Cheap car hire in Metz, up to 30% discount on car rental (2023)

Cheap car rental in Metz

Triavi is the place to find cheap car rental deals in Metz, France. Reserve online today to rent the best vehicle in Metz at the lowest rental price. published by

Are you looking for a cheap rental car in Metz?

Whatever your destination, whether you need a cheap rental car at the airport or a one-way car in Metz, Triavi will help you find the best car rental deals in Metz.

Triavi guarantees all drivers, including young drivers under the age of 25 (21-24 years old), the cheapest car rental in Metz by comparing the best car rental prices from leading companies such as Avis, Hertz, Dollar or Budget.

Select a small economy car

Inquire about our Metz weekend rentals and reserve an economy 5 seater car with a manual transmission, such as a Hyundai Accent or Ford Focus with GPS.

Rent a cheap 7-seater car

Book a cheap Metz people carrier like the manual Ford Galaxy tdi, a 7 seater people carrier or the automatic Toyota Previa, a 7 seater people carrier for a safe and comfortable journey.

Looking for a cheap SUV rental in Metz?

Check out our monthly car rental in Metz and rent an affordable mid-size SUV, a 7-seater SUV like a manual Mitsubishi Outlander or an automatic Ford Expedition 4x4. Take advantage of our discounts on luxury SUV car rental in Metz and reserve an automatic Audi Q7 4x4, a large SUV for 7 people or the VW Touareg, an automatic 5-seater SUV.

If you need to rent a cheap SUV in Metz, opt for an automatic Chevrolet Suburban 4WD or a manual Honda Pilot.

Cheap rental of 8 seats

Reserve a discounted Metz van rental such as an automatic Hyundai iMax, 8 passenger van or automatic Toyota Sienna AWD. Compare our low rental rates in Metz and select an 8-9 seater minibus like the Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle Minibus or the manual 8 seater VW Kombi.

cheap van rental

Check out our cheap monthly car rentals in Metz and book a 9 seater autonomous van like the Ford Transit Tourneo 9 seater minibus or hire a diesel Ford Transit 9 seater passenger van. Take advantage of our special offers for luxury van rental in Metz and choose a Mercedes Sprinter or a Mercedes Viano, an exquisite minivan with capacity for 9 people.

large van rental

Book a passenger van such as the 12-seat diesel Toyota Hiace Commuter Bus, the 12-passenger Ford E-350 Econoline Minibus, or the 17-seat Ford Transit Minibus.

Cargo Van Rental in Metz

Book a cheaper commercial van like a Ford Transit 260/289 SWB diesel with manual transmission or a Ford transit 350 LWB, a manual commercial van ideal for heavy use.

Reserve your Metz vehicle online today for the lowest rental price.

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Cheap car rental in Metz

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Triavi's Metz rental services are the best way to rent a cheap car, a subcompact city car, a full-size vehicle, or anything in between. Enjoy a Metz city break, a romantic weekend or a business trip in style with Triavi's premium car hire companies, offering cars from top brands at prices significantly lower than those quoted by the major car rental service agencies in Metz. Triavi's search engine can compare cheap car rental costs in Metz from over 850 local and international car rental companies to offer you the best rental deal to suit your needs. If you want to know if it is possible to rent a cheap car for one night, or how much it costs to rent a cheap car for a day in Metz, or if we have special offers for last minute car rental in Metz, just go online and enter your requirements. in our Triavi search and let us find you the best economy car.

Driving in Metz is easy with Triavi, and you can choose to rent a cheap automatic car, ideal for the city's busy traffic, or a car with a gearbox if you prefer. Book early to avoid disappointment and collect your Triavi rental quote on arrival at Metz airport or at the rental locations in Metz. Do you have a late flight and need to return your rental car late at night in Metz, or want to drop off your rental car at a different location with a one-way rental? Just tell us what you need and we'll do our best to find the rental option that's right for you. Triavi is the best way to get a cheap car in Metz, saving you money so you can enjoy the sights and delights of Metz and France. Cheap car rental in Metz is easy when you book online with Triavi.

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Rental Location Address: 62 rue du General Metman, Metz, 57070

France offers its visitors an incredible variety of beautiful landscapes, from the cliffs of Etretat, the Bay of Saint Michel, the Ardèche Gorge to Mont Blanc, the Côte d'Azur, Corsica and much more. Explore the Loire Valley with its impressive castles of the Loire, Normandy, the picturesque historic town of Sarlat in the Perigord, as well as vibrant cities with cultural heritage such as Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and, of course, Paris, the French capital.

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ford mondeo Company family manuals 5 45 90 135 315 1350 8100
furgoneta ford mondeo europe car Property, Family, Manual 5 52 104 156 364 1560 9360
Audi TT Coupe europcar Wedding, Automatic, Luxury 4 240 480 720 1680 7200 43200
Nissan Rogue europe car 4x4, Automatic, SUV 5 Sixty-five 130 195 455 1950 11700
suzuki alto Budget Automatic, Economy, Family 4 sixteen 32 48 112 480 2880
Volkswagen Passat SW Auto (with sat nav) National Auto, Real Estate, Family 5 43 86 129 301 1290 7740
Volkswagen passat Avis Automatic, Estate 5 47 94 141 329 1410 8460
ford flex Avis 7-seater automatic full-size SUV 6 Sixty-five 130 195 455 1950 11700
Mercedes class A automatic thrifty Automatic, Compact, Estate 4 56 112 168 392 1680 10080
mercedes slk convertible europcar Wedding, Automatic, Luxury 2 105 210 315 735 3150 18900
Toyota Camry Dollar automatic, station wagon 5 37 74 111 259 1110 6660
Chrysler PT Cruise descapotable Dollar Automatic, Compact 4 50 100 150 350 1500 9000

car rental categories

Triavi is the best place for low cost car hire, so find out what deals we have on Metz cargo van hire for all your business and home needs. For the transport of small groups or for a special occasion, check our minibus rental prices in Metz and allow all passengers to travel in comfort and safety. Triavi will compare prices for pickup truck rentals in Metz, ensuring you get the best deal to suit your budget and transportation needs. For a long road trip or a family camping weekend, renting a campervan from Triavi is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in style. And if style is important to you, impress your friends or business clients with Triavi's renowned Metz car hire companies, hire one of our Metz sports cars or hire a convertible in Metz and be sure to get noticed. Discover other car rental offers in the following vehicle categories:

For a family vacation, find out what deals are available for cheap people carrier rental in Metz and enjoy your travels in one of our low cost van rentals. A 12-seat passenger van is a great rental vehicle for a weekend getaway, while for daily driving, a midsize car like a sedan is ideal. Choose a Crossover that's a sporty yet practical family car. Triavi also has great deals on GT (Grand Tourer) rentals, and you can pick up your rental car from rental companies in Metz. Check out our special offers on 9-seater rentals in Metz, with diesel models available, as well as great 10-seater rental prices and discounts on 6-seater rentals. If you are looking for cars with GPS, tell Triavi what you are looking for and we will find you. Quality car and van rental in Metz is cheaper with Triavi.

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