Everything you need to know about changing a USPS address (2023)

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WIf you are moving to a new home or office, you must update your mailing address with the United States Postal Service. This ensures that all email sent to your old address is forwarded to your new address. Not only will your clients send you mail here, but you will also receive everything here, from your lawyer's bills to legal documents from your partners and suppliers, etc. You don't have to worry about forgetting your address with your providers or credit card companies to update since USPS forwards all your mail for a period of time after you request an address change from them.

Therefore, if you plan to move your home or office to another location, be sure to update the address with USPS as soon as possible, as it may take 7-10 days from the date of filing before mail is forwarded.

USPS (United States Postal Service) makes it easy to update your mailing addressonlineor visit your local post office to complete the USPS Change of Address form.

However, we have put together a detailed step-by-step guide to help you change your address and avoid delays in recovering emails sent to the wrong address.

To change your address online or over the phone, you will need a credit or debit card, as there is a $1.05 identity verification fee. You can avoid the fee by going to your local post office and requesting the change of address form, also known asformulate 3575.

There are third party sites that can charge you more than $40. Avoid them and go directly to the USPS website, as they are not affiliated with the United States Postal Service.

How to change your address

optionswhat will you needTo do
  • Your new and old address. Both addresses must be in the United States for the online form.
  • A credit or debit card to pay the validation fee of $1.05
  • A valid email address to receive the confirmation number.
Complete the formmoversguide.usps.com
  • Your new and old address. Personal forms allow movementAan international address.
  • No fee required
Go to your local post office and get a Moving Guide.
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You can update the address by visiting your local post office in person to complete a change of address form. If you move abroad, you must personally fill out the change of address form at the post office. The online version is not available.

If you're moving within the United States, you can skip the post office lines by completing the online change of address form ($1 verification fee required).

While the USPS keeps records of your old address and promises to automatically forward mail to your new address for six months, the system isn't foolproof. It's also best to update your address directly with any company that sends you mail.

How to update your address online:

1) Visit the USPS address change page

The online version of theFormulario USPSguides you through each step of the online process.

2) Select if a person or a company is moving

You can specify whether individual, family, or business mail should be forwarded to a new address.

If you choose a person, only the email address with that person's name will be forwarded. If you select "Family", all emails with the same last name will be forwarded. If the household has people with different last names, or if a family member remains at the above address, each person must complete an "Individual" form option.

3) Fill in your contact details

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Enter your name and email address and a phone number. These are used to send a confirmation email once the form is completed.

4) Confirm if the change is permanent or temporary

Here you can check if your change of address is temporary or permanent and from what date it is valid. While the USPS considers most moves to be permanent changes, address changes are possible for shorter periods of time.

A temporary address change means that your mail will only be forwarded from your old mailing address to your new one for six months (with the option to extend it for another six months). Commercial shippers will not get your address unless you make the change permanent.

If you request a permanent address change, your mailing address will be changed permanently. In addition, this new address will also be registered in theNCOA(National Change of Address Database).

5) Enter your old and new address

Here you enter your old address, as well as the address you moved to.

6) Provide a credit or debit card number

USPS can verify the authenticity of your business or person by matching the address information on the card with the address you filled out on the form. A $1.05 verification fee will also be charged to your card here.

Once you have completed the steps above, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from the USPS confirming your address change. You will also receive a letter in the mail (at the above address) confirming the date the change will begin.

7) Instant Savings and Voter Registration


In the next few steps, you will also have the option to select some coupons and update your voter registration address. You do not need to fill them out to complete your change of address form. You will receive an email with a confirmation code once you have completed the steps above.

What to consider when requesting a change of address

The following are important agencies to notify when USPS changes your business mailing address.

clients and customers

You should post updates to let your patrons know about your move. Whether it's an email to subscribers, a website update, or a short story on social media, make an announcement so interested parties know where to send emails or letters.

your bank

Your bank must issue your bank statements and verify your billing address. If you use your bank's online banking capabilities, you may even be able to make this change through the app.

If not, you can always visit your local office in person or call the customer service line to speak to a representative.

Shipping Address

If you are a business in an industry that requires products/parts to be shipped to your business address, you must inform your suppliers with your new address. Make this change through the online collaboration software you use, or quickly call each provider to let them know. Don't forget to update your invoices.

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You should notify your utility companies (even before you move), as they may continue to charge you for electricity or running water at your former business location. In addition, you should also let them know where you will be moving to to ensure that your new facility is fully operational before you move.

How long does it take for a change of address to take effect?

Processing time depends on a variety of factors such as: B. Your exact location, the number of applications USPS is currently processing, and the time of year.

In most cases, an address change will take effect approximately seven business days after you submit your request.

However, the request may be processed much faster than expected, especially if the new address is in the same state.


Updating your home address with USPS ensures that mail is routed correctly.Updating your business mailing addresscan help track and recover lost emails and minimize risk to your business.

Even if you've already applied for an address change but the move fails at the last minute, there's nothing to worry about. Go to the USPS website to cancel your application online by simply entering the confirmation code you received at the time of submission.

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They may also ask you for the new ZIP code to verify your identity. After that, the changes will be reverted in just two days.

If you need more information on how to change your address, visit the officialUSPS FAQ. The FAQ also answers your questions about how to get to hospitals and military addresses.


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