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You are not onlykorean girl namesThey are steeped in tradition and meaninggood looking.Our list of pretty Korean girl names captures the weird to the cute, so you can honor your Korean heritage and your newborn's uniqueness in one fell swoop!

130 beautiful Korean names for girls | peanut (1)

Are you looking for a beautiful Korean girl name for your adorable newborn?


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Good idea, because many people mean exactly that: beautiful.

And that only scratches the surface.

These melodic baby names offer literally thousands of complex, deep, and meaningful combinationsEun Kyung("graceful gemstone") tohedge("costlyPerlaβ€œ),Jin-Ae("RIGHT,love, darling") andHaneul("heavenly sky").

Whether you want to honor your family's Korean heritage or are looking for a truly unique baby name, our list ofkorean girl namesdid you cover

In this article:πŸ“

  • How Do You Pick Korean Names For Girls?
  • How long can Korean girl names be?
  • What are the most popular Korean girl names?
  • What Are Some Common Korean Girl Names?
  • What Are Cute Korean Girl Names?
  • What is the most beautiful name in Korean?
  • What is a beautiful name for a Korean girl?
  • What Are Some Korean American Girl Names?

How Do You Pick Korean Names For Girls?

Before we get to our list of cute Korean girl names, it's important to understand the Korean naming process.

If you are already up to date, you can skip this part. If not, read on.

Korean baby names consist of two or three elements (oftenthree syllablessometimes up to five).

The first part is for the last name and the next part is the first name.

Thats how it works:

  • The first syllable is the family name (similar to a western surname).
  • lossecond syllableit is typically the generation name or dolimja (돌림자). This part shows that the baby belongs to a specific generation in a specific family.
  • The third syllable is a unique name, often chosen by the grandfather or a professional namesake.

First names are usually separated by hyphens and consist of two elements, each with a different meaning.

An example would be a name likeLee Hyo Ri, woLeeis the surname, andhello riis the first name.

What is the most beautiful name in Korea? Scroll to find out!

Use:Korean names are often written in hanja or the hangul alphabet. Below we present the most common translations.

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How long can Korean girl names be?

Most of the baby names on our list are short and snappy, and with good reason.

Since 1993, rules in South Korea have prevented the registration of first names if they have more than five syllable blocks.

This regulation came about as a reaction to the fact that some parents gave their children extremely long names, e.g. B. 16 syllables.Haneulbyeollimguerumhaennimbodasarangsureouri.

This tongue twister was accidentally gifted to a little girl when her parents enthusiastically proclaimed that she was "more beautiful than the sky, the stars, and the clouds" and the registrar obediently wrote it down.

Hey, we all get carried away sometimes!

What are the most popular Korean girl names?

Let's start with the most popular Korean girl names in the country:

  1. Ae Cha:Ae-Cha means "loving daughter" and can also be readcome onwhen it is written in Hangul (μ• μ°¨) – and that means β€œfavorite car”. You might sit on this translation until you go mad like a teenager!
  2. Ari:This bite-sized baby name means β€˜pretty’, β€˜lovely’ and β€˜beautiful’. Perfect.
  3. Binna:This sweet-sounding name means 'shine', which is ideal for your little diamond. πŸ’Ž
  4. Bong Cha:Most parents try to avoid playing favourites, but all bets are on this name.Bong Chatranslates as "higher daughter".
  5. Bo Bae:To stay on topic a bit, Bo-Bae translates to "precious treasure". Yes she is.
  6. Boram:It means "valuable" or "worth it". Naturally!
  7. Choon Hee:It means "spring girl". Just what you need when you were bornFlowerflourish. 🌼
  8. female bird:UnionY("many") witha bird("charity", "kindness" or "Misericordie' gives you a name full of meaning.
  9. Dal Rae:It comes from the verbdalraeda, meaning "calm."
  10. Dan Bi:Dan-Bi, meaning "sweet rain" or "long-awaited rain", could be a nice oneBaby RainbowName.
  11. Eu:As above, this Korean girl’s short and sweet name means β€˜kindness’ or β€˜charity’.
  12. Ga Ram:Meaning β€˜river’, this name flows on purpose.
  13. Gyeong-Ja:What does "celebrate kid" mean? And we know you will.
  14. Hanna:This name means β€˜one’ or β€˜my favorite’. Sorry brothers!
  15. Haneul:"Heavenlycieloβ€œ. Is there anything better?
  16. Hyun Joo:Meaning β€˜virtuous jewel’, this Korean name is pure and special.
  17. Iseul:It simply means "dew". A lovely name for your little dewdrop.
  18. And:It means 'talent', 'skill' or 'wealth'. Choose the abundance, mom.
  19. Ji Hye:The most common meaning of this Korean girl’s name is β€˜brilliant’ or β€˜wisdomβ€œ.
  20. Ma-Ri:It simply means "the best". And you, better than everyone else.
  21. myon:what does "bright" meanLuz', or 'clear', radiates this wonderful name. ✨✨✨
  22. Nabi:Since your little one is leaving the snuggly cocoon of the womb, this name appropriately means "butterflyβ€œ.
  23. Nari:It means 'lily', as beautiful as the flower that gives it its name.
  24. sun young:All parents really want is for their child to be "good-natured," which is what this name means.
  25. Yeong-ja:If you want your daughter to grow up fearless and full of joyadventure(and who doesn't?), then Yeong-Ja could be a viable option. It means "brave boy".

What Are Some Common Korean Girl Names?

There is nothing in common about these cute Korean girl names. No wonder they are among the favorites worldwide.

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  1. Seo Jun:What does "auspicious" mean?
  2. Ha Joon:which means "summer".
  3. Mach Yun:It means "agreed way".
  4. Euwoo:What does "merciful" mean?
  5. Yeah-Woo:It means "divine intervention".
  6. Ji-ho:which means "wisdom".
  7. Ye-Jun:What does "talented" mean?
  8. Yu-Jun:What does "brave friend" mean?
  9. Min-June:Which means "intelligent and talented".

Which Korean girl name means goddess?

Although not traditionally a Korean girl name, you could use the Korean word for "goddessβ€œ:

  1. as a section:What does "goddess" mean?

Other goddess-inspired Korean girl names include:

  1. Jowangshin:The goddess of fire and hearth in Korean shamanism.
  2. Jacheongbi:The goddess of love, popular with the people of Jeju.
  3. Doi:For the Korean moon goddess. Speaking of…

Which Korean girl name means moon?

It's short, sweet, and reminiscent of moon images:

  1. Dal:Sinn "Lunaβ€œ. πŸŒ™

Is Moon a Korean name?

Yes, Moon is a Korean girl name, making it popular as both a traditional Korean girl name and a Korean American name:

  1. Luna:which means "to write".

Which Korean Girl Name Means Light?

There are a few Korean baby names that mean light, so take your pick:

  1. Yoona:It means "light of God".
  2. Yoon Suh:It means "sunlight". 🌞

Which Korean name means angel?

A Cute Korean Girl Name For Your Little Angel:

  1. Cheon ein:What does "angel" mean? πŸ‘Ό

Which Korean Girl Name Means Brave?

Another short Korean name for girls, you could use this mini nickname to form your child's name:

  1. American Soldier:What does "brave" mean?

Or you can opt for the Korean word forBravo:

  1. Yong-Gamhan:which means "brave".

What Korean Name Means Love?

There are some well-known Korean girl names that meanlove, and we love you all! ❀️

  1. Luft:What does love mean?
  2. Da Hye:What does "good love" mean?
  3. Dasom:What does love mean?

What Korean name means rose?

Speaking of love,RosaIt is a popular name in English-speaking countries, evoking the flower of love.

  1. Jang Mi:which means "rose". 🌹

What Korean name means pearl?

Another cute Korean girl name for your sweetheartPerla:

  1. Mi-ok:What does "beautiful pearl" mean?

What Are Cute Korean Girl Names?

Here are some really adorable Korean names for girls worth considering:

  1. Pop:which means "space".
  2. Bong Cha:which means "above".isβ€œ.
  3. Bong-seon:It means "impatient flower".
  4. Was:which means "praise".
  5. Dallia:It means "dahlia flower".
  6. Found:which means "daisy".
  7. Eun Kyung:What does "merciful" mean?
  8. Haw:It means "young flower".
  9. Hea:which means "grace".
  10. Hallo:What does "happy" mean?
  11. Hyun-Kyung:What does "present" mean?Virtueβ€œ.
  12. Jia:What does "kindness" mean?
  13. Jin-Ae:It means "truth and love".
  14. Jon:Joon, meaning beautiful and talented ruler, is the perfect choice for a futureFΓΌhrer.
  15. Kyong:Which means "bright and brilliant".
  16. Cool:which means "peony".
  17. Myung Hee:Which means "bright and pleasant".
  18. Songs:It means "joy and benevolence".
  19. Sonnen hee:It means "joy and goodness".

What is the most beautiful name in Korean?

There are many cute Korean girl names.

butthe majoritygood looking.

That is a difficult question.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but how about these pretty Korean girl names that mean 'beauty' or 'beautiful'?

  1. We buy:What does "be well and good" mean.
  2. Arena:which means "beauty".
  3. But:What does "beautiful" mean?
  4. Chohee:Which means "beautiful and happy".
  5. Hwa Young:It means "beautiful flower".
  6. Ju-Won:What does "beautiful woman" mean?
  7. Kyung Mi:It means "radiant beauty".
  8. Yo:What does "beautiful" mean?
  9. MiCha:What does "beautiful daughter" mean?
  10. My-Hello:Which means "beautiful and cheerful".
  11. Mi Kyung:Which means "beautiful and bright".
  12. Mein-nyeo:What does "beautiful woman" mean?
  13. My sun:Which means "fair and good".
  14. My young:It means "eternal beauty".
  15. Sena:It means "the beauty of the world".
  16. Yoona:It means "eternal beauty".
  17. Wants me:What does "beautiful girlfriend" mean?
  18. Young-Mi:Which means "prosperous eternal beauty".

What is a beautiful name for a Korean girl?

Still looking for the perfect Korean name for your baby? we have you

Here are some more unique Korean girl names to intrigue and inspire:

  1. Ah-in:It means "humanity".
  2. Anjong:Which means "quiet ancestor".
  3. Bora:Sinn "violetβ€œ.
  4. Chul:What does "fixed" mean?
  5. Eu:which means "silver".
  6. yesSinn "oceanβ€œ.
  7. Hedge:What does "valuable" mean?
  8. Ho Yeon:It means 'worthy and virtuous'.
  9. Hyo Sohn:What does "soft" mean?
  10. Hyun Ki:which means "wisdom".
  11. Kim:which means "metal".
  12. Kyung-hu:It means "Glory to God".
  13. Kyung-Soon:Which means "honest and mild".
  14. Y:which means "child".
  15. State:It means "successful".
  16. Ji Yeong:which means "wisdom".
  17. Myung:which means "bright".
  18. Name:which means "south".
  19. Paenji:What does "thought" mean?
  20. Ryung:which means "brightness".
  21. Sai Byeok:which means "river".sunriseβ€œ.
  22. Sam:which means "three".
  23. Seohyun:What does "auspicious" mean?
  24. Also:which means "pure".
  25. Quickly:Which means "excellent and intelligent".
  26. Soon book:Which means "gentle and blessed."
  27. Soo-Gook:What does "hydrangea" mean?
  28. So Yun:Which means "ambitious and intelligent".
  29. Sun Hello:It means β€˜goodness and joy’.
  30. Suseonhwa:which means "narcissus".
  31. Yo:What does "soft" mean?
  32. A:It means "lotus flower".
  33. Boy Hey:It means β€˜pleasure and prosperity’.

What Are Some Korean American Girl Names?

If you are a Korean family moving to or living in the United States and want to honor your Korean heritage with a name that's easier for westerners to pronounce, how about these Korean American girls names?

  1. Greedy:Sinn "pazβ€œ.
  2. Hanna:What does "one" mean?
  3. June:What does "talented" mean?
  4. Mina:What does "beautiful" mean?
  5. Minji:Which means "intelligent".
  6. Nara:It means "country".
  7. nuri:which means "world".
  8. Nido:What does love mean?
  9. Sora:What does "shell" mean? 🐚
  10. Sujin:What does "long" mean?lifeβ€œ.
  11. Tae Lee:Which means "big and different".
  12. Wetter:Which means "big and beautiful".
  13. Taerin:What does "big unicorn" mean? πŸ¦„
  14. Taeyeon:It means "beautiful and big".
  15. Tori:It means "oak nut".
  16. Years:which means "wisdom".
  17. Yumi:Which means "gentle beauty".

The best thing about Korean names is that many of them are gender neutral.

And if you didn't catch these Korean girl names above, don't worry.

Consult our list ofkorean baby namesfor more baby name ideas.

You just searchCool and rare baby names., You can also find them in Peanut.

(Video) 50 beautiful Korean names for Dogs and puppies - how to pronounce each name and their meanings.

And if you need a second, third, or fourth opinion, thatMothers and expectant mothers in our communitywill be happy to help you.


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