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Advantages:“Craig in the first cabin crew was incredible. :))))”

Advantages:"Comfortable, good crew, attentive."


Opposites:"My bag was damaged in transit"

Advantages:"Food and Snacks!!!!"

Advantages:“The crew was fantastic and they gave us something to eat very often. The film selection was good.”

Opposites:"I wish I could have ordered a drink (paid or not) from the TV in front of me"

Opposites:"Lost connection to SFO"

Advantages:“Everything about my Virgin Atlantic flights has been fantastic. The plane was new and comfortable, the seats seemed to recline more than any plane I've been on. Entertainment was good with a wide range of movies and TV shows. The crew they were incredibly nice and helpful and I had a really good time talking to them. I can also say they were very helpful as I missed my flight and they rebooked me free of charge in the next 3 hours later I think the stress of missing a flight was alleviated with the help of the Virgin Atlantic crew at the Switch completely eliminated, so thanks for that!"

Opposites:“The only thing I would improve is the main course of the meal. I liked all the little side dishes like boursin and crackers but found the main course a bit bland.”

Opposites:"Waiting at the gate for upper class ticket holders Transfer from bus to plane - Virgin is not a LoCo airline! Upper class service was slow, understaffed?"

Opposites:"TV in the seat back is the worst quality among airlines. They really need to improve it. They hardly give enough drinks or water. The gate was only announced at the last minute. No group priorities when boarding. The process was chaotic. The food was average . There was no internet there."

Advantages:"We paid extra for the exit row seats so we had good legroom."

Opposites:“The seats are so small that only the back fits in and we are not tall people. There is no thigh support and I had severe cramps after getting off the plane. Flying to Los Angeles with Virgin Australia was much more convenient.”

Advantages:"Cabin crew was excellent!"

Opposites:“I paid extra for Economy Delight seats for me and my wife. Shortly after takeoff, our quiet and comfortable, more or less empty part of the plane was colonized by an extended family of orthodox Jews in a sort of airborne situation in the West Bank. They weren't initially in our area of ​​the stand and I don't know why they seemed to be able to get a free upgrade which I had to pay £100 for. We went from an almost empty booth to one of basically orthodox Jewish babies sitting in the middle of a garden. It was terrible! They were loud, chaotic, constantly getting in and out of their seats, the back of my seat was kicked and there was even a baby crawling. the hall. We were surrounded. I have no idea if this is characteristic of orthodox Jewish family life or just a completely ruthless family. They didn't exactly ruin my flight, but they didn't make it pleasant either. The cabin crew were excellent and recognized the difficulties. cult of the situation. My wife lost her window seat, but at least we still had legroom and quiet."

Advantages:"Service and quality of entertainment meals"

Advantages:"Legroom, nice staff and overall good flight"

Advantages:"Very friendly crew"

Opposites:"Seating and legroom is tight if you're 1.80m tall"

Advantages:"The care and personal attention."

Opposites:"Old movies and few entertainment options"

Advantages:“Friendly cabin crew, excellent food and drinks. Very happy with the service we received.”

Advantages:"When I checked in at the counter, not even I was seated, but the gentleman was very humble and polite."

Opposites:“The fact that they told me they would give me a seat at the gate. I got to the airport very early to get a good seat and they gave me a very uncomfortable seat where I couldn't stretch my legs well. Due to a box on the floor that was on my left leg and to make matters even more annoying, my screen wasn't working, forcing me to carry what felt like a heavy laptop. And finally, the cabin crew lacked serious customer service and if you asked for anything they were as reluctant to deliver to us as to give us a free ticket or something. It should be noted that my ticket was not cheap enough to be treated like this."

Advantages:"Good flight, especially since it was empty. Good food"

Opposites:"The seats weren't that comfortable. The entertainment sucked because the screen functions were awful, very difficult.”

Opposites:"Too much food, not enough time to sleep comfortably!"

Advantages:“A wide range of movies and TV shows to watch, more than enough for an 8 hour flight. Regular headphone jacks so you can use your own.”

Opposites:“I booked with my wife but we were allocated separate seats and were unable to reassign them together. The legroom was so tight that I couldn't pick things off the floor without resting my head on the lap of the person next to me. Although the crew The booth attendants were smiling and friendly, it was difficult to get his attention when it was needed. The PA system is much louder than the entertainment so the announcements were ringing in the ears.

Advantages:“The crew was excellent. The flight was quite comfortable. Good service."

Opposites:"I would have appreciated another round of hot drinks."

Opposites:"The food was terrible"

Advantages:“We really enjoyed flying Virgin and made sure to book a Virgin flight for this trip and not Delta. Food was good, entertainment was good when it worked.”

Opposites:“We were told our flight number had changed from VS103 to VS4049 but it was still a Virgin flight. It wasn't until we checked in that we found out we now fly Delta and the number was now DL285. I wasn't happy because I wanted to fly Virgin "The seats were fine but the entertainment system stopped working halfway through the movie. It took an hour to turn back on. Games didn't work. The staff was a bit grumpy ."

Opposites:“They told us on the phone that we could take our kayaks to Africa, but the airport staff not only refused our kayaks, but also our paddles, which were in a standard ski bag. Her excuse was that both the kayaks and the paddle bags they were 2cm long...!!!!!!! Paddle on one of the most challenging rivers in the world...the Zambezi. We are now constantly trying to acquire the right equipment with very little success. We run a non-profit organization called Montana Kayak Academy that offers white water lessons to youth 8-18 and we will tell everyone we know NOT TO RIDE VIRGIN ATLANTIC OR BRITISH AIRWAYS... EVER!!!!!! !!"

Advantages:"The cabin crew was friendly and attentive. The flight was on time and we got to Atlanta early."

Opposites:"It could use more leg room. The food isn't the best"

Advantages:“They selected me for an additional check at the gate. I have no problem with that. I told them from the start that I would be traveling with my fiancee. They tried to keep me in a separate area after the check and I told them again that my fiancee was taking me.” Wait. A staff member walked me halfway to look for her and then disappeared. When I found her and came back, the employee was nowhere to be found. We had now lost our place in the queue and I had to go to the end of the queue. We spoke to 3 different members of staff about what was going on and they all said oh that guy over there will help you. But nobody did. The staff had no idea how to conduct a security check or how to deal with people! There was no wifi that worked! There were no TVs in the seats, just the old style in the hallway. The staff told me the plan would be drawn at the end of the month. The food was more for animals than humans! We've received updates! Alizations per txt 10 minutes before the staff updated the gate for our flight from OFS. I have traveled around the world on many airlines and have never had such bad service, but what should I expect? It was United after all!"

Opposites:"Reimbursement of the entire flight."

Advantages:"I had a great experience from start to finish of my trip. Most of the staff were friendly and professional. The food was not good and the red wine on the flight from Heathrow was delicious."

Opposites:“The red wine on the flight from Lagos was too strong. This is the normal one served on the virgin flight so I was happy to try the new wine that was served on the flight from Heathrow as I thought it had been changed!”

Opposites:“During my flight from LAX to LHR, I requested (pre-booked) a special meal (Asian vegetarian meal). the flight." flight". Flight. During my return flight from LHR to LAX, the inflight entertainment system in my seat was not working. I asked for it to restart several times and although the hostess restarted it several times it didn't work. I had to do without an entertainment system for the entire flight. This was my first trip with Virgin Atlantic. I may never fly Virgin Atlantic again."

Advantages:"The friendliest crew I have ever flown with (Irish and British)... the lighting was very relaxing and the continuous snack service was much appreciated (especially ice cream). I will try Premium Economy next time as the seats looked even better. .."

Opposites:"Vera, the entertainment screen was very good but no new movies, everything seemed a few months old... the leather headrest was comfortable but it kept slipping behind my neck, it would be nice if it could be closed in a key position. ."

Advantages:“Everything was very quick and smooth. I didn't have to queue for boarding. The sitas were very comfortable, the crew very friendly and cheerful and the selection of films was top notch.”

Advantages:"I liked everything about it which is very atypical :)) At least compared to the major US airlines or European nationals, VA is gen - aesthetically safe. Clean, comfortable, stylish! Will be my choice from now on."

Advantages:"The staff was first class in service and friendliness"

Advantages:"Top notch, what's not to like?"

Opposites:"Seats need more padding"

Advantages:"The food was great, there was also plenty"

Opposites:"I'm 6'4" and the crew didn't acknowledge that I was squeezed into a tight seat."

Advantages:"Virgin has the best staff, great food and a great movie selection. I had a great time on my flight!”

Advantages:"There are a lot of relatively new films to choose from."

Opposites:"Complimentary headphones break easily. The tray table was broken and they can't fix it. Very small bathrooms, knees almost hit the door when you sit down. Food choices for dinner quickly ran out, resulting in only 2 options, and one is spicy so basically just an option All drinks come in small glasses even water comes in small glass increments (use up in one gulp) They don't even give small bottles of water There is no courtesy pack (glasses, socks etc. ), not even a puke bag to pick up the trash."

Advantages:"Audrey's agent at the Heathrow counter was fantastic, she helped me locate my luggage and get it from Air Malta to Vigin."

Advantages:"Easy check in and boarding."

Opposites:"Uncomfortable seats and bad food."

Advantages:"Virgin Atlantic was very attractively decorated. The food was excellent as were the staff. Polite and professional."

Opposites:“The seat I had was a little tight on the legs and to recline. I couldn't get comfortable at all."

Opposites:"I did not receive the requested food. I had requested Asian vegetarian food. I had also confirmed this Virgin Atlantic kiosk at Heathrow Airport. When I asked the cabin crew on the flight, they said they hadn't received any requests. I was very hungry ". Flight. Very bad experience."

Opposites:"The cabin was nice but cold"

Opposites:"The seats are not as comfortable as in new planes"

Advantages:“The plane was very nice with great lighting. More food would have been nice as it was a long flight. The crew was variable, most very helpful but one or two not so much.”

Opposites:"There wasn't enough food for everyone and no snacks between meals which was a shame considering it was a 10 hour flight. Entertainment was great, seats were ok (admittedly the worst)"

Advantages:"Entertainment was ok, flight crew was nice"

Opposites:“After checking in, my wife and I sat in separate seats. As a result, I was unable to change my seat after checking in. After calling the helpline they informed me that it is impossible to change the seat after check-in until you are at the airport. No other airline has such an obscure and efficient rule. Virgin prides itself on being a step ahead of the competition, I didn't see it. I've flown internationally on Delta, American Airlines, British Airlines, United and others and any difference in experience was negligible."

Advantages:"As expected, excellent Virgin customer service. Great Vera system. Friendly and welcoming experience."

Opposites:"¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to MCO was afterwards a Blessed Relief Virgin you gotta have a little thinking about your passengers bums more Also having flown on almost all major transatlantic airlines including previous Virgin trips, knee room was not good knees...I was wearing shorts for more comfort and have sores on my knees, where they rubbed against the material of the chair in front of it.

Advantages:"Excellent selection of food and drinks"

Opposites:"Always shot cold."

Advantages:"Flight was on time. Friendly crew. Good entertainment system"

Opposites:“The seats are uncomfortable and the legroom is very narrow. I did not sleep well."

Advantages:"Delta's service and convenience is always excellent."

Opposites:"everything is great keep it up"

Advantages:"Excellent entertainment facilities, best in class"

Opposites:"Eat earlier to sleep more"

Advantages:"Like the courtesy of the Delta crew"

Opposites:"More snacks :)!!!!"

Advantages:"Flight fully booked. The ground crew did their best to minimize carry-on baggage.

Opposites:“The pilot had no control over the turbulence for the last 3 hours of the flight. He did his best to minimize them, but he was still nervous."

Advantages:"I flew Standby to London (for the first time) and the team check-in in New York was great."

Opposites:"Well the team in London weren't that great. They were a bit rude!"

Advantages:"The entertainment was good and there was a variety of food."

Opposites:"The crew sucks."

Advantages:"The A330 was comfortable and the crew were efficient and cheerful."

Opposites:"Delta is the best experience we've had recently."

Opposites:"KAYAK didn't inform us that we had to pay for our luggage!"

Advantages:"The meal was excellent. The film selection was good.”

Opposites:“When we booked our flight, KAYAK did not inform us that we had to pay for our luggage. It was a very unpleasant surprise on both counts.”

Advantages:"Flight attendants were amazing"

Opposites:"Wifi was completely useless. I'd rather pay to get something."

Advantages:"I had an amazing 10a seat with plenty of leg room."

Opposites:"It was as good as can be expected."

Advantages:“The crew was nice. The TV/movie technology was fantastic! A large selection of movies made the time fly by and was very easy to use compared to my other flight. The food was good actually eat)".

Opposites:"I couldn't print my two boarding passes in London, so I had to get them from an agent in Minneapolis. I hate how difficult it is to get an assigned seat and boarding pass prior to travel."

Advantages:"The Delta crew in both directions between Portland and London was excellent! They attended to our every need and smiled every flight mile of the way. Airplane"

Opposites:“I need to have food options available for allergy sufferers. Almost everything had gluten and soy and I'm very allergic to it. I had to give away all snacks and most of my groceries. Even in the Comfort + class, the seats are a little legroom. Also, clean the bathroom every few hours."

Advantages:"The food was very good. The crew was also very nice."

Advantages:"Entertainment, food and service were great."

Advantages:"It was terrible. Delta really should have canceled the flight and given a full refund.”

Advantages:"Amazing service and F&B provided was wonderful"

Advantages:"Crew was friendly. Food was ok. They gave us lunch, snacks, hot cookies and sandwich/dinner for a 9 hour flight. I needed everything."

Opposites:"The space would have become very narrow if it hadn't been moved to the partition wall."

Advantages:"Good team, good service."

Opposites:"No complaints!"

Advantages:"Everything. The food, the staff, the check-in. Everything was great.”

Opposites:"I would have preferred if they would let me choose a seat by the window. They didn't give me a choice."

Advantages:“The crew was extremely friendly, helpful and visible. As they boarded the flight, the gate agent saw me with my walking stick and, without being asked, moved me to a seat closer to the front of the plane. Thank you for those little extra details.

Advantages:"The crew was friendly and accommodating. The seat was comfortable."

Advantages:“Boarding was quick and the cabin crew was attentive. Baggage delivery was quick and the bags arrived promptly. Global entry into ATL was rapid.”

Opposites:"Delta Security in the UK is an absolute sham. The security check at LHR was long and understaffed."

Opposites:"The crew was rude and made everything seem like a chore."

Advantages:"decent service"

Opposites:“I booked two separate round trips with KLM (Sky Team) via SKY TEAM JFK > Heathrow (Delta) Heathrow > Amsterdam (klm). On the return trip to JFK, I was unable to check my luggage in, even though it stayed on SKY TEAM airlines. That should be possible, otherwise the value of remaining in the SKY TEAM is not so valuable for me.

Opposites:"One of the older male flight attendants wasn't polite. He got a ride, short answer, when I asked him something."

Advantages:"good films"

Opposites:"Narrow seats, little legroom"

Advantages:"Very friendly crew"

Opposites:“No subtitles available in films and series”

Opposites:“I felt they were understaffed by the crew, they were just checking and I called them a couple of times, the blue light was on but nobody came to check what I needed. At first the reading lights didn't work and at least I reset them. A meal option was no longer available when they reached our seats."


Advantages:"The crew was nice."

Opposites:"The entertainment sucked. Again I was in the comfort class, which in theory should give you more comfort and better entertainment. There were a lot of movies from the 90's and the same selection of movies from about 6 months ago when I was traveling with them. Also, what's up that you have to use your own phone to watch movies on the plane, what happened to the front seat backseat screens, I ended up with a sore throat from trying to watch a movie on my phone Delta has become very cheap. It is in serious decline."

Advantages:"The staff was friendly and attentive. Boarding was good, efficient and fast."

Opposites:"The seats were not that comfortable. The planes were very noisy. The competition offers a much better service. The transfer in Atlanta was a nightmare, it took almost two hours from landing to reaching the national gate for the next sector. Only three immigration workers work".

Advantages:“The variety of what you could hear or see. I liked the way the seats recline. Plenty of legroom (I'm short).”

Advantages:"There were a lot of good movies to choose from and the food wasn't bad."

Opposites:"It's always very uncomfortable to sit in a plane for a long time, but that's nobody's fault"

Advantages:"The flight wasn't full so the service was very good, lots of food and snacks and we were early too."

Opposites:"Music was a bit limited"

Advantages:"The food was excellent as were the hostesses."

Advantages:"Crew, food was good, comfort"

Opposites:"The boarding.. We had to climb steps to get in.. But the crew apologized."

Advantages:"Extra legroom with Sky priority"

Opposites:“We upgraded to Sky Priority but are not allowed to take Sky Priority with us. They made us wait at zone 3. We also didn't get the designated overhead seat we paid for and had to put our bags under the seat in front of us. us. A bit disappointing to pay an extra $240 and not get what we paid for."

Opposites:“Entrance to Atlanta Airport after landing was a bit chaotic. We went in circles for about an hour before landing and there seemed to be an unusually large number of people trying to get through customs/security - not Delta's fault but it was such an uncomfortable experience after more than 8 hours on the air."

Advantages:"Excellent flight crew and trip!"

Opposites:"I understand they couldn't deliver the luggage during the blitz, but my luggage and clothes were soaked!"

Advantages:"Super friendly and helpful crew. Great food. Nice new seats. Great TV entertainment options!"

Advantages:"crew was nice"

Opposites:"Wifi didn't work at all, entertainment system didn't work until it was reset mid-flight"

Advantages:"I like that Delta empowers women."

Advantages:"The quality of the food has improved"

Advantages:"Lots of movies and music to entertain"

Opposites:"Economy seats have no leg room and the seats are very uncomfortable on the back during an 8 hour flight. Flight attendants skipped the lines for drinks/snacks etc. Slightly better experience but oh well" .

Advantages:"The service was good. The participants were friendly. The information was good."

Advantages:"There wasn't much to like. Most of it was wrong. The plane was a new 787 so it didn't feel old late and we were on our feet which resulted in being put on board with some of Latish's favorite passengers.

Opposites:"Everything, actually. The plane was very crowded - small seats, little leg room. Meals were mediocre and cabin crew was only the positive side of unhelpful, pushy and unfriendly. Flight was inexplicably delayed by 2 hours or more, great weather. None Apologies for the originally scheduled 8pm flight left around 11pm During boarding the only light is purple ambient lighting which made it impossible to read anything including security material until you filled it with the inflight entertainment (lights are only controlled via software-activated virtual buttons on the screen.) The flight The entertainment system is also difficult to use, designed by idiots for geniuses.But the worst part was the stress Virgin Atlantic caused when we guaranteed we would miss that flight On our outbound trip in January, VA, for reasons unknown to anyone, booked in e ADDITIONAL route from JHB to CPT on BA after 12:30. m., although we were already on the previous 9:30 BA flight that we had booked and paid for. Then when we didn't show up for that mock flight (because we were already airborne), we didn't book (BA swears they have proof that VA made that booking), our CPT return flight to JBG was canceled three months later canceled WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE. If I hadn't cared the day before the flight to know if the return flight from BA had Essen, I would have turned up at CPT airport in April to find I had no way of getting to the VA flight at JHB! So I spent a whole day trying to get back on the flight I had already paid for. I advise EVERYONE who uses VA to keep reconfirming flights. There is no explanation for this yet. I will never fly VA again. You are not trustworthy."

Opposites:"The conversation was going on, they were watching a movie when they said they had to reboot the system. Tried twice which took over an hour and no one came back... :("

Advantages:"Getting on and off was efficient. Crew was good. Seats were comfortable."

Opposites:“The seat was near the toilet and there was an odor for the second half of the flight. A/V issues: Earphone hum and touchscreen worked intermittently. The cabin temperature was a bit cold.”

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