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Contras:"The flight attendant was beyond rude and not helpful at all and it looked like she had a bad day from the start of the flight, unfortunately I didn't see her name but it was the first time in the southwest I had seen anyone like that. " that. Its not good"

Benefits:"The flights were on time and the crew was great. Easy connecting flights."


Contras:"The flight was very crowded with customers only 4 feet apart during the flight IN THE SAME ROW BUT NOT IN FRONT OR BEHIND YOU. What's the point of social distancing when you have people directly behind you half a meter away? "

Benefits:"I fly very fast and without reserved intermediate seats"

Contras:"I like to choose my seat before boarding"

Benefits:"Excellent staff. We arrived 30 minutes early too."

Contras:"Actually, nothing on this flight. It was great."

Benefits:"The flight was smooth and uneventful."

Contras:"The food on any flight is mediocre at best."

Benefits:"SW always does a great job working to get you to your destination on time."

Contras:"The 'lock gates 10 minutes before take-off' policy looks like it needs updating."

Contras:"N / D"



Contras:"Being 3 hours late with no sign of remorse or compensation from staff."

Contras:“This aircraft was one of the older versions so it took longer to board due to a lack of space in the overhead bin and I felt the seats were tighter than usual.”

Contras:"Flight was delayed 35 minutes after push and cups/drinks were collected 3 minutes after delivery."

Benefits:"Easy flight with no frills"

Contras:"Bring peanut SW!"

Benefits:"Short and fast flight!"

Contras:"Bring the peanuts!"

Benefits:"Flight attendants were super friendly, nonstop flight from Tampa -> LA"

Contras:"Nothing. It was fine"

Benefits:"The agents and crew are always so friendly! I love flying the Spirit."

Benefits:"Half an hour before and good flight."

Contras:"Snacks were limited, but they were free, so compared to other airlines, it's hard to complain about that."

Benefits:"Free checked baggage"

Contras:"No WiFi on the plane during a 4 hour flight? That means no flight tracker, movies or shows... Lots of turbulence during most of the flight. Delayed boarding gate. All free snacks are rich in carbohydrates and sugar/fat."

Benefits:"Flying with SWA is always so easy. My favorite airline without a doubt."

Benefits:"Flight attendant Justin was very rude... please call me for a full review"

Contras:"Everything went as smoothly as expected."

Benefits:"The boarding was very well managed"

Contras:"No food or drink"

Benefits:"The new terminal at LAX was efficient and very nice! The flight attendant on the flight back to LAX was so fun and friendly. She made the ride home fun and had our group laughing. On the flight to SMF there was a nice gentleman behind us flying with his kitten, Jingles. I loved that the airline agreed to have him have his cat and he was a great cat dad."

Contras:"Everything was great!"

Benefits:"Nothing beats flying straight"

Benefits:"Coffee and Flight Attendants"


Benefits:"They brought us our snacks and sodas relatively early"

Contras:"It was hot"

Benefits:"I could have driven from Los Angeles to Las Vegas"

Contras:"3 hours late"

Benefits:"Just another Southwest flight. Too cold, minimal snacks, a bit late"

Contras:"Too cold and the flight was delayed. My seatmate was asleep for drink service and the flight attendant never came back to ask... On a 2 1/2 hour flight."

Benefits:"Good flight"

Contras:“Could have eaten more on a 4 hour flight but he was 40 minutes late”

Benefits:"Comfortable seats!"



Contras:"I was 3 and a half hours late."

Contras:"I paid for WiFi and it never worked. :-("

Contras:"Over two hours late for departure from LAX... We boarded ten minutes after announcing that our LAS to CLE was on hold. Once on the plane, I went online to find that LAS-CLE had already left. have been tricked into. Once in LAS, diverted to BMI then CLE. Long day cross country."

Contras:"Flight delayed, no explanation mentioned as to why"

Benefits:"Simple and punctual. No surprises, just the way we travelers like it."

Benefits:"I love early boarding"

Contras:"No damn thing, it's okay."

Benefits:"The crew and pilot were great."

Contras:"The fact that every time I travel to Southwest they lose my luggage."

Benefits:"Six hour delay. Upon boarding, the attendant had a terrible attitude."

Contras:"The Delay, Shipping Agent"

Benefits:"The crew was pleasant and efficient, repeatedly apologizing for the delay"

Contras:"1.5 hour delay Forced landing"

Benefits:"The staff was fun and engaging!"

Contras:"This plane must have been 100 years old. I felt like I was flying a plane made out of Legos!"


Contras:"There are no charging ports on the plane"

Benefits:"Comfortable seat, slept the whole way!"

Benefits:"Good job"


Benefits:"The plane was a new 737 800. Nice plane with better lighting, comfort, felt more spacious. Great service, smooth flight."


Benefits:"The price for the flight and the flight in general was what you might expect."

Contras:"In the end, some of our flight's luggage was on the conveyor belt specified by the terminal. After being there with the others for 10 minutes, someone noticed that their luggage was on the adjacent conveyor belt. Did the Southwest representative have any ideas to correct or notify the clients."

Benefits:"Friendly crew and free snacks!"

Benefits:"Plane only 2/3 full"

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Contras:"There is no drink service. There were supposed to be holes during the flight. There were only holes in the last 10 minutes of the flight."



Contras:"No internet, no TV monitors, food was out of stock, check-in lady was RUDE"

Contras:"They shouldn't charge for snacks and provide some kind of entertainment on an almost 6 hour flight."

Benefits:"leather seats"

Contras:"More legroom"

Benefits:"Very good service overall"

Contras:"Upgrade the seats"

Contras:"The port switch was not done correctly"

Benefits:"I arrived 30 minutes early"

Contras:"Have a gate in ORD. I waited on the track for 1.5 hours"

Benefits:"The crew was good."

Contras:"I really wish more airlines, after boarding passengers who need assistance and priority passengers, would board backwards. I wish more airlines would check that passengers carry 2 carry-on bags."

Contras:"Cinema options and better variety of food"

Benefits:"Alaska is my favorite airline."

Contras:"My seats weren't transferred to Alaska, so I didn't get my assigned seat until just before I was allowed to board."

Benefits:"The crew is very friendly and helpful, the seats are comfortable and the flight was nice and smooth and arrived at its destination early."

Benefits:"Friendly crew. Lots to see on screen. Flight on time. Baggage on carousel very fast. Air temperature in cabin is good. I often freeze on other airlines."

Contras:"Should have a choice of free snacks. Not just 2 cookies. No music to listen to. Apart from disabled and babies, boarding should be from the back of the plane to the front. Much more efficient! Bathroom needs air purifier" .

Benefits:"We left on time, no delays."

Contras:"There was a noisy kid behind me, but that has nothing to do with the airline unless they imposed a quieter cabin."

Contras:"So this plane was a Virgin America plane acquired by Alaska since the merger. My fiancé and I were flying nonstop to Philadelphia from LAX. That said, the plane was in very poor condition. The back seat in front of my seat it was broken and hanging over my knees, no opportunity for entertainment unless you brought your own headphones (none on the plane to use or buy) we bought upgraded seats and when we checked in the night before they were gone told they weren't available and we'd be in economy (still waiting for the $200 refund 7 days later), the armrest between our seats was broken and wouldn't stop, the headrest on my seat was broken and there was exposed metal, and when we bought champagne to celebrate our holiday, it was hot. Another item I noticed was that the woman across the aisle seat was not sitting up straight. She was asked to change her seat o bad maximum possible. for both takeoff and landing. Not sure if that was the case. a Virgin America crew from Alaska, but terrible. I am very disappointed with the lack of care by the crews and would not fly them cross country again if that was to be expected."

Benefits:"Fast flight, low price, excellent crew."

Contras:"Typical tight legroom, the seat didn't recline."

Benefits:"My experience was great except when a rude passenger turned our plane back to the gate before takeoff."

Contras:"Not much air was coming out of the vent. The man kept saying it was coming out, but I couldn't feel it."

Benefits:"Arrive home"

Contras:"sweetening temperatures on boarding; late departure"

Benefits:"The staff were lovely, got the plane up and down quickly and overall comfortable"

Contras:"A little bit of turbulence and it took a while for our plane to get to the gate."

Benefits:"I liked the price of my ticket. I liked the app. I found the plane clean and very comfortable."

Contras:"I didn't like that both of my flights were overbooked, so boarding took a lot longer than I expected. I didn't like that the onboard ordering system offered free headphones, but the flight attendant said there weren't any. When I boarded my return flight, the flight attendant who was supposed to be getting us ready was looking at her phone and didn't even make eye contact as I was getting off the plane, the same flight attendant was sitting in a first class seat looking through her phone again" He, however, looked up to thank us. Overall, the plane was fine, but I wasn't disappointed with the service of the flight attendants."

Benefits:"It was excellent. They didn't even charge the baggage fee!"


Benefits:"excellent service"

Contras:"Alaska Substandard Saloon"

Benefits:"I thought the choice of movies was great"

Contras:"As suggested by Alaska Airlines, I downloaded the Gogo app onboard the day before my flight. However, when I boarded it said it was unavailable for my flight, leaving me with no entertainment as I only had Bluetooth headphones . No USB ports :/"


Contras:“They separated my seat with my 2-year-old son, far, far away. " still aren't together. That's horrible. So when we got on the plane, I asked people if they wouldn't mind switching seats, but it still didn't work. The flight attendants weren't helpful at all. He was just saying: "that's the best we can do" What did they do? They didn't even help me figure it out. Then one of the front desk staff got on the plane and helped me. My son and I finally sat together. But the overall experience sucks! Alaska Airlines needs to train its crew to be more emphatic with passengers."

Benefits:"I didn't eat so I'm not sure about the quality of the food and I didn't have headphones so I couldn't enjoy the entertainment."

Contras:"We arrived at the airport 5 minutes (NO more than that) after the hour-long check-in to fly internationally to Mexico. We were told we had to stand in line to speak to someone to print a boarding pass. long line with only two staff helping so we asked if we could get our money back as if someone specially helped us with our case he was only 5 minutes late for check in but they refused we had to book a completely different flight and we still didn't get our money back, it was very stressful and unprofessional and if someone really helped us we would have reached our destination on time, which we work so hard for. two families had the exact same preventable problem. very unprofessional. Ruined a family holiday and caused l Poor children will cry from lack of accommodation. We would love to get our money back but no we're sure the guys will do it. Very disappointing."

Contras:"I couldn't because the flight to LAX was delayed and despite being advised by an Avianca employee that there was a later flight from LAX to PDX (at 11:45 am on AlaskaAir) that they would put me on, as soon as I arrived it was me told I was on a 6am flight on Delta with no arrangements to get a hotel or anything. Instead I purchased a separate ticket on that 11:45am Alaska Air flight to PDX. Extremely dissatisfied with this service and will never use it again. I will also tell everyone in my social circles, in person and online, to stop using it."

Benefits:"I'm starting to think that Alaska Airlines is the last American airline whose business policy seems to be genuinely rooted in genuine goodwill for all people, customers, non-customers and colleagues. Or maybe it's always been in a class for That translates to in excellence throughout your organization and it certainly doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you for another wonderful experience, Alaska Airlines!"

Benefits:"Flying Alaska Airlines is always something I have a bittersweet relationship with. I love just about everything Alaska does to improve their airline. Their Wi-Fi is some of the best in the US and it's very affordable. Their snacks of "picnic box" are incredible and unique, better than you'll find anywhere else, they have full USB and AC outlets at every seat, and their rewards program is the best in the business. AlaskaAir would be my favorite airline. so terrible. Every time I fly with them they have simply the worst staff. Combine that with some of the best features of any airline and I'm left wondering whether or not I want to fly with them or an airline like Delta, which may have fewer luxuries but has a much better team to help you."

Contras:"The flight attendants were perhaps the worst on any flight."

Benefits:"Helpful staff, very open to the customer."

Benefits:"Well, if you ask, what I really liked was being able to sleep comfortably undisturbed on this morning flight, from takeoff to landing. Comfortable seats, no yakity-yak seat neighbors, no annoying flight attendants." agreed to provide coffee and a tidy bathroom when needed. Just a happy flight. Okay, that's 50 words?"

Contras:"What I don't like is having to say what I like and don't like about flying. Suffice it to say we've done it and that's never a small achievement that I'm always genuinely grateful for." and thanks to the pilots, the crew, the engineers and builders of these large metal tubes with wings that continuously and in their majority managed to defy the laws of gravity by pushing groups of human beings across large expanses of land and on the water. I'm gonna be happy?"

Contras:"I tried and tried to get first class. No way"

Benefits:"Good Plane on Time"

Contras:"I have the latest iPad and software but couldn't connect the entertainment system. Only snacks are sold on an overnight flight"

Contras:"The usual: bad seats and no free food and beverage service. Compared to the big carriers United, American and Delta, Alaska's service and friendliness is exceptional."

Benefits:"I love the Premium upgrade option and the lunch box that comes with it is great. The staff was friendly and efficient."

Contras:"Just one thing, when I use the kiosk to get my boarding pass and update it doesn't specifically say to quickly insert and remove my credit card so I just keep waiting waiting waiting and nothing happens and I start again and still nothing, so I I'll stand in line at the troubleshooting counter only to find that little thing out and then the clerk said he couldn't take care of it for me and sent me back to the kiosk. What a pain! Of course. I'm not the only one this has happened to. How hard is it to put clear instructions on the screen? Please and thank you!"

Contras:"It took them almost an hour to figure out how to open the doors and let us off the plane because the connecting terminal was down. And while I know they were trying to fix it, there was certainly a quicker way to do it. " Let's get off the plane without being the mechanical terminal. What would you do if there was an emergency?

Benefits:"Alaska Airlines keeps doing this! To my surprise, as I was checking in my 60 pound surfboard bag, they only charged $25, not the already low $75 they usually charge. airlines that charge $100 per board, Alaska Airlines has implemented a program that caters to sports enthusiasts from surfers, golfers, hunters, fishermen, etc. and the flight attendants treat you well."

Contras:"I wish there were more meals. My wife and I try to order items but often run out."

Benefits:"Easy flight and friendly staff"

Benefits:"I found the crew friendly and relaxed. The plane was relatively new. Overall it worked well as long as you understood that it was going to be simple business."

Contras:"Appearing aggressiveness to get the maximum amount of hand luggage paid for by ground staff measuring all bags with a tape measure. I've never seen anything like this. My bag was fine. Then when they started charging fees, you had to come". come back and pay. It wasn't done at the time. The ground crew was minimally helpful. Flight services or not, paying for headphones and having more than 2 TV shows and 2 movies cost an extra fee even on an overseas flight. One option for dinner - pasta, so it was vegetarian. Breakfast was a sad bagel, a tiny piece of cheese and ham and oh-so-questionable fruit. Night flight, pillow without blanket in economy. Hard seats and cramped legroom. Their economy plus business seemed like a much better way to do that."

Contras:"Seats too close together!"

Benefits:"I love the view from my window, it was like the plane was following the sunset. So I had a beautiful sunset for two hours, which was a pleasure."

Contras:"The flight was delayed from LAX to PDX. There were also a handful of people (including myself) who had to make a tight connection at PDX. The flight attendants should have announced that people would remain seated on landing to allow the few who ended up a few minutes to make the next flight, but they didn't, so it took them 15 to 20 minutes to land, which was very frustrating."

Benefits:"This was our first time using Alaska Airlines and they were great! The online check-in was easy. The flight attendants and other staff were friendly and seemed to have our best interest in mind. My husband and I had a great time. 20 hour layover in Los Angeles to get back from Costa Rica and asked if we would have to pay another fee to recheck our luggage for the second flight. We booked both flights at once using your company. Overall we enjoyed our experience with Alaska and we would definitely use them again."

Contras:"The cabin was FROZEN the entire flight."

Benefits:"Nice landing on a windy day."

Contras:"We were 35 minutes late getting out of the gate. At one point the pilot said there was another plane blocking our way. LAX is the worst airport. When we arrived, our luggage was 40 minutes late."


Contras:"My stuff was stolen and I filed a complaint but no one got back to me!"

Benefits:"The ground and flight crew were very friendly."

Contras:"The flight was delayed 4 hours due to the designated pilot's sudden health issue, but they also gave me a good discount coupon."

Benefits:"Soft Landing".

Contras:"Over an hour late"

Benefits:"I'm not normally an avid traveler, but this past week I've had the opportunity to fly on four different airlines. By far the best airline I've ever flown is Alaska. The customer service was so friendly from start to finish , the clerk who checked our bags (who was incredibly professional with a very frustrated guest behind me in line, but managed not to alienate my wife and I), to the flight attendants who were prompt, responsive and efficient with getting passengers hydrated. wife is uncomfortable flying, and your behavior in all aspects of her job has made her feel safer and at least a little more relaxed. Thank you."

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Contras:"Nothing, every point of my interactions with Alaska Airlines has been excellent or better."

Benefits:"The staff was great! The food wasn't bad."


Contras:"Communication with our delay... NOT VERY GOOD"

Contras:"Don't worry about Hawaiian Airlines staff and service...the 'free meal' (sandwich) was unexpected, tasty and something you don't get on other domestic airlines."

Benefits:"Entertainment didn't work on my laptop"

Contras:"help make entertainment work"

Benefits:"Ok Crew"

Benefits:"The crew was amazing"


Contras:"Food. I need more free games"

Benefits:"Free food, space, drink."

Contras:"N / D"

Benefits:"No line to check bags, smooth boarding, easy-to-find seats, friendly staff. I LOVE the in-seat USB charger and complimentary 'rum punch'!"

Contras:"The cabin could have been a degree or two warmer, it was very cold. The seats in the general cabin were very close together and we couldn't get out of the seat when the seat was tilted in front of us... they are average humans and were quite wrinkled" .

Benefits:"The crew was friendly. The plane was clean."

Contras:"Entertainment setup is terrible, only available via in-app purchase on tablet or smartphone. Cheap and outdated. No vegetarian options for food."

Benefits:"Very good food and service"

Contras:"Stuck at the gate after boarding for a full hour while they serviced the plane before we left."

Benefits:"Food and drinks were included, the plane was very comfortable and the service was friendly and professional...a great experience."

Contras:"They lost a suitcase. Waiting to see if they find it and return it"

Benefits:"Boarding was smooth. Once I got to our seats, I was able to move from one row to the exit row, which was great! Attendance was smooth and efficient."

Contras:"We ended up getting an upgrade because the kayak doesn't allow you to assign a seat and we were the last to get a seat on a very full flight. I will never use the Kayak again."

Contras:"We bought tickets to Maui months in advance. We chose our seats. The morning before our flight, we printed boarding passes and paid for checked baggage. That night, about 12 hours before takeoff, I received a notice from Google that the flight was delivered. cancelled. To date, I never received any communication from the airline that the flight was cancelled. I called Hawaiian and asked about the cancellation. After waiting for customer service to know what the status was, she simply said that there was a scheduling problem. The best they could offer was a flight the next day. We lost an entire day of our vacation and wasted a significant amount of money. Hawaiian offered no compensation and seemed unapologetic for canceling a flight from last minute due to "scheduling issues" We will do our best to never fly to Hawaii again. They clearly don't value their customers."

Contras:"Almost everything about the in-flight entertainment system costs money, and the screen is not very responsive."

Benefits:"The service and the food and drink"

Contras:"As the plane was dirty and especially the bathrooms"

Benefits:"The gate staff excelled in a very difficult situation. They were all very professional and helpful."

Contras:"The scheduled departure was at 11 am and the actual departure was over seven hours later. We were each given a $100 credit note towards future travel, but when we tried to reschedule our return trip to avoid LAX, we were told that the credit could only be used for new trips." journey. I am not happy with the delay or the inability to use the $100 of each credit. On top of that, we had to pay $400 for rescheduling fees for both tickets. That sounds like a threesome to me. It's practically shit."

Contras:"It's not clear which line at the signs would help. For example, if you had a boarding pass, you could stand in the line that will give you your bag tag, rather than just standing in the general line."

Benefits:"Everything was great. Also great service and pilot updates. Comfortable and spacious! Loved it!"

Contras:"There's really nothing to complain about!"

Benefits:"The crew was amazing, the flight was on time and smooth. The plane was clean"

Contras:"Food was terrible, entertainment too expensive"

Benefits:"food was free direct flight, smooth ride"

Contras:"1) substandard food 2) I have to charge for blankets, pillows and films - compared to delta, I'd rather have free blankets, pillows and films than free food 3) seats are definitely not as comfortable as delta flights (these new planes or airbuses are actually worse than the old planes, very disappointed with the quality of the seats/cushions) 4) the customer service check in agent at LAX was not helpful and also the customer service representatives over the phone (told 2 different employees who live outside the Philippines) it didn't help that I already had a seat printed and marked on my itinerary when I bought my ticket, but when I checked in they told me I would have to pay $80 for the seats that were originally tagged"

Benefits:"The flight to Lax was good. It was amazing. The flight to HI was terrible. But you can't beat them all. I think I'm happy."

Contras:"Everything was fine. I guess."

Benefits:"Friendly Flight Attendants"

Contras:"An hour late boarding. An hour late on the plane waiting for the light bulb to be changed. 2 hours total before we took off. Unsatisfied"

Benefits:"Variety of drinks"

Contras:"Flight was delayed 2 hours. No food or snacks were served until 2.5 hours after boarding, even though it was already 4.5 hours past lunchtime and everyone was starving. Flight attendants did not respond to requests for service ".

Contras:"The flight was delayed 3 hours due to a maintenance issue. The plane was old and did not fit in a full-sized carry-on bag"

Contras:"Not much value for first class"

Benefits:"The food was delicious"

Contras:"More leg room would be nice"

Benefits:"At the airport, my husband was separated for a random pick-up, which made us the last to board the plane."

Contras:"Uncomfortable seats. Mediocre movie selection"

Benefits:"Quick and easy boarding, friendly staff, clean and comfortable seats"

Contras:"Entertainment was paid on tablets only. Not even a free movie on the roof-mounted screens. There were no outlets under the seats."

Contras:"The luggage arrived quickly! No problem Excellent luggage service"

Benefits:"Food and Hospitality"

Contras:"Entertainment options were few and outdated"

Benefits:"The staff was nice. They liked to eat."

Contras:"The seats were quite narrow. There was no air over my seat. I got really hot"

Contras:"Every time the flight attendant passed by, there was a strange smell, maybe onions. When they passed some bags of potato chips, the bag had that smell and then we thought it must be the potato chips and it was near them. We decided not to go ." eat them and we took them in our hand luggage The next day I was hungry and decided to eat a bag. The smell was gone and the fries didn't smell at all. Turns out it was the flight attendant. Maybe the type of food he eats or his clothes had too much garlic and onions. I hope it's not on our return flight."

Benefits:"The crew was friendly."

Contras:"No free entertainment. The seats were uncomfortable and there was little legroom."

Contras:“Our flight didn't leave until 8 am, boarding was from 7:15 am to 7:40 am, we arrived a little late, 7:19 am, but it was still possible and they didn't let us put our bags on the plane. Where is this policy? Was it clear to people? As far as we knew, we still had 20 minutes. Our options were paying over $700 per person to divert our plane or going to Hawaii without our stuff. which obviously wasn't within reason."

Contras:"When I asked for a blanket because the cabin was so cold, they asked me for 10.- for each blanket!"

Benefits:"Good armchairs and butlers."


Benefits:"The team was very friendly"

Contras:"The flight was very fluid"

Benefits:"The crew was the best part of the trip! They were courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful! Always with a smile!"

Contras:"The food was mediocre but it was FREE! Last of the airlines to offer that! Hooray for them!"

Benefits:“They got us to our destination safely. Which is obviously the most important thing.

Contras:"The first class seats are terribly uncomfortable, not much wider than an economy class seat. The only difference I can say is that there is more padding. The footrest is incredibly non-functional. The food was good, but none wine or drink was offered. "replacement of the other drinks with the food". . The flight crew is polite, but rigid and non-committal. Baggage claim at the destination was efficient. I only travel with this airline, and in first class, because I have a lot of miles.. if it weren't the case, I'd try another one. Who knows, maybe they wouldn't be better."


Contras:"Airline, scheduling, additional fees. Connection lost, communication system not checked prior to departure resulting in a 2 hour delay on the ground."

Benefits:"Supporting local airlines".

Contras:"While the food is 'free', it does not cater for people with dietary restrictions/allergies. Only the in-flight snack was labeled with the ingredients. I use quotes because many people are willing to pay more to fly Hawaiian Airlines, due to their "free" food. The flight attendants were less accommodating than I remembered. They asked me to perform simple tasks they normally do as hosts. how to help me).

Benefits:"Friendly, helpful staff; smooth flight, food service! Great movie selections"

Contras:"Narrow seats."

Benefits:"Same excellent service as the previous flight."

Benefits:"Quiet and comfortable"

Contras:"Food and Videos"

Benefits:"I left my carry-on at the top with about $800 worth of Christmas presents and was able to retrieve it after clearing international customs. Nice, friendly, kind and helpful!"

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Benefits:"The return flight was punctual. I liked the service."

Benefits:"The ground crew was very helpful. I give them a perfect 10 or 5 ⭐️ Very attentive and helpful."


Benefits:"Delta is the airline to fly if you have to fly (like I did) during a pandemic. They always made sure we felt as safe as possible. They kept passengers away from each other at all times, handed out disinfectant wipes while As we walked on the plane, we made sure people kept their masks on, they gave us individual baggies with snacks and water bottles that also contained individual packets of hand sanitizer which I made when I flew on American Airlines en route to the mainland in June."

Contras:"Terrible delays"

Benefits:"The crew was forthcoming and courteous."

Contras:"There was a flight delay at LAX due to a maintenance issue. The captain and crew let us know before we boarded the plane, which was great. However, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with the plane and were delayed boarding for another 3 hours, putting our departure time from 19:00 to 21:00".

Benefits:"The staff was amazing! Everyone was so friendly and helpful"

Contras:"Wifi didn't work"

Contras:"Food offered for purchase."

Benefits:"Very comfortable, no complaints."

Contras:" addition, I kindly asked to speak with a supervisor and they denied me. As a customer I deserved it. I would fly with Airlines and nowhere did it say it was delta. I followed the baggage allowance explained on the kayak website and at Aerolineas Argentinas. Get a bike which is free and pay $100 to pack it as Aerolineas wanted. from the kayak it clearly says the bikes were free on my flight I show the agent my ticket and no where does it say delta to consider what it said as it is an alliance but they did not inform me of this he said no and after waiting Just before boarding, I kindly requested to speak to a supervisor and was denied and disappeared. Requesting a refund of my fee for providing incorrect information."

Benefits:"Priority and punctual boarding"


Benefits:"We boarded almost on time, no problem. We let me and my husband (retired military) board earlier, thank you."

Contras:"LAX security is horrible. We never left the airport (we arrived at LAX from Sydney AU) but were forced to go through security again. We had to take off our shoes, TSA was scanned and searched to get to Denver. To go to the australia denver tsa i gave up taking my shoes off skipped the metal detector scan no one touched me even by slack on the trip to sydney where is the uniformity or standards for tsa why "did i have to be subjected to this crap on the road? At home? This is why I hate flying. It doesn't make sense to me. It ruined what was a great vacation."

Benefits:"I didn't like anything"

Contras:"Custom took forever, they only had 2 agents working and I lost my fight in New York"

Contras:"They lost my luggage and made me miss my connecting flight"

Contras:"The pilot was a daredevil"

Contras:"Duplicate booking and flight payment. Canceled flight bookings. Not a good trip"

Contras:"We had to wait at customs for almost 1.5 hours, then collect our luggage and check in again! We were in a hurry and got on the plane 10 minutes before departure. Super stressful!!"

Benefits:"Everything but the constant delay"

Contras:"2 hour delay and being the last flight out of LAX."


Benefits:"Boarding was on time and the process was efficient."

Contras:"The flight attendant was unable to serve coffee or tea because 'there was no drinking water' on board! The electrical sockets in each of our first class seats were not working, both the USB ports and the electrical sockets were not working, As we were, we were unable to charge our phones during the flight. When I mentioned this to the flight attendant, she replied that she had not received a report that the electricity had gone out. No further assistance was offered. There was very little leg room, even though they were sold as first class seats. The plane was old and dirty, the armrests were sticky."

Benefits:"Easy and quick boarding. We were early too."

Contras:"N / D"

Contras:"90 minute delay leaving LAX. Stuck on plane. 30 minute delay getting to gate after landing at SFO. Stuck on plane again."

Contras:"The stewardess needs an attitude adjustment. She acted like she was doing me a favor"

Benefits:"The flight was on time; the captain was clear and funny."

Benefits:"The food was good."

Contras:"The flight attendants could have been a little more kind and helpful."

Benefits:"I had to go through terminals and the road was closed due to an international flight landing (poor planning by LAX) so I had to exit and re-enter the terminal through the TSA. The flight was delayed an hour and then canceled due to a glitch on the control panel. The 22:00 flight was converted to a 00:00 bus (and was originally considered the 23:15 bus).

Benefits:"I was able to pass the time with ease. A+++ in flight experiences. Great airline staff and amazing food."

Contras:"No complaints."

Contras:"Overall the flight was good. It would be nice to see if we have Lincoln and Wi-Fi and the biggest movie selection on offer."

Benefits:"Everything was perfect! Friendly staff"

Benefits:"Friendly crew."

Contras:"Minimum legroom, seat didn't fall off, 40 minutes late."

Benefits:"The adjustable headrest is great - getting a pillow is great - the plane wasn't too cold to sleep either (as it often is)"

Benefits:"We were not happy with our flight. My flight was canceled 3 times. I was away from work. They need to refund us and also refund the hotel because we had to stay in a hotel because they canceled our flight 3 times and then our flight that we left on Monday was late "because a flight attendant was late at the hotel for the airport"

Benefits:"New A320 aircraft"


Benefits:"For a short flight, they gave you drinks and snacks."

Benefits:"The staff were excellent as always."

Contras:"The entertainment screens were tiny. Smaller than the Galaxy Note screen. They need major improvements"

Benefits:"Best flight yet. Thank you"

Contras:"It hit the original seat. But it was fine."

Benefits:"I liked the movie selection."

Contras:"The arrival estimate was wrong."

Benefits:"Great Crew"

Benefits:"Great experience"

Benefits:"I liked the seats in the Delta Comfort with its own space for carry-on luggage and early boarding. The staff were helpful and friendly and provided plenty of snacks. Good options for TV. Should have had the option to get headphones as it was wrong. Comfortable"

Contras:"Should have a free bag for Delta Comfort. More variety of food to buy"

Benefits:"No problem, left on time, arrived early at the nice San Jose airport and drove to quaint Red Wood. Friendly staff and great cookies."

Contras:"This time I really liked everything"

Contras:"Crowded terminal, last minute gate changes, poor signage and confused staff."

Benefits:"Seats were good... comfortable. Lighting was good, captain didn't talk much :)"

Contras:"This stewardess was just terrible. I wish I could remember her name for this review... She made almost half the first class cabin feel offended once meals started being served. I didn't see ANYONE around me getting what they expected." she asked, and when people raised the question, she didn't respond very well. Tried to take it easy (first world problems?)

Benefits:"On time...excellent service!"

Contras:"The seats were a little tight."

Benefits:"Worst experience of my life."

Contras:"While my experience with Virgin Australia was good, I will not be booking with them due to sharing with Delta Airlines. I missed my connecting flight from LAX to JFK due to additional security screening. As such, I was advised to go to the airport Delta terminal will be booked on the next available flight to New York. as if he doesn't even understand the concept of 'sharing', and also told me that since I booked through Kayak and not Delta, they couldn't help me. makes me think that booking through a third party is a risky move. I was told there was absolutely nothing I could do and I would have to go to a Virgin Australia desk. This involved carrying all my luggage from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 I was helped by Virgin Australia, where they apologized based on my experience and they confirmed that it was Delta's responsibility (and that they could) rebook my flight. Virgin booked me on a later flight, but I still had to walk back to Terminal 5 (Delta) to deliver my checked luggage to them. Again, I was told I didn't have the correct ticket (the details listed Virgin and Delta flight number so this was very confusing for them). Eventually they printed me a boarding pass and took my bags away. I then went through security and arrived at the gate in time for my flight. The flight was full, as many people have undoubtedly experienced the same thing. The food was awful. It was a big step down from Virgin flying in every way. There wasn't a single Delta employee who tried to understand or help. I will never fly with Delta again."

Benefits:"This was a codeshare flight on a delta ticket but a virgin airline, entertainment was great with backrest selection, comfortable seat and friendly staff."

Contras:"First off, check in was a nightmare, traveling on a Virgin Australia flight from LAX - BNE and a connecting flight BNE - PPP (Proserpine) all with Virgin Australia, and they claim they don't have the ability to tag your luggage all the way???(I understand I have to pick it up on arrival in another country and then take it to a luggage storage) but with the same airline they say they can't do that? I travel a lot and with many other international flights and I can tag my bags with different airlines all the time but DON'T VIRGIN WITH THE SAME AIRLINE? They can't do that? So 2 hours delay on the tarmac after taxiing from the gate at LAX, what we found arrived late to Brisbane. The food on this LAX-BNE leg for the vegetarian option was terrible which was strange as on the first flight BNE-LAX it was the best vegetarian meal on any flight I have ever eaten. Weirdly 6 months after our On my first flight I tried calling Del ta to update our tickets and went to If they had no way of doing this as Delta's computer system is not linked to Virgin's system. I then called Virgin to update and was told no as it is a Delta ticker. We tried again a week after the flight and got the same response and were told to try at check-in. We then tried at check in and told them they had no idea how to do this as only certain seats are assigned to Delta tickets and they cannot access the Delta system. Very frustrating and we never got to update?"

Benefits:"Relatively painless."

Contras:"I don't like the seats and the need to be on a regional plane for more than an hour. Delta must think about passenger comfort when considering their bottom line. They will lose me as a customer."

Benefits:"On my last 4 trips in 6 months I have flown on United, Delta and Hawaiian, to Cancun, Mexico on United in August 2015, to Puerto Vallarta on Delta in December 2015, from Hawaiian to Honolulu in December 2015 and again on the Delta to Honolulu, Feb 2015". 2015. Without a doubt, Delta IS THE BEST, nothing beats having free movies to pass the time, from TV to HBO and SHOWTIME and current movies in theaters TODAY, music, games, etc. Delta is not so concerned about charging for everything, a happy traveler is a repeat traveler, that's what DELTAS GOALS Happy, repeat travelers I expressed my dissatisfaction with Hawaiian after discovering on my day flight that they charged me $10 per blanket and pillow and free (bad) food So at the red eye house it's a free blanket and no food, I can bring my own better food, and a blanket, which I do, but charging for entertainment is the worst thing ever, AND EVEN FOR SIMPLE MUSIC WAS A BURDEN , SO POOR SERVICE Delta without a doubt IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE PERIOD ENTERED DELTA DELTA DELTA AM FOREVER YOUR HAPPY TRAVELER",

Contras:"Snack boxes are nasty, I bought both and they were very good, but that's ok, I can easily carry food and would have, but I'm late, happy traveler"


Contras:"Small planes don't do well with turbulence"

Benefits:"I liked having a free seat next to me."

Contras:"Small, narrow, very tight seats. Absolutely no leg room or too much room for the seat in front of you. Terrible for a long haul international flight compared to other airlines. No free drink on an international flight!"

Benefits:"The flight took us from LAX to SLC"

Contras:"I bought my ticket in October, checked in yesterday and when I got to the gate I was told I had no seat assigned. This is totally unacceptable, I was told I didn't select a seat in the seat selection and that I was now in seat selection mode. wait, I specifically remember that the seat selection screen was extremely misleading and I thought I had selected seats when in fact I didn't, according to Delta Maybe, instead of focusing their website on making customers to upgrade their seats "You need to focus first on getting them a seat. Second, make sure tickets cannot be purchased unless a seat is assigned first. Who would like to buy standby tickets 3 months in advance? Not many people, I guess."

(Video) Flying in Hawaii: Kona Coast and Kīlauea Crater flyover - Part 1 of 3

Benefits:"I liked being able to sleep."

Contras:"When boarding I had no gaming allowance which I never take advantage of. Boarding was 5 minutes away, I still didn't have a ticket and the agent was quite rude when I asked. In fact most of the time before and even during boarding he was laughing and talking to the ticket agents at a neighboring gate. So I boarded, the ticket was not clear what my boarding group was, so I missed early boarding. When I get to my seat, I have two people completely reluctant to let me sit in the my window seat but they are very eager to tell me to make sure I don't run them over. This flight was after a long layover and after a long flight from Japan and it was a horrible end to another beautiful trip."

Contras:"Several people boarded without a mask. The flight was full, there was no distancing at all. The boarding process required me to go in front of everyone because my seat was in the back and I was the last group to board (unlike other airlines that changed from back boarding to front boarding to reduce person-to-person contact.) As I walked through the FULL plane, most people were wearing masks incorrectly (hanging over one ear, around the chin, nose out, etc.) ) some people weren't wearing face coverings and the flight attendants did nothing. It seems they weren't doing anything to keep passengers safe from the spread of COVID-19. Compared to Delta, American Airlines was scary to fly, I don't feel safe at all."

Benefits:"Smooth trip, great crew, free in-flight entertainment with built-in screen in every seat."


Contras:"The crew was very rude"

Benefits:"The boarding crew was rude and unaccommodating"

Benefits:"Good fun"

Contras:"The flight was delayed more than 3 hours due to there being no qualified pilots available to fly to HNL"

Benefits:"The boarding process was not complicated and I moved in an orderly manner."

Contras:"Make the seats more comfortable! Especially in long fights where the risk of blood clots is higher."

Benefits:"Good crew!!!"

Benefits:"By being trapped in a small space for twelve hours, they made the experience as good as you could wish for."

Contras:"Slightly wider seats"

Benefits:"The staff were fantastic"

Contras:"Well, my flight was delayed four times. I was stuck at LAX for 3 hours. So much so that I booked another flight with another airline for the next morning. I had to book a hotel near LAX just so I could sleep somewhere." night. My luggage made it to Chicago safely, but not with American Airlines at least. It took an hour for them to tell us that they had reassigned the pilot to another flight, not only that when he was delayed the first time (40 minutes delay) about ten minutes before boarding, we were told that the flight service staff will take 30 minutes to reach the gate. Furthermore, those poor air service employees were completely unaware of all these changes! They had to find out from the passengers what was going on. Honestly, I will never fly American Airlines again!"

Benefits:"Terribly rude flight attendants. They took several buses. I don't think American pays well at airports."

Contras:"Inflight entertainment didn't just work in my seat, which made my 6 hour flight seem even longer :("

Benefits:"Hey, mediocre air service, but typical of the US. Just enough to get you from A to B, but you're exhausted by the time you get there."

Contras:"Very little leg room and very uncomfortable seats, couldn't relax and was cramping up from not being able to move more than an inch."

Benefits:"Almost everything was wonderful. The flight crew were excellent, the infotainment centers are always a plus, and the seats are better than I remembered (don't get excited at all)."

Contras:"This was considered an international flight as we found out when we were directed to the international terminal. It was also a 6 hour flight so... where was the food? We could have paid upwards of $10 for 3-4 options, none of which were 100% kid-friendly. What's up with that?"

Contras:"N / D"

Benefits:"upgraded for business which made for a nice trip home."

Contras:"The seat and monitor seemed to have a mind of their own, but caused only minor inconvenience. I am frustrated with the AA's reporting of films, which are questionable and unrealistic. For example, the recently released film 'Coco' was rated as PG-13 and is not listed in the "Disney" category "Justice League" was listed as R There are several other examples of misinformation in their movie listings For parents who use ratings as an information to guide their children, it would be nice to have o correct information when making selections. This issue is not new, it's been around for over a year. I would have hoped they would get it right over time, but unfortunately it's still inconsistent at best."

Benefits:"arrive on time"

Contras:"No movie screens, no video screens, no charging options, no blankets, no pillows, no fun."

Contras:"American Airlines won't let you buy seats at the emergency exit (or front) because 'codeshare' prevents them from selling seats in advance. They told me I could do that at check-in in Los Angeles. But these seats sold out much sooner Before we got to LA! I contacted American Airlines customer service about a month before my flight. I filled out the online form detailing the problem and asked if there was a way to purchase seats with space extra for my legs. But they didn't even bother to respond. I got the automated email acknowledging receipt of my complaint and assuring me I would be contacted shortly. NO!!"

Contras:"The fact that they didn't give me my original seats. The other problem was that Alaska wasn't my airline, it was American. They didn't even let me know until I got to the gate, transferred to another and then transferred to my door ".

Benefits:"No part has a positive comment"

Contras:"Well, this Westjet partner sucked. The number of reroutes to get to the final terminal was absurd... that's just my rant. My real problem is that the "crew" or staff representing the American Airlines/compass part it was just pointless. A handful of people, myself included, didn't get a chance to board the plane because they didn't make any announcements. Beyond disappointing. When you check in, they take your cell phone "just in case", well don't call no txt no nothing It was a joke the service level No apologies or anything just a bunch of tired customers getting the worst customer experience I will NEVER book a flight that has anything to do with American Airlines or their partners "

Contras:"There wasn't enough food to feed all the passengers and the service was very slow."

Benefits:"Entertainment, courtesy, flight attendants and service"

Contras:"Just being confined. But that's the nature of that beast"

Benefits:"Price, new plane, interactive system"

Benefits:"Food! Friendly Crew"

Contras:"Lack of food and drink. Apathetic crew."

Benefits:"It was a short trip from Los Angeles to Albuquerque. The flight attendants were nice, the plane was clean and I was comfortable enough to sleep for 2 hours."

Contras:"I wasn't able to check in and pay for my second bag at the kiosk. I had to wait in the long queue at the ticket office to get help. Also, it was unclear whether the international flight was departing from the AA terminal and not the International Terminal" . terminal where Iberia flies... I had to walk to the AA terminal with all my bags which was stressful as they left me at the international terminal which made sense as it was an international flight and the ticket didn't say that I was flying out of the AA terminal only which was operated by AA."

Benefits:"Crew Service"

Contras:"Very narrow seats Delays on both flights"

Benefits:"The flight crew was excellent."

Contras:"We booked flights through British Airways but flew with American Airlines. The check-in process was stressful chaos - we were forced to wait in long customer service lines on our first flight from LAX to Chicago and again during our short layover . in Chicago to Dublin to make sure our bags were checked through to our final destination. Very stressful, and it didn't help that the gate staff were extremely rude and unprofessional. Very inconvenient not being able to choose our seats in advance."


Contras:"Before I booked the flight, I noticed that I was only on time 53% of the time. True to that number, we were late almost an hour before takeoff. Why schedule fights so close when almost half the time is delay? Something has what to change."



Contras:"Couldn't check in online. Flight was delayed. Hectic and disorganized boarding. Everyone rushed to the gate. Crew was quick and unfriendly. Upon arrival, they announced that they didn't have the Hawaii farm forms, so you would have to wait until the "agent" got on the plane with the forms, filled out the forms and then disembarked, the crew was not organized so it took 10-15 minutes to get off after we got to the gate (late) because they couldn't get people sit down and fill out the forms. Chaotic. I intend to NEVER fly in the United States again. Never again."

Benefits:"Great entertainment on my second leg with personal TVs and a great selection of movies and games. I also have great exit row seats at no extra cost!"

Benefits:"Excellent service and convenient flight."

Contras:"People were still using cell phones when we took off. The crew didn't seem too bothered."

Contras:"It was frustrating dealing with American flights being delayed at LAX after several hours of travel earlier."

Benefits:"I missed an earlier connecting flight due to delays, but the staff managed to get me on the next flight two hours later."

Contras:"Worst experience I've had in thirty years of flying. I missed my flight because even though I arrived at LAX two hours before my flight, I had to wait at baggage control for two and a half hours. serving passengers. When I told American's attendants and supervisors that I would miss my flight unless they let me through, they had no idea and didn't care about me or any of the passengers. All of American's staff were flight personnel most "disorganized and sloppy" I've ever seen. They put me on a backup flight, where I was number eight and five minutes later I was number eighteen, so I lost that too. My wife is one of the best PR people in LA and we have tweeted and posted extensively on social media about this horrible experience. I am requesting a full refund on American Airlines airfare and if I do not receive it from you I will be suing you. --Eric Red"

Benefits:"New plane with leather seats and good entertainment system."

Contras:"They lost 1 out of 4 bags."

Benefits:"- Arrived on time"

Contras:"- No food, although I was entitled to a free snack with my status - Service was non-existent - Premium seat (front row) thanks to my One World status, but no leg room - Would have been better in a regular seat "

Benefits:"The airline was excellent, I'm impressed that I'm cramped on these planes for long flights. Unfortunately, living in Australia forces us to do long flights."

Contras:"When you're on long flights and you're traveling all night, the people in the front have their seats reclined and it's really hard to get out when you need to go to the bathroom."


Contras:"I booked the flight specifically because it was advertised and booked on British Airways which is considered a good international airline to fly. The flight was changed to American Airlines and they put me on an international flight which was archaic I would have been better fly on a US airline." propeller of the 1970s."


Benefits:"Upgraded from Business to First on a transcend A321. Seats are awesome, hardcore is great on these planes. Crew is good but a little animatronic as usual with AA."


Contras:"I couldn't change the flight with less salary, so I missed the flight and booked another one."


Contras:"ORD -> LAX We sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes with no communication. We ended up landing on time but I was connecting to an international flight so naturally this caused me and my companion a lot of unnecessary stress LAX -> ORD I arrived at the gate less than 10 minutes before departure time and the gate attendant said I couldn't board and I left. I went in and introduced myself but they wouldn't let me on. So I went to a different attendant and explained and he seemed surprised that I didn't boarded. Then, without asking any questions or consulting me, he typed it into his computer and then handed me a new boarding pass for a new flight 1:25 later I boarded that plane and sat for over an hour the pilot did not had updates for us other than the delay was a maintenance issue, repeatedly saying it would be back in 15 minutes Finally after losing more t At this point we had to disembark and wait for a new one. Ultimately, I was not allowed to board my original flight without explanation, causing me to be over 3:30 am late. All this after having arrived from an international destination, which made for a very miserable experience. This kind of horrible experience is standard American Air: My flights are rarely on time, and I've had more cancellations with American than any competing airline. Anything less than a full refund would not be acceptable. Thanks Randy"

Benefits:"Same as above."

Contras:"Same as above"

Benefits:"Once on the flight, it was a smooth ride to Tokyo."

Contras:"Late flight delay announcement. It cost me an extra 4 hours at LAX doing nothing. Then the flight was delayed AGAIN by 30 minutes before boarding... and AGAIN while I was on the plane... due to lack of water What was the crew doing between flights? Ultimately, these delays caused the plane to arrive in Tokyo at 12:30 pm (originally 10:30 pm). All transport options were closed. city. JAL or AA should have provided travel vouchers trip for everyone who needed them. BAD SERVICE, BAD COMMUNICATION, BAD RATING."


(Video) I Went to Every Different Climate on the Big Island of Hawaii! Climate Zones Explained

Contras:"The most horrible customer service and treatment by AA employees is at LAX airport and over the phone through customer service."


Who flies direct to Kona from California? ›

Direct Flights to the Big Island into Kona (KOA)

Alaska flies non-stop to Kailua-Kona from Seattle (SEA), Portland (PDX), Oakland (OAK), San Jose (SJC), San Diego (SAN) and Los Angeles (LAX).

What airports fly direct to Kona Hawaii? ›

Direct flights to Kona (Direct flights from Vancouver BC (YVR), Seattle (SEA), Portland (PDX) , San Francisco (SFO), Oakland (OAK), Los Angeles (LAX), San Diego (SAN), Salt Lake City (SLC), Phoenix (PHX), Anchorage (ANC) , and Denver (DEN).

Who flies nonstop to Kona Bay Area? ›

Two airlines. Alaska Airlines and United Airlines have non-stop flights to Kona.

Which airlines fly into Kona? ›

  • Air Canada. (888) 247-2262.
  • Alaska Airlines. (888) 252-7522.
  • American Airlines. (800) 223-5436. (800) 433-7300.
  • Delta Airlines. (800) 221-1212.
  • Hawaiian Airlines. (800) 367-5320.
  • Japan Airlines. (800) 525-3663.
  • United Airlines. (800) 824-6200. Arrival & Departure Info (800) 241-6522. ...
  • Westjet. (888) 937-8538.

What is the best month to go to Kona? ›

The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September. This is when the islands see the highest temperatures and the lowest amount of rain. It's the perfect time to enjoy the beach or the water.

Do I need a negative Covid test to fly to Kona Hawaii? ›

There are no COVID-19 related entry requirements for domestic travelers. Travelers arriving in Hawai'i directly from an international airport must still comply with U.S. federal requirements. For updates on international travel, visit

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Kona Hawaii? ›

The cheapest time to fly to Hawaii is during February and March. The most expensive month to fly is December when the holiday period falls, with January being very expensive as well. The peak travel months of June and July are surprisingly not the most expensive months for flights, with middle figure prices.

Is it cheaper to fly into Kona or Hilo? ›

There is a negligible difference in ticket prices between flying to Kona or Hilo. Kona and Hilo do enjoy the cheapest roundtrip flight to Hawaii per our research. The decision on where to fly in and out of the Big Island has more to do with your itinerary.

What airline is best to fly to Hawaii? ›

The 6 Best Airlines That Fly to Hawaii
  1. Hawaiian Airlines. Fittingly, Hawaiian Airlines offers some of the best flights to Hawaii, providing daily service to Hawaii from more North American cities than any other airline. ...
  2. Alaska Airlines. ...
  3. American Airlines. ...
  4. United Airlines. ...
  5. Allegiant. ...
  6. WestJet.

Does Delta fly direct Kona? ›

Outbound direct flight with Delta departing from Los Angeles International on Wed, Mar 8, arriving in Kona. Inbound direct flight with Delta departing from Kona on Wed, Mar 15, arriving in Los Angeles International. Price includes taxes and charges. From $268, select.

Does Delta fly into Kona? ›

Delta interisland flights in Hawaii

These include: Honolulu to Hilo. Honolulu to Kahului. Honolulu to Kona.

Are there two airports in Kona? ›

Actually there are two, Kona International Airport (KOA) on the west side of the island, and Hilo International Airport (ITO) on the east side. The Kona airport is located seven miles north of Kailua-Kona and roughly 25 miles south of Waikoloa Village and Waikoloa Beach Resort.

Does Delta fly direct to Kona? ›

Delta Offers Customers More of Hawaii with Two New Nonstop Flights from Los Angeles to Lihue and Kona.

Can you get direct flights to Hawaii? ›

Depending on what you plan to do on your Hawaiian vacation, the best time to visit Hawaii will vary. As this guide shows, there are many nonstop flights between the mainland U.S. and Hawaii. But, if you don't live in a city with an airport that offers nonstop flights to Hawaii, you may need to book a connecting flight.

How long of a flight is it from lax to Kona? ›

Can I get a direct flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Kona Airport? Yes – the average flight time is 5 hours and 48 minutes.


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