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Darwin Chambers designs and manufactures herbal curing and drying rooms for Richmond

cultivation of medicinal plantsIt is a new industry that relies on state-of-the-art environmentally controlled spaces. Darwin Chambers Designs and ManufacturersMedicinal Plant Healing Roomsable to closely replicate the drying process required to maintain proper cannabinoid levels and prevent mold and mildew.

ÖDrying rooms for medicinal plantsManufactured and installed by Darwin Chambers in Richmond, can be customized to the exact needs of your herbal products without sacrificing performance or quality. The level of customization that Darwin offers for its medicinal plant drying rooms in Richmond, allowing any room or building to be easily replicated in multiple locations. ODrying rooms for medicinal plantsthat we manufacture are also able to store and maintain product quality for long periods of time to ensure the consistency and quality of the medicinal plant.

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Richmond herbal healing room

Herb Drying and Curing - what we recommend for your Richmond herbal curing room

In general, it is recommended to keep the drying temperature between 16 and 21°C, as many terpenoids (molecules that are partly responsible for the psychoactive effect but also largely responsible for the smell of the plant) evaporate at temperatures above 21°C. Unscheduled dry moisture should generally be between 45-55%. Higher humidity is associated with mold. Lower moisture levels tend to dry out products too quickly. If the plant matter dries out too quickly, some of the chlorophyll will not be converted, resulting in suboptimal flavor and harsher smoke when burned and inhaled.
While some customers follow the above guidelines, others may wish to temporarily program more drying and/or more moisture at the end of drying using the microprocessor's programming features.

Darwin Chambers uses a proprietary cooling method, the PFTCU (Precision Fluid Temperature Control Unit) to precisely control temperature. Unlike typical cooling units, the PFTCU allows for quick (30 minutes) replacement of all cooling components as well as redundancy when requested as such.
Exclusive antimicrobial coating on door handles to reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

A stable temperature preserves cannabinoids well. Low light levels are also important for proper drying of crops. Darwin chambers offer options to control light levels, as well as many other chamber options including black strip curtains (to prevent unwanted light entering when people need to enter the chamber), data loggers, chart recorders, shelving and healing racks.

Herb Drying Room Richmond, VA

Our medicinal plant drying and curing rooms work in 4 points of excellence

Quality- Darwin Chambers engineers are factory trained in the latest methods and procedures and use this knowledge to design, manufacture and install every herb drying room entrusted to Darwin. Our engineers have an extensive knowledge of the needs and requirements of the fast moving herbal industry and design each herbal drying room in Richmond to perform exactly what is required for each product or service required by the herbal industry. At Darwin, quality always comes first, guaranteed. When we build a medicinal plant drying room, we build it to last and maintain a constant, reliable level of service and functionality.

speed- Darwin maintains a wide range of critical parts needed for every medicinal plant drying room in Richmond. Every part that leaves our factory is quality and function checked prior to shipment, and our temperature control systems are pre-installed, tested and wired for optimal installation speed. We've also prioritized consolidating larger shipping orders to reduce shipping costs. Our engineers place a high value on speed and availability and can typically begin production or supply required parts in six weeks or less.

Performance- The quality and performance of yourMedicinal Plant Healing Roomis critical to the success of your product and we only use the most advanced technologies available. Using only proven and reliable technology, our engineers are able to deliver quality Richmond herb drying rooms that outperform any competition. We excel at calculating the actual electrical efficiency of each space using high-efficiency EC (Electrically Commuted) fan motors, high-performance 4-inch polyurethane foam panels, UV-sanitized ultrasonic humidification, and our exclusive PFTCU (Purpose Temperature Control Precision Fluid Unit). When tested for quality and reliability in Richmond, our herbal drying rooms consistently met and exceeded FDA/ICH/GMP required guidelines.

Preis- The products and technologies we use exceed performance requirements while lowering cost projections. As material costs continue to rise, Darwin Chambers prides itself on offering truly reasonable prices and services that offer unbeatable reliability and performance.

Herb Drying Room Richmond, VA - Herb Drying Room Richmond

Darwin Chambers herbal drying rooms come with a standard set of benefits

Darwin Chambers is Richmond's only provider of quality, dependable herbal drying rooms. Our reputation depends on the services and products we offer. Our engineers and technicians will always meet your business needs and any specifications your medicinal plant drying room may need. Regardless of what your business or company currently needs for its Richmond medicinal plant drying room, we can meet your needs. Below you will find a detailed list of the features of our medicinal plant drying rooms.

standard functions

  • 4" to 6" polyurethane foam insulation panels, rated R 31+ or higher, in custom sizes
  • Touch screen control interface with customer programmed automation
  • Exceptional temperature and humidity uniformity
  • high/low alarms
  • Kickplates na porta
  • non-proprietary controls
  • Corrosion resistant equipment
  • Conforms to NSF standards
  • Pre-tested and pre-filled cooling systems
  • Dehumidification - Humidification - Ventilation
  • air filtration
  • Energy Efficient Offer Reduced maintenance costs

Optional Resources

  • Blackout strip curtains (to keep light out)
  • Insulated viewing windows in doors or walls
  • Shelves and shelves of healing
  • Extended temperature and humidity ranges
  • Stainless steel / special surfaces
  • Ethernet / remote monitoring / alarm
  • Added redundancy in control and/or air conditioning system
  • Water-cooled or air-cooled condensers
  • individual lighting systems
  • Unlimited viewport/window scaling
  • Floor with high load capacity
  • Preventive Maintenance Services

Herb Drying Room Richmond, VA - Herbs Herb Drying Room Richmond Manufacturer

Darwin Chambers can design, manufacture and install medicinal plant drying and curing rooms at any location

As the industry grows, so does competition within the industry. The time to act in the medicinal plant industry is now. Our team and engineers understand this, which is why we offer our services to companies that want to maximize their growth potential while conquering important markets in areas that require medicinal plant products and applications. If your business requires a reliable, high-performance herbal drying room, or if you would like any suggestions or have any additional questions about our procedures, methods, or recommendations for our herbal healing room, please contact our team as soon as possible. We can be reached at 314-534-3111, 877-783-6774, or you can contact our team online using this link -HERE.

Our products, services and work are backed by warranties and documentation. A variety of industries with different requirements rely on the security that our services offer. Below is a brochure detailing some of our capabilities and services.


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  • Quick and easy setup

    Entire cooling systems can be quickly installed and replaced with simple tools - no cooling tools or certified technicians are required.

  • elegant designs

    We are able to offer the best operational solution for your specific needs - and typically deliver systems that are the most efficient, sustainable and affordable.

  • Customized solutions

    Flexibility and a dedicated engineering and design team to offer innovative and highly customized solutions that go beyond our standard product.

  • 24/7 technical support

    Free 24x7 technical support by phone or email for the lifetime of your Darwin Chambers product.

  • Temperature and humidity control

    Exceptional temperature and humidity control through microprocessor proportional control.

  • Precision fluid temperature control unit

    A proprietary indirect cooling system for hiking. It uses a combination of refrigeration technologies, propylene glycol/water heat exchange technologies and the latest temperature control methods to outperform traditional refrigeration systems.

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