Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (2023)

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (1)

Romar of the Volga, West VirginiaVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 24, 2022

I chose Eagle Moving to get me from FL to CA. I have an old desk that needs a LOT of TLC when moving it from one place to another. Of all the companies that responded to my request for quotes, this company was the only one with a verifiable license and insurance, so I went with it. And I'm glad I did! Eagle Moving sent a team of three professional movers. They were really fantastic! They honored my request to call a few minutes before their arrival and were on time. They worked very fast and used KIND CARE all the time. If I move again, I don't have to look around. I am a REAL CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (2)

Donald en Hickory Hills, IllinoisVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 12, 2022

Moving from FORIDA to SEATTLE was a breeze with the Eagle Moving team! I was delighted with the service from start to finish. Management was very easy to contact and helped with all of our insurance questions. The team that came to pack us up the first day and change us the next day were the same group of people that MADE IT EASIER FOR ME. Also, they help me understand why they packaged things the way they did. The driver that picked me up at my new home was amazing, he really hooked the needle as he parked his truck. Thanks people!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (3)

Chachi en Stone Mountain, GAVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 12, 2022

Eagle Moving is a much better mover than any other moving company I have seen. Your service has often been very good. And the movers were professional, polite and efficient. These guys were really great movers. Even though I paid for a three man team, they added a fourth member for free since I was working a big job later that day. I'm also pretty sure they grossly underestimated the total drive and move time. If you want to reduce the stress of moving, book Eagle Moving; it is not worth investigating other moving companies.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (4)

Peggy en Colorado Springs, COVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 10, 2022

It's one of those moments where you lose faith in people. I told Shane what items needed to be moved, he quoted $9500, the movers came and asked for $15,000 and then they made $20,000 before they left. I'm stuck because I have to pay it off, so I'm out of the house I sold. Another company made me an offer that actually looked at all my stuff and priced it at $8500. I had broken items and when I received the items I found out that they were charging me to transport a medium box which was small and sometimes upper case for a medium box. I have photos of the number box on the sheet next to a box that actually says the size. I have never seen a scam like this!! The company offered $1400 per NDA! So I hope I saved you money and frustration by posting this review. I would appreciate a class action lawsuit to stop them from doing this to people as there are a lot of people on a lot of platforms.

Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (5)

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (6)

Miraya von Magna, UTVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Original review: August 9, 2022

I had to move from Utah to Texas in June 2022 and it was my first time using a moving company and I thought they would really get me a deal. It turns out that I had to pay more when the mover came out because this company does not provide accurate quotes and the difference is not minimal. I had to pay extra to have my things removed, the total cost me over $5,000. They use third party moving companies that are less than professional and they lost and damaged my belongings. Upon delivery they only accept money orders or cash and won't even let you see your belongings to preview the condition. Now I know why!! I am now trying to file a claim and Eagle Movers claims they are not responsible but they are the ones who hired these people. Makes sense!! Good luck getting real help!!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (7)

Clyde in Panama City, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 4, 2022

The entire move-in experience was exceptional. We have never had such a professional moving company pack up and move our entire apartment before, so it was a bit of a new thing for us. The front office staff made it VERY EASY to set up a move-in day and also complete a virtual appraisal since no appraiser was available to come to our apartment in person. Today we had the best team of five packing and transporting our life's mundane goods, including household and kitchen items collected over many years. I cannot recommend this team highly enough. They were all very professional and efficient.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (8)

Stephen von Clarence, Nueva YorkVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 4, 2022

After exploring several moving companies for my move from FL to LA, I chose Eagle Moving and I am absolutely not disappointed! Eagle Moving prices are great and the team is SUPER CUSTOMER ORIENTED. We had to make a small move in date last minute and they were able to change the date with less than a week notice. The carriers packed all of our items so quickly without sacrificing quality and were in and out within an hour. Definitely use them for your next move!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (9)

Gerald en Houston, TXVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 3, 2022

We hired Eagle Moving to complete our move from FL to NY in two weeks. They were the cheapest out of a total of three quotes I got, but that didn't show up on their moving service. We had a crew of five for our three-bedroom house. Everyone was professional, courteous, and paid great attention to detail. We even pointed out some of our daughter's furniture that had become tense and unsafe that we may not have noticed. Also, they were VERY COORDINATED and FAST. We hope we won't move again in the future, but if we do, we'll call the mover.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (10)

Gary de Oakland, CaliforniaVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 3, 2022

For more than a year we could not locate ourselves with all our household belongings in a public deposit. Eagle Moving was able to book us a move-in date at short notice. This moving group informed us of their arrival time and met us in the storage room. They loaded our entire unit packed up in about an hour and took our 2 bedroom apartment stuff with us. They also brought everything to our new apartment very quickly. Overall it was great and we would highly recommend your moving services.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (11)

Juliana in Haverford, PennsylvaniaVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 31, 2022

DO NOT use Eagle Moving. Stay away! The positive reviews will most likely come from your own employees. I have scheduled a move in through Eagle Moving in mid June 2022 for a late July 2022 move in from Boston-Philadelphia. Since I planned a month in advance and I'm a student, they gave me a discount and priced me around $2,400 and 350 cubic feet. I confirmed my inventory with your inventory control manager and voila. They even told me that I could have extra space in the truck if I needed something else. The mover showed up and looked at my apartment and basically told me that Eagle Moving underestimated the amount of space I would need and demanded that I pay them an additional $1400 in cash that day and another $1600 in the fee paid or she won't take my stuff.

Eagle Moving drastically underestimates the cost of moving because they know you will have problems on moving day and you will end up paying. They talked me into paying the deposit and were incredibly misleading about the cost. I ended up having to buy another 300 cubic feet. I understand if the estimate is a bit off, but they underestimated my offer by half, which was no mistake on their part. They have been scaring me ever since and refuse to give me a refund. Instead of paying $2,400 like they said, I ended up paying a total of $6,000.

I spoke to them as a 26 year old woman moving 400 miles and a college student about how bad they should feel about blackmailing people, but they had no sympathy knowing full well how corrupt their business is. Eagle relocation was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I would definitely not recommend them and they are a morally corrupt company. I will review them on each site so that no one falls into the same trap as me. They didn't try to compensate me for being undervalued by $3,600. Move-In Size: 1-bedroom house. Cost of the service: $6000.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (12)

Seven New York, NYVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 29, 2022

Extraordinary moving experience! I called Eagle Moving after reading so many great reviews. I had to move within 2 days without notice, so I was worried about finding the movers on time. Surprisingly, the eagle's movements could come out the next day in the afternoon. I received a call before your ETA to find out when you would be arriving. They all did a great job of moving for us. They quickly packed and wrapped everything. I am VERY HAPPY with the prompt and CAREFUL service! I will definitely use them again.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (13)

Kesira f of Hollywood, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 27, 2022

Eagle Moving did a great job moving us from FL to MD. They arrived on time, highly professional and kind with my doubts about where to put things. I haven't moved in many years and I felt OVERLOADED and UNBALANCED. They were very coordinated and used every inch of a box and their truck. We were 3 people and they took us out for a fair price and in GOOD TIME. They provide blankets and accessories such as packaging, boxes, and ribbons. Well worth your experience with everything that needs to be packed. Our move occurred on a very busy day, which made me even more grateful for your packing and moving experience.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (14)

Ronald von Lonsdale, MinnesotaVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Original review: July 27, 2022

Updated 09/03/2022: 1st contact generated incorrect information upon move, 2nd contact cost me additional $ due to failure to record first information, even deleting many large items. Also, move-in date and arrival date get mixed up and cost me extra storage fees. The delivery was late at night and promised that the assembly of the disassembled items was incomplete. I don't know if there is a worse moving company out there, but I would not recommend Eagle to anyone. I think they paid for half the space, but they haven't seen the credit card statement yet.

Original review: The agent we dealt with never made an accurate list of what I gave him. He never relayed the full information to the second agent. The storage request was not submitted to the shipping company, which cost me an additional $650 up front. He talked about everything with him. The shipping company has not received complete information about the cargo. Incorrect delivery address referred to the transport agency. When they called and confronted him, he ended the call and sent it to someone else. Speaking with the superiors, we are sorry that the situation he was trapped in has not improved. They said they would pay half the storage cost but now I'm not sure when I'll get my stuff because the truckers thought it was overnight delivery. They are not reserved until August 12 at the earliest, unless they find someone who can deliver them.

Basically Eagle Moving Group took my money up front almost 2 months in advance and wiped me and my data. I don't know if I will actually see the 50% that they promised. This company should not be recommended by anyone, lying for money should be their motto. Again, they need to be crossed off your recommendation list or by someone else.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (15)

Guillaume r of Fort Lauderdale, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 25, 2022

This moving team arrived 5 minutes early. THEY WORKED WELL AS A TEAM. There was a clear synergy between the boys. You have been extremely careful with my main articles. I couldn't believe how well everything fit in the truck. They are definitely the moving experts!! When we arrived at the destination (New York), they were very careful with my new floors and had a roll of carpet ready to go. They carefully loaded everything into my garage and rooms. I have RECOMMENDED Eagle Moving and will continue to do so. I will definitely use this company the next time I move.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (16)

Saville de Silver Spring, MDVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 23, 2022

Eagle Moving is the best company I have ever used. The relocation harmony is very clear and customer friendly. I have moved from a 1 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor with no elevator. They contacted me more than 30 minutes in advance to give me good notice. The movers arrived promptly and got to work immediately. They were hardworking, professional and trustworthy. The move went smoothly. They are VERY HONEST and have not tried to sneak in additional fees that other moving companies have charged me in the past. I would definitely recommend this moving company and will continue to use it in the future.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (17)

Jim y Harriet de Fernandina Beach, FloridaVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Original Review: July 20, 2022

What a frustrating experience dealing with Eagle engines! You grossly underestimated the scope of the move and sent a truck that was too small. This forced us to find another truck, a 26-footer, at the last minute, get our own help loading it, and drive it from Pennsylvania to Florida ourselves. Instead of sending someone over to our house to do an inventory beforehand, he based the size of his truck on some furniture photos I sent him. Little did I know that you would base the size of your truck on that alone. We had a 2800 square foot home that did NOT include a full basement or attic. I told you we need your biggest truck. We had to handle hundreds of bags!

They told us that delivery would be in 7-14 days. On the 21st we received a call that they were ready for delivery. When they arrived they told us that we had to pay in cash or by bank check before unloading. This was never made clear, although it was noted in the fine print of the contract we signed. Since the first driver who picked up the furniture didn't ask for it, it was reasonable that our personal check or credit card would be accepted again. As it was Sunday and no banks were open we couldn't provide cash on the spot and they left with our furniture and said if we didn't have the money for the next day they couldn't guarantee we would get it.

Fortunately, the furniture arrived intact, but some parts had scratches, stencils and chips. His business was so frustrating that we did not make an insurance claim. Their workers were not professional in any way. Luckily I would have paid more if we had been treated professionally from the start.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (18)

Mónica von Searcy, Ar, ARVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Original review: July 19, 2022

This is the worst customer service I have ever seen. First, they underestimated our move by $2,000 and at least 1,000 cubic feet. We were forced to purchase a UHaul and load our boxes ourselves. Then the furniture we had picked up took over three weeks to be delivered. All we got were excuses and virtually no help from Eagle or Arena Van. Eagle is just the runner and doesn't handle the actual movement. I will NEVER use this company again or recommend them to my worst enemy. I gave it one star because negative stars are not possible.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (19)

Jayme en Chicago, IllinoisVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 18, 2022

I don't normally write reviews but after our experience with these guys I felt the need to. We used them for our move yesterday and they were excellent! They moved our belongings quickly and efficiently and were very responsive to where things should go in the apartment. They were also very responsive via email. Our move to the new location went smoothly thanks to our three movers!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (20)

Brooklynn of Los Angeles, CAVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 15, 2022

The carriers arrived early. He was very surprised. Upon arrival they asked me what furniture I have and were able to get me the necessary equipment to reduce the number of trips to and from the truck. They were quickly able to vacate my 1 bedroom apartment in an hour and unload everything in 45 minutes. They were very professional, friendly and efficient. NOTHING WAS DAMAGED and they accommodated all my requests. I highly recommend EMG to anyone planning to hire moving companies.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (21)

Urban in Longview, TXVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 15, 2022

This was the first time I had used moving companies in my life and I am so glad I chose Eagle Moving. Not only were the prices competitive, but I was impressed with their WAY OF COMMUNICATION and they were available a week after I made the reservation. The crews were extremely competent and professional. I originally thought it would be a 2 man crew, but it was 3 people! They called me half an hour before they arrived. They made a hectic day a breeze by being on time, packing and transporting items VERY QUICKLY, and helping us unpack items in our new apartment. I was really impressed with your service. I would recommend them to everyone!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (22)

Oliver from Miami, FloridaVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Original review: July 15, 2022

I have used Eagle Moving Group for 3 moves now and both times went as smoothly as possible. The movers came early and in a hurry and were always pleasant, professional and friendly. I have been recommending them since the last move and will continue to do so. Somehow they made such a stressful event super easy!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (23)

Mattia from Laredo, TXVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 15, 2022

The Eagle Moving Group team excelled in moving from FL to IL. From my first call for an estimate to the final move-in touches, everything was done professionally and accurately. They packed and moved all the furniture in our three-bedroom house and loaded the boxes we packed. They then met us the next day when we were three hours away. They came early and they did it! Our furniture was professionally downloaded, installed and set up. They even helped with the rugs and set up where needed. They were fast and careful. They searched walls and doors and it was a HUGE SUCCESS. I would recommend them to anyone looking to move!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (24)

Filiberta of Palm Springs, CAVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 13, 2022

A great job well done! This is my second move with this company. I am a very happy customer with all these times! I had some expectations and they were FULLY met. I always try to make things easy for the movers and make sure things go smoothly by packing everything but the big furniture and with an easy approach. Give all these guys I've dealt with a RAISE and PROMOTION! I have a 6 month lease and depending on work I can extend the lease for another 6 months. Anyway, I know who will move me again in the future.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (25)

Aaron von Dearing, KansasVerified Reviewer

Original Review: July 12, 2022

I got the best and cheapest price for my move from this company. I called at least 5 different local moving companies that had the best reviews on Google to get quotes for my move. The moving company I spoke with was very nice. And he sent me the budget quickly. And again the price was competitive/the best of the motors I called. The movers were on time and completed my move quickly and efficiently. I was surprised at how quickly they got the job done. I would definitely recommend using them again!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (26)

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Janine de Loveland, COVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 11, 2022

I thought I had done my research, Zach** from Eagle Moving Group assured me of my knowledge and even designed a schedule that was sure to suit my needs. Find out, complete the BAIT AND SWITCH operation they perform. They sold my contract to Mover Van Lines, a company I had already talked to and decided I didn't want to do business before calling Eagle Moving Group. I paid them over $1300 for NOTHING!

They (Zach**) misrepresented my move cubic feet (or the company they do business with - Mover Van Lines is running a scam of their own), the fact that they were the ONLY company I did it with and promised I would receive my stuff delivered by a certain date...even though the date they gave was in fact the date the company you SOLD my contract to would start counting their 21 days until delivery! Such a scam and DO NOT TRUST ZACHARY ** ** (ext - even if ext means nothing with this company - **). You'll get lousy customer service, have NO control over your belongings, and be left with nothing... not even a chair or a bed... FOR WEEKS!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (27)

Michelino in Wendover, UTVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 9, 2022

Eagle Moving Group did a fantastic job with my mom's move! The crew arrived on time. They took great care with all the furniture. The movers were also INNOVATIVE in moving furniture that was too big for the stairwell! The carriers were very respectful of customers and each other. We would definitely recommend Eagle Moving!

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (28)

Mary from Sugarland, TXVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Original Review: July 7, 2022

Moving can be stressful, especially when you're on a budget. When I originally spoke with the phone agent, everything seemed very easy and he even explained that the price was discounted. The price sounded too good to be true, so I even clarified with the phone agent the additional cost and provided more information on the number of items we had. And again the agent claimed that the total (the agent did not reveal that it was an estimate) was correct. When the mover arrived, the captain said that the estimate was far from reality and revealed many additional charges. I panicked at the new estimate of over +$2,000. However, José and his team were super efficient and transparent. José was able to console the situation a little. While Jose and his team were extremely helpful, my partner and I were in disbelief and completely devastated that we were hit with an extra $1,000 (Jose was able to provide some tips to lower the estimate).

In the end, we continued to make progress with the company because our lease expired. However, if you're looking for moving companies, I highly recommend looking for a more personal company that can provide you with a more accurate quote and is more transparent about their services. Additional fees not disclosed were: Tractor Fees (area must be able to accommodate 18-wheeler, $350 additional minimum), Fuel Surcharge (Undisclosed at time of booking, additional $480), Additional Ladder Fee (agent has not disclosed if there is more than one flight of stairs, specifically 12 steps, an additional charge will apply). They also state it will take 5-7 business days for delivery but I've just been told it can take up to 21 business days so we'll do it when I receive my furniture... Aside from the great service provided by Jose and his team, this experience it was terrible. I highly recommend going with a company that is more transparent and personal.

Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (29)

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (30)

Jeff from Lancaster, PennsylvaniaVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Original Review: July 7, 2022

Eagle Moving is not an actual moving company and this is intentionally not made clear on their website. We only realized that when a completely different moving company and crew showed up for our move. As soon as Eagle Moving received our deposit, they "hid" from us, did not return our calls, etc. Also no one called to ask how it was etc. Very unprofessional and a huge scam. All we can do is warn as many others as possible, and we certainly will.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (31)

Aurelius of Miami, FLVerified Reviewer

Original Review: July 7, 2022

These guys are SKILLED! Having used other engines over the past year, I can't tell you how much better these guys are, by leaps and bounds. They entered the estimated price, they assure and gave away more than I expected. They arrived on time as promised and my little apartment was filled in no time. I didn't trust previous reviews that they could carry a couple of boxes on their back, but it's true. They were also VERY GENTLE on delicate electronics. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

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Eagle Moving Group Top 250 Reviews (32)

Heide en Winfield, PensilvaniaVerified ReviewerVerified Buyer

Original Review: July 6, 2022

Originally listed for $9,000. It then went up to $12,000. It ended up costing over $17,500. They wait until they receive your deposit and then increase the price. You are just the coordinator. Outsource the actual moving to rather dubious moving companies. I would not recommend this company.

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How do I choose a local mover? ›

As you're searching for a local moving company, check their reviews online. Choose a company with a plethora of positive reviews and read them to learn about previous customers' experiences. Once you have a mover in mind, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if they are accredited and have a good rating.

What is a moving review? ›

Let's start by defining what the term “MOVING REVIEWS” means. A relationship or feedback is formed by a customer review, whether favorable or negative. Feedback is critical: no one wants to waste money or effort on something that fails to meet their expectations.

What is a reasonable price for a local move? ›

On average, movers charge between $25 to $50 per mover, per hour for local moves. So, a two-person team working for four hours will cost a minimum of $200 to $400, just for labor. But keep in mind that other expenses will be incurred as well, like transportation fees, materials and gas.

What is the average cost of a local move for a 3 bedroom house? ›

The average cost to move a 3 bedroom house ranges from $2,250 – $4,500 for local moves and $4,000 – $10,500 for long-distance moves.

How do companies know when you move? ›

Even if you do not file a change of address with the post office, data brokers often learn that you have moved when you update your magazine subscriptions, deed registrations, phone connections, credit card details or have transitions with other companies. Then they include you into a list of 'new movers.

Are moving jobs worth it? ›

Career growth

A move might be worth it if the position offers an opportunity for immediate or potential growth. A significant salary increase, sign-on incentives, a promotion or access to more connections in your line of work are all excellent reasons to consider relocating.

What is the criteria for moving? ›

For many people, this could be an exciting time in your life or an overwhelming one.
Top Factors When Considering Where to Move
  • Cost of living. ...
  • Size of the City. ...
  • Housing. ...
  • Traffic. ...
  • Schools. ...
  • Health. ...
  • Safety. ...
  • Job Prospects.
7 May 2021

What is a good reason to put for moving? ›

A new or better home/apartment (15 percent) New job or job transfer (11 percent) To establish own household (10 percent) A family reason (other than getting married or starting a household) (8 percent)

What should I do 7 days before moving? ›

1 Week Before Moving Day
  1. Setup utilities at the new house. ...
  2. Check the forecast for moving day. ...
  3. Begin defrosting the fridge and freezer. ...
  4. Make a checklist for your house cleanup. ...
  5. Take outgoing photos or video. ...
  6. Pack everything except your “go boxes.” Everything should be packed by now, with no exceptions.
11 Jun 2022

What should I do 2 weeks before moving house? ›

2 weeks until moving day
  • Pack all your non-essentials, including clothes not needed immediately.
  • Arrange for the forwarding of your post with Royal Mail.
  • Inform any local services, such as milkmen and newspaper deliveries, of your move.
  • Give out address cards for family and friends with your new details.

What is the cheapest month to move? ›

Scheduling your move from late September to April will save you the most money. This window of time avoids peak moving season in the summer as well as the high demand for movers in the fall, up to early September. This is when college students and renters move out because their semesters and leases end.

Can I negotiate with movers? ›

Absolutely! The best method for negotiating with your moving company is to get multiple moving estimates from at least 3 reputable companies. Each estimate should include the same list of items to be moved as well as any additional services like special packing or other charges.

How much does a 1 bedroom local move cost? ›

Quick Answer: The average cost of moving a one-bedroom locally or within the same state is $700-$1500. Local moving is charged per hour, so the longer your move takes, the higher the cost.

How many hours does it take to move a 3 bedroom apartment? ›

Time frame

While the actual amount of time it takes to move can vary greatly from move to move, professional movers provide these general timelines based on the size of an apartment: Studio or one-bedroom moves take about 2-3 hours. Two-bedroom moves take about 3-5 hours. Three to four-bedroom moves take up to 7 hours.

How much does it cost to move a 4 bedroom house local? ›

Average Four-Bedroom House Moving Cost
DistanceAverage Cost
Local$2,500 to $6,500 (Average: $4,500)
250 Miles$3,200 to $7,800 (Average: $5,500)
500 Miles$4,700 to $8,700 (Average: $6,700)
1,000 Miles$5,500 to $10,500 (Average: $8,000)
1 more row

How do you calculate how much it will cost to move? ›

To calculate the cost of a local move, you'll need to take the Number of Hours estimated to complete the move and multiply that by the Hourly Rate the moving company charges. You may also have to add on additional charges for things like Travel Time, Packing Materials, and Tips for the movers if you so choose.

Is it better to hire a moving company or move yourself? ›

If you have a large moving budget and you prioritize convenience, hire a mover. If you need to save as much money as possible, rent a moving truck and do all the work yourself. If you can afford some convenience but can put in some work to keep costs low, rent a moving container.

What are the things needed to be avoided when choosing a moving company? ›

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Professional Movers
  • Choosing the movers with the lowest price. ...
  • Not checking with the Better Business Bureau. ...
  • Not giving movers an inventory of unusual or large pieces you may have. ...
  • Not asking about hidden fees or extra charges. ...
  • Not planning ahead.
15 Apr 2021

How long should I stay at a company before moving? ›

Experts tend to agree that you should stick with your current job for at least two years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that as of January 2020, the median number of years that both wage and salary workers stay at their jobs is 4.1 years.

What is the best moving company to work for? ›

  • #1 JK Moving Company.
  • #2 Bellhop.
  • #3 Allied Van Lines.
  • #3 North American Van Lines.
  • #5 International Van Lines.
1 Nov 2022

Is being a mover difficult? ›

Professional moving is a mentally and physically challenging career that allows for growth and development. Don't worry: You don't have to be a bodybuilder or a gym rat to be a professional mover. A lot of people are surprised to discover there is much more to professional moving than meets the untrained eye.

Is working for a moving company hard? ›

Without a doubt, there is definitely a physical aspect of working for a moving company. People have a lot of furniture that needs to be moved from one place to another, including bed frames, tables, and desks, couches, dressers, etc. There are also a lot of boxes that are moved from one house to another.

What are 4 things you should do before you move in? ›

Moving Checklist
  • Make an inventory of everything to be moved. ...
  • Sort out and donate any unwanted clothing or furniture. ...
  • Have a garage sale or list them online to get rid of unwanted items. ...
  • Start collecting moving supplies like boxes and newspaper for wrapping. ...
  • Submit a change of address form to your post office.

What should I do 5 days before moving? ›

10 Essential Things To Do 5 Days Before Your Moving Day.
  1. Make a list. ...
  2. Hire some help. ...
  3. Switch your utilities. ...
  4. Change your address. ...
  5. Pack everything efficiently. ...
  6. Pack an essentials bag. ...
  7. Snacks and water. ...
  8. Remember how your electronics are assembled.
9 Sept 2020

What should you not do when moving? ›

The 8 Worst Moving Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid
  1. You don't do enough research on a moving company. ...
  2. You don't get the right insurance. ...
  3. You DIY your move when you actually need more help. ...
  4. You don't give yourself enough time to pack. ...
  5. You give yourself too much time. ...
  6. You don't get rid of things.
21 Mar 2018

How far in advance should you schedule local movers? ›

Ideally, you'll want to reserve at least two months before your move date, but 12 weeks is recommended for moves during busier times (like around holidays). To be safe, go ahead and book as soon as you have most of the details figured out.

How do I choose a packers and movers for local shifting? ›

7 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Packers And Movers
  1. Tip #1: Discard what you don't need. ...
  2. Tip #2: Organization is everything. ...
  3. Tip #3: Research, research, research. ...
  4. Tip #5: Always opt for insurance. ...
  5. Tip # 6: Pets, plants and vehicles.
6 Apr 2017

Do you pack before movers come? ›

Before your professional movers arrive, it's wise to pack a moving box full of items that are essential on your first night in your new home. Think: toiletries, cell phones and computers (and their chargers), important documents, medications, and even clothes and towels.

What should I do the night before my movers? ›

What to do before the movers arrive?
  • Purge your home. Sort out your belongings and declutter your home prior to your move in order to simplify it. ...
  • Know what cannot be moved. ...
  • Get insurance. ...
  • Create an inventory. ...
  • Clean and organize. ...
  • Pre-pack small items. ...
  • Label. ...
  • Separate items.
9 Jun 2015

Do you tip movers? ›

Because tips are not mandatory during the moving process, it's up to you to decide the right amount. You may choose to tip your movers a flat rate or to give them a percentage of the total moving cost. A general rule of thumb is to tip $4 to $5 per hour per mover or to tip between 5 and 10% of the total move cost.

How much does two men and a truck cost for a local move? ›

How much does it cost to hire Two Men and a Truck? Hiring two men and a truck, (literally, or the services from the leading moving company), will cost $80-100 an hour for a move less than 100 Miles.

How do you move a low cost? ›

11 tips for moving cheap
  • Do a DIY move. ...
  • Look for free moving boxes and packing supplies. ...
  • Hunt for moving discounts. ...
  • Get multiple moving estimates. ...
  • Host a moving sale. ...
  • Remember to cancel or transfer your utilities. ...
  • Recruit your friends and family. ...
  • Use containers you already own.
17 Oct 2022

Do you tip both packers and movers? ›

Be sure to tip each team separately, with each getting half the amount. In the case of the $3,000 move, you should tip the movers $225 to $300 at your old home and the same amount at the new place. And be sure your tip is in cash.

What is the most cost efficient way to move? ›

The cheapest way to move is usually to use one of the best moving container companies. It can save you thousands of dollars compared to full-service movers. Surprisingly, moving containers are even more affordable than rental trucks if you're moving coast-to-coast.

Which packers and movers are best? ›

Answers ( 2 )
  • Maxwell Relocations.
  • Urban Relocations Packers & Movers.
  • Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Agarwal Packers and Movers.
  • Happy Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd.
  • DTC Cargo Packers and Movers.
  • Professional Packers and Movers.
  • Royal Packers and Movers.

Who is the most reasonable moving company? ›

Top 8 Cheap Moving Companies of 2022
  • International Van Lines: Best Overall Full-Service Mover.
  • Interstate Moving & Relocation Group: Most Efficient.
  • American Van Lines: Most Experienced Moving Labor.
  • Moving APT: Best Customer Service.
  • JK Moving Services: Most Customizable Full-Service Mover.

How can I make sure a moving company is legit? ›

How to check if a moving company is licensed and insured
  1. Check using a USDOT number. One of the FMCSA rules for licensed moving companies is the mandatory registration of a USDOT number. ...
  2. Check for online presence. ...
  3. Check customer reviews. ...
  4. Check business certifications. ...
  5. Assess the company's professionalism.
8 Apr 2022


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