chefs don't work on Monday.)" Because weekdays are slower for restaurants, there are more incentives to entice diners to come in, like menu specials or happy hours, which ultimately make it a cost-effective day to dine out, too.

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1. Tops Diner in East Newark, NJ. Jersey might as well be known as the Land of Diners, considering how many top-notch ones dot the state. Of all of them, Tops is a statewide legend, its shinily retro steel exterior calling in eaters like a beacon seven days a week.

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Chick-fil-A has maintained its position as America's favorite restaurant for eight years in a row, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

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Dick's Last Resort is a bar and restaurant chain in the United States, known for its intentional employment of an obnoxious staff.

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Most valuable QSR brands worldwide 2021

McDonald's was the most valuable fast food brand in the world with an estimated brand value of about 154.9 billion U.S. dollars.

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Most popular fast food companies

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Busy restaurant season refers to the busiest months of the year for the restaurant industry. This time is typically between April and September. For some establishments, the busy season is also between November and January 1st.

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Thursday: The most predictable night of the week for a restaurant as business tends to be consistently medium-busy. In addition, Thursday night diners tend to be experienced and frequent diners, so the best servers gravitate to this night as well.

What's the slowest day for restaurants? ›

Day of the week

Most studies and reports from other restaurant owners say that the slowest restaurant days are Mondays and Tuesdays. The social suggestion is, then, that most people are feeling too tired and are suffering from post-weekend blues to consider going out to eat on Monday and Tuesday nights.

What is a popular time for dinner? ›

Typically people eat dinner between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM. Dinner time fifty years ago people ate between 5:00 PM and 6:30PM but now due to work and commuting schedules dinner time for many of us has shifted to eating later.

What are the slowest times for restaurants? ›

The slowest months for restaurants are typically between January and February, after the holidays. However, some restaurants may experience slow periods during the summer months, depending on their location.

What time are restaurants least busy? ›

Times based in my knowledge and opinions on average US Restaurants/bars. Generally speaking, Restaurants are NOT busy between 2PM-4PM. Generally speaking for dinner a restaurant is busiest between 6:30PM-8:30PM. Never been a breakfast cook so not sure.

What's the busiest night for restaurants? ›

Weekends are typically the busiest time for restaurants, which might make you think Saturday or Sunday is the worst day to dine out. But as it turns out, because weekends are so busy, many restaurants keep an all-star team ready to handle the rush.

What time should you stop eating? ›

As a guideline, you should stop eating two to three hours before bed. This will give your body enough time to digest your food, lowering your chances of acid reflux and digestive issues keeping you up.

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What days do restaurants make least money? ›

Day of the week

Most studies and reports from other restaurant owners say that the slowest restaurant days are Mondays and Tuesdays.

How early should you get to a restaurant? ›

When arriving for your restaurant reservation, be sure to arrive about 10-15 minutes early. This will give the hostess time to let other's know you've arrived and ensure that your table won't be given to someone else. If, despite your best efforts, you find yourself running late, call the restaurant and let them know.

What is the busiest month for restaurants? ›

In the restaurant industry, the busiest season is the summer and between the months of April and September. Some restaurants are also busy during the holiday season which lasts from November to January 1st. The location of your restaurant is a crucial factor when it comes to determining the busy season.

What day of the week is best to close restaurant? ›

Increasing Profit Margins

Often, restaurants spend more money keeping open on Mondays than they take in from customers. For example, payroll is typically a restaurant's most considerable operating expense. Closing on Monday is an excellent way of offsetting the lost revenue from poor customer sales receipts.

What day are most restaurants closed? ›

Have you ever noticed that many neighborhood restaurants, both large and small, are closed on Mondays? According to Mental Floss, the reason for this common restaurant practice is almost purely financial: Traditionally, Monday is the slowest day of the week.

What is the best time to eat lunch? ›

Lunch should be about four to five hours after breakfast. For example, if you ate breakfast at 7 am, eat lunch between 11 am and noon.

What is the best number of guests at a dinner? ›

Research suggests the best group size is from five to nine. How many times have you had friends over for dinner but either the party was just too quiet or too hectic? Did you know that you can make your parties feel more alive by having the right number of guests?

Who goes to restaurants the most? ›

According to recent trends, millennials (defined as those born between 1980 and 2000) spend the most dining out, averaging $95 per week.

What keeps restaurant owners up at night? ›

There's food and beverage inventory, employee wages (and overtime), cleaning fees, kitchen supplies, and utility costs, just to name a few.


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