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How To Play Canon In D On The Piano - Learn To Play An Instrument With Step By Step Lessons | just blog (1)

In this article you will learn to play the famous songCannon in reby Johann Pachelbel on piano in a simple way (score included).

When you listen to PachelbelCannon in re,you probably start looking for the girlfriend. This song is synonymous with weddings and is an easy classical song to play on the piano.

However, Pachelbel's baroque tune did not become an overnight success. It took a few hundred years for it to gain popularity.

So how did this song get popular and how do you play it?Cannon in renot plan?


  1. What is Canon in D? A little about the work
  2. Why is Canon in D so popular?
  3. How to play Canon in D without piano?
    • Is Canon in D written for piano (and what is basso continuo)?
    • What is a canon?
    • What are the elements of baroque music?
  4. Ready to play?
  5. Frequent questions.

What is Canon in D? A little about the work

OCanon in D majoris Johann Pachelbel's one-hit wonder. He wrote it around 1680 in the Baroque era. He remained buried for 100 years.

While the piece is familiar to the ear, some details about its history may surprise you. Here are some facts to know about Canon in D:

  • The German composer, Johann Pachelbel, is the composer of this piece.
  • Canon in D is a movement in a two movement piece
  • It is a piece from the Baroque era.
  • Three violins and basso continuo are the main instruments.
  • EraNowritten like a wedding song

Let's see how Pachelbel's piece differs from other classics.

Why is Canon in D so popular?

Canon in D was not very popular in Pachelbel's time. It wasn't even supposed to be a wedding song. In the 1960s,Cannon in restarted to get popular. Much of this rediscovery was due to the French conductor Jean-François Paillard. paillard postedCannon in rein 1968, and his song inspired many other musicians to follow suit.

How To Play Canon In D On The Piano - Learn To Play An Instrument With Step By Step Lessons | just blog (2)

Now,Cannon in reWagner's popularity is on a par with Wagner's.Here comes the bride.It is rumored that Pachelbel wrote Canon in D as a wedding present for his student, the older brother of the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. However, the composition is not a wedding march.

So how did it turn into a successful wedding? No one knows exactly how this trend took off. Some suggest that the Canon in D has religious connections in classical circles. Some think it's because Princess Diana and Prince Charles played baroque music at their wedding, and others started choosing baroque music. Or, some may use it simply because it sounds touching and is an alternative to other overused wedding marches.

Although wedding trends are increasingly moving towards trendy pop songs, it's safe to say that Pachelbel's piece,Cannon in re,It won't be forgotten anytime soon.

How to play Canon in D without piano?

Cannon in reis in the key signature of D major.You only have two sharps to worry about in this armor: F# and C#. This simple key signature already makes this piece easier to learn than many famous classical pieces.

Cannon in reContains major and minor chords. these chords arediatonic,which is related to the original key signature. the chords inCannon in rethey areA major, B minor, F sharp minor, G major, D major, G major,miAn important.This chord progression lasts for four bars and then repeats.

to checkPiano Chords for Beginners: A Simple Guidefor more tips on playing basic chords.

As you play the piece, keep a smooth legato rhythm. You can add depth and feeling by raising and lowering the volume with crescendos and decrescendos. Try the hands separately first until your fingers have the notes facing down. Then start to assemble the piece bit by bit.

try thisPiano exercises for the left hand to help your hands cooperateto build more strength and agility in your left hand.

The simple key signature, chord repetition, and steady legato rhythm make theCannon in reEasy to learn for beginning pianists!

We'll answer other common questions about this baroque piece so you know what to expect when you sit down to play.

Is Canon in D written for piano (and what is basso continuo)?

Many classical composers, such as Beethoven, wrote pieces for piano or harpsichord only. However, in the Baroque period, string quartets were big business. Then it isCannon in reoriginally a piece for piano, or have modern musicians adapted it for piano?

oh originalCannon in recomposition notes that this piece is for three violins andbasso continuo. . . . The Italian termbasso continuoit does not refer to a stringed double bass instrument.

A basso continuo typically includes a string instrument with deep notes, such as a cello or bassoon. These instruments work in conjunction with a harpsichord, lute, or organ.

The piano is the updated version of a harpsichord. Then yes,Cannon in reit was written for piano in combination with strings.

What is a canon?

The full title of the piece we know asCannon in reEsCanon and Giga in D major for three violins and basso continuo.Cannon in reit's only the first half of a piece, and the second movement is a jig.

A canon in musical terminology is a counterpoint melody. Essentially this is just a round like,"Are you sleeping, brother John?"A musical phrase starts the melody and then another instrument repeats it. You can hear the violin section repeat and overlap onCannon in re. The melody line overlaps and builds to create an emotional piece.

What are the elements of baroque music?

We have all heard:If it ain't baroque, don't fix it.” But what should you do when a partEsBaroque?

Baroque music generally includes some of the following characteristics:

  • Smooth melodic lines with ornamentation.
  • A fast and optimistic movement
  • A line of homophonic melody in layers with polyphonic textures
  • Expressive contrasts in tempo and volume.
  • an echo effect
  • A continuous bass section

Cannon in reIt displays many musical techniques from the Baroque period, including soft melodies, echoing musical lines, crescendos and decrescendos, and alternating high and soft dynamics. while you play thisCannon in re, these techniques allow you to create an expressive piece of music for the audience.

Ready to play?

It's safe to say thatCannon in reit's one our ears are quick to recognize. Now that you know more about the origin and structure of this piece, you can add musical depth by playing it on the piano.

Download a free copy of the sheet music to start playing Canon in D today.


Johann Pachelbel will be proud that his musical masterpiece has not been forgotten.

Frequent questions.

What is Canon's D rating level?

AlthoughCannon in reinvolves multiple string instruments, it can also be a stand-alone piano piece. For a piano solo, you assume the echo and harmony of the piano and strings. This baroque piece comes in many arrangements to suit pianists of different skill levels. A standard version ofCannon in rehe is at the level of eighth grade pianists.

How long does it take to learn Canon in D piano?

Cannon in reit is easier to play on the piano than other classical pieces. One of the reasons it's so easy to learn is that it's so familiar to the ear. This song has a slow tempo and a lilting beat, and the melody line repeats itself in a predictable fashion. Some advanced pianists can learn this song in one day. But even beginning pianists can addCannon in reto your repertoire in less than a month.

What time should Canon in D?

Many classical composers add an Italian meter to their compositions. These markings help you know how fast or slow to play it. However, Pachelbel did not add a tempo marking to the original piece. In this case, the musicians use"regular time"(a normal tempo) by default. You shouldn't be going too fast in this weather, but don't let it drag on. You also have space for musical interpretation. Most pianists play this piece at around 140 BPM. However, some speed up the tempo to 280 BPM. Or go as slow as 70 BPM.

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