Laguna Road school officials celebrate the National Blue Ribbon School for 2020 award, which covers the Fullerton School District (2023)

E EFR Education + Communication = A Better Nation ® Covering the Fullerton School District Volume 8, Issue Feb/March 2021 Laguna Road School Staff Celebrates 2020 National Blue Ribbon School Award


Board of Directors Hilda Sugarman Beverly Berryman Aaruni Thakur Janny Meyer Leonel Talavera President Vice President Secretary Member Member Laguna Road School 2020 National Blue Ribbon School Award Laguna Road School in Communities Creating a Safe and Friendly Place The Fullerton School District has schools where students dominate the challenges received the designation as Engaging and Engaging Content. Now in its 38th year, the National Exemplary High-Performing Blue Ribbon Schools program has awarded nearly 10,000 More Schools Awards for 2020 from more than 9,000 US schools, with some schools winning multiple awards from the Betsy Board of Education. From you. Laguna Road School is “It is a great honor for a school to host Dr. Robert Pletka Superintendent, one of 367 schools in the country with the National Blue Ribbon title. This and one of 36 designated schools recognize California's hard work to be recognized in 2020. to help students meet the challenges of high-performing exemplary schools in the future and prepare for success,” said Dr. National Blue Ribbon School recognition Julienne Lee, Deputy Superintendent of is based in a school's General Academic Educational Services. performance or progress in closing the National Blue Ribbon Schools' coveted performance gaps among student subgroups. The award affirms the hard work of educators. Schools that receive this designation are families and communities that create safe, top-performing schools in the state and welcoming schools where students dominate as measured by statewide assessments or nationally challenging and engaging content. These normative tests. recognition recognizes a student at the school “Congratulations on this year's national successes as an inspiring example of how the Blue Ribbon School is honored,” said Secretary May DeVos' teachers, parents and community leaders. “It is a privilege to recognize working together to help students prepare for the extraordinary work they do to tackle what's next for students. Laguna Road School was needed and prepared them for a successful career, one of 317 public and 50 non-public schools, and meaningful lives.” Honored November 12-13, 2020 at The National Blue Ribbon Schools Virtual 2020 The National Blue Ribbon School designation is a coveted award that the awards ceremony claims. the hard work of educators, families and the Fullerton School District February/March 2021 3
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® Education + Communications = A Better Nation Covering the FULLERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT FOUNDER/EDITOR: Kay Coop 562/493-3193 • Kay Coop AD SALES: Founder/Editor Net a Madison 562/493 - 3193 Netragrednik CONTENT COORDINATOR: Barbra Longiny GRAPHIC DESIGNER/PRODUCER: Happy New Year! We have often converted all of our happy Emily Ung posts to digital and COPY EDITORS - the response has been great. Thank you Kate Karp, Anna Zappia for being faithful readers and SOCIAL MEDIA: Nancy Lueder for the challenges of this pandemic. Netragrednik by Neta Madison However, when you read the pro-public education articles. in this issue, you'll see there are many things I always appreciate your feedback for @SchoolNewsRC to be happy about: educators are when they email their responses to our innovative SchoolNewsRollCall. word search competitions. Be sure to enter the contest In this issue you'll read articles on page 16 (SchoolNewsRollCall ages 21 all ages on how teachers can participate and motivate can participate). Students at SCHOOL NEWS ROLL CALL, LLC focusing on If Your Child Is an Avid Reader and P.O. Box 728, Seal Beach, CA 90740 Healthy mind and body. Parents would like to review their favorite support 562/493-3193 is always important, but even books like Student Columnist, Email Copyright © 2006, School News Roll Call, LLC even more so during this time. I for information. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise indicated. Our next issue is April 14, 2021. Opinions expressed by contributing writers and guest columnists are their opinions and not necessarily those of School News Roll Call. This publication is privately owned and the right to select and edit content is reserved. The Fullerton School District does not endorse the advertisers in this publication. Let us help you maximize your preschooler's learning! learning for preschoolers! Financial Planning and Investment Advice We're Committed to Helping You Enroll now and receive a FREE Kumon Membership to help you achieve your goals! Exp Reading & Math Center 3/15/21 Fullerton - Downtown Let Us Help You With After Programs 138-aSchool West Wilshire Ages 3 - 18 Avenue - H k • PreOUG Investment Management Fullerton, CA 92832 THR • Retirement Planning Highol sheezazuberi @ikumon. with | 714-869-2700 or let us help you maximize your Sch Kumon Let us help math and maximize • Preschool and Self-Study Reading Center! your preschooler's learning! Fullerton Small Business - Downtown Retirement Plans • 403b and 401k Rollovers 138-a West Downtown and Wilshire Avenue virtual classes available Fullerton, CA and Kumon Math 92832 Reading Center Make an appointment without obligation to meet and Kumon Math and Reading Center to discuss your finances needs and questions today. Fullerton - Downtown Fullerton - Downtown 138-a West Wilshire Avenue THR k Pre- HOUG PrRe -kH 714-869-2700138-a Fullerton, West Wilshire Avenue CA 92832 1501 E. Orangethorpe Ave., #210 H ho i g l OUG Fullerton, CA 92832 | 714-869-2700 or TH gh Sch Hihool | 714-869-2700 Fullerton, CA 92831 Sc (714) 449-9696 In-person and virtual classes available In-person and virtual classes available4

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Personnel Services 1401 W. Valencia Dr., Fullerton, CA 92833 • 714/447-7400 • PBIS Stands Out in Response to School March 2020 Fullerton School Closing District, PBIS Coalition of 20 California Schools Chose Fullerton School to Implement the PBIS District Received Community Care the PBIS Community Recognition System for School 2019-2020Dr. Chad Hammitt Cares Award. The Assistant Award is given annually. The superintendent of this award, California PBIS, has temporarily replaced the Coalition. Statewide Positive Recognition Behavioral Interventions and Programs (Bronze, Supports (PBIS) is Evidence: Silver, Gold, and Platinum-Based Tri-Level Framework Level Awards). Each to improve and integrate data, systems and practices across the school was asked to present a brief narrative that impacts student outcomes every day. It's a way to support and accompany a video, photo or story that represents everyone, especially students with disabilities, to build on how your school was supporting students, families and the types of schools where all students succeed. communities during these unprecedented times. PBIS is a commitment to address student behavior According to submissions, all 20 FSD schools underwent a system change. When implemented well, it is recognized and receives the PBIS Community Cares Award. Students achieve better social and academic outcomes. This recognition reflects the tireless work of each school and they experience reduced opt-out discipline at the school site in their commitment to PBIS and a testimony of practices, and school staff feel more effective. team effectively implementing PBIS. Lacrosse: Word Search Contest Rules! A word in the list is not in the wordsearch. When you complete the word search, entries must be received by March 30, 2021. A word will be left and that word will be emailed to: From the correct entries, one name will be drawn to win $20 gift certificate redeemable at Barnes & Noble. (Type Fullerton in the subject line) FORWARD MOUTH GUARD NET COACH PLAYERS SHOW RULES DEFENSE SCORE FIELD CUFFS GOALKEEPER SIDE LINES STICK HEAD HELMETS TEAMS UNIFORMS MIDDLE Congratulations to Kerwin Shue, winner of our October Word Search Contest! Word Search by Kai Coop Covering the Fullerton School District February/March 2021 5

Acacia Elementary 1200 N. Acacia Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831 • 714/447-7700 • Reflect and Celebrate With the new year approaching, we need to pause, take a moment to reflect and celebrate our blessings. As part of this reflection, I am reminded that the Acacia School is truly a special place for Dr. Liz Leon. While the Principal's new way of teaching and learning has presented a number of challenges for all of our school communities, my optimism for the resilience students can demonstrate during difficult times has never wavered. I remain excited and excited by the way our students are demonstrating flexibility and a great attitude towards change. Here is some positive and encouraging advice a Big Buddy has for their Little Buddy: “All Acacia Pandas will get through this together. It's hard for the kids at home, I know, but we'll all do what we can and the teachers are encouraging the kids on Zoom." —Sofia Holton, sixth grader Beechwood 780 Beechwood Ave., Fullerton, CA 92835 • 714/447- 2850 • Continue to build connections through lunchtime sports, coding and robotics, math Create a school environment where competitions, writers' guild, book clubs, orchestra, band, all thrive is a priority in speeches and debates, and much more. Beechwood School. During this pandemic, Beechwood Our School teachers have been recognized for continuing to build healthy connections and relationships across the State of California to reach our students, whether online on Zoom or at the Platinum level by implement a positive persona on our campus Behavioral Interventions and Supports Our students are proud to come to Beechwood and Dr. Julie Graham (PBIS) This prestigious award exemplifies the s called Bobcats. Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat! Mainly our commitment to explicitly teach our students high expectations of being safe, respectful and responsible young people. Our school culture focuses on developing positive relationships in an engaging and inclusive environment both inside and outside the classroom. Plus, we have something for everyone to keep kids connected and interested in school. They can explore their passions and interests6

Commonwealth Elementary 2200 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831 • 714/447-7705 • ROAR creativity and care in the midst of a crisis to achieve a long overdue achievement for our school There is no denying that the community of last year. The smile on the students' faces will forever be in our history and in our hearts! Of the innovative classes that the teachers conceived as one of the most anxious and difficult. To Engage Children, Employees, and Safety-Respecting Families Stripping away our norms and enforcing ourselves rules to keep everyone healthy, we all come together on a journey of innovation for survival. As if in the midst of a crisis and sensing a sense of PRIDE in our tiger, Charles Dickens once wrote, “It was the best community that grew out of creativity and care. Anita Lomeli at the time, she was the director in the worst moments…” Not only did we reinvent school from home, we immersed ourselves in scientific research, clean as never before, but we realized how wonderful it is to attend a school and a classroom with friends and colleagues, supported each other with grace and compassion and continued to connect with our community. Creativity and care are two fundamental strengths that RUMINATE in the Commonwealth! The reopening of our school is an excellent example of how great minds came together. our Intervention Response (RtI) is a three-RtI trainer who meets with students four times a week to ensure a layered approach to early identification and that they receive targeted support with additional support from students with learning needs. in fundamental skills. Falcons soar to new heights on Fern Drive, this process starts day one with literacy skills! from the school with high quality instruction and Dr. Julie Brandon Universal Assessment for Principal All Students. RtI is a crucial part of student success at Fern Drive. Falcons receive specific, targeted instruction daily on the skills they need to hone, all with a focus on literacy. Areas that teachers focus on include phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, reading accuracy, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary development, and English language development for our identified ELs. Student progress is monitored and teachers change students based on progress approximately every eight weeks. Covering the Fullerton School District February/March 2021 7

Robert C. Fisler 1350 Starbuck St., Fullerton, CA 92833 • 714/447-2890 • A Healthy Mind and Body This Focus on Mindfulness, Pilates and Yoga Not Just At Robert C. Fisler, we pride ourselves on maintaining our students on the move during the pandemic, not only in having a rigorous and engaging academic program, but also in teaching our students positive self-esteem, but also in teaching our discipline, optimism, and support against stress and anxiety. students how to have a healthy mind and students learn how to control their breath, be aware of their body. This was especially important to them, as well as having fun in a safe environment. during the pandemic Kimberly to Benaraw our students. Director This year, our high school physical/health class focused on teaching mindfulness to our students through pilates techniques and body therapy, including yoga and strength training. All of our students, whether virtual or in-person, participate in a variety of toning, stretching, coordination and balance activities. Golden Hill Elementary 732 Barris Dr., Fullerton, CA 92832 • 714/447-7715 • Arts ID Music Program Students were encouraged to create musicals This year, our Arts ID program included pieces, for example, related to the literature they have read, or dating musical talent. This program delved into your passions during our Enrichment Hour and more focused music instruction, as well as through Thrively in preparation for our Passion Projects. integration into core content areas. While we wait for more performances, integrations, and this has evolved throughout this year, musical enrichment this year! and your circumstances, we Katrina Piche have seen much enrichment from the Student Director as well as great dedication from our students to their passions. During distance learning, students took an additional class focused on digital music composition through GarageBand. Furthermore, this learning is supported by Mr. Johnston, a dedicated and certified music teacher. Students receive weekly sessions and access an additional session each week for added challenge and enrichment. During this time, students learned about a variety of musical compositions, as well as representing rhythm and music through movement.8
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Hermosa Drive Elementary 400 E. Hermosa Dr., Fullerton, CA 92835 • 714/447-7720 • PTA Goes Further Even in the midst of a global pandemic, in October and December, the PTA transformed our Hermosa Drive PTA has risen and the school parking lot in a friendly parking lot filled with chests or goodies to unite our community. with fancy cars, delicious treats, upbeat music and much more instead of our normal festive activities. Students were encouraged to dress up and join the PTA to make two amazing and socially fun people. As always, our PTA has also organized food drives and distant drive-thru events for families to donate donations to Pathways of Hope and Crittenton. to participate. In general, everyone had joy in the midst of difficult times. Dr. Danielle Ramirez Principal Ladera Vista Junior High School of the Arts 1700 E. Wilshire Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831 • 714/447-7765 • National Schools to Watch Redesignation and Foundations Committed to Academic Advancement of Ladera Vista Jr High School The School of Performing Arts and Healthy Youth Development has just been redesignated National for Teens. In order to prepare students to be Schools to Watch® (STW) beneficiaries for life. Ladera students ready for college, career and citizenship, Vista originally earned STW status The National Forum seeks to make all high schools by 2018. teens, and social staff contribution and reflection, and an egalitarian day. Bill Lynch Principal Visit Reviewing Application To achieve your goal of academic improvement and, along with evidence of student engagement, developmental outcomes for all students at the secondary level, parent engagement, as well as academic interventions, grades, the Forum identifies and publicizes the best enrichments and opportunities. To become practical, articulate and promote effective policies, redesignated as STW, schools must provide evidence of recognition and development of enlightened leadership and progress in established schoolwide goals and areas that inform and engage the public. increase. The National Forum, through Schools to Watch® The Schools to Watch® program is organized by the program and has developed criteria to identify high-performing schools. researchers, national schools use the criteria, expanded the program to 18 associations and state professional organization employees, and selected and honored 465 successful schools across the country. Covering the Fullerton School District February/March 2021 9

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Laguna Road Elementary 300 Laguna Rd., Fullerton, CA 92835 • 714/447-7725 • Importance of Vision Boards Laguna Road students and staff began 2021 by reflecting on the lessons learned in the previous year and setting goals for the new one. year. Students and staff were encouraged to envision their New Year's resolutions in pictures and words and design a Dr. Cindy Bak's vision board to inspire and motivate her Director throughout the year. The creative process of designing a vision board engages our students in the important life skills of reflection and personal goal setting and develops a stronger sense of self and personal responsibility. Additionally, neuroscientists have discovered that vision boards prime our brains to recognize opportunities, inspire action, and reduce stress. As we continue our learning journey, the Laguna Road community is committed to leading the way, overcoming any challenges that come our way and learning together. We are so grateful for the resilience of our students, the dedication of our teachers, and the continued support of our parents! Maple Elementary 244 E. Valencia Dr., Fullerton, CA 92832 • 714/447-7590 • Student and Staff Morale The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for the Maple community. While we adapted quickly to the principal's requirements for distance learning, there was not the same level of adaptation to the socio-emotional well-being of our students and staff. As a team, we decided to solve this problem: a safe and amazing holiday parade, complete with snow, creating an Action Team focused on students and staff present for all students and Santa Claus! It was really a moral. This team of staff put in countless hours of herculean effort as every gift was donated to brighten the spirits of our community! our friends, family and community partners. Each of them First, the action team boosted team morale over the course of a week; gifts had to be wrapped and boxed for each student. long surprise celebration! Every day, our employees The event included a self-service balloon arch and received small giveaways, handwritten thank you notes, and snow! Santa Claus also greeted each student and family. Our Maple even has a bulletin board honoring their service to our students. The community always pulls together, but that and the community. Even on the hardest days, there were many events that took him to the next level. We are very grateful for smiling! to our community partners at Fullerton for helping us deliver Next, the action team raised the morale of our students (and this amazing experience for our students and families. It's the morale of our entire community!) planning and execution illuminated our spirits !10 www. schoolnewsroll. with
Nicolas Junior High School 1100 W. Olive Ave., Fullerton, CA 92833 • 714/447-7775 • New Approach to Learning To start a new year, Nicolas JHS adopted a 2021 approach to teaching while keeping students safe and personal. On any given day, about 45 minutes out of every hour, you Robyn Clemente will see the new Hybrid Learning Principal approach. Nicolás' teachers adopted this new educational approach first, or more precisely, the car first. By teaching students face-to-face, digitally via zoom, and on rotating schedules, Nicolas teachers bring their classrooms closer to students in a safe and innovative way: on wheels. While the students enjoyed the creativity that each teacher brings to their new classroom on wheels, the teachers also had a lot of fun letting their personalities shine through on their carts. The flexibility of these new carts not only allows teachers to see each of their students in person, but also allows Nicolás to remain safe during these unprecedented times. Orangethorpe Elementary 1400 S. Brookhurst Rd., Fullerton, CA 92833 • 714/447-7730 • The Teach Rock Partnership continues to grow with our superstar students, two of our outstanding teachers, Spring 2020 began with a flourish of and Dr. Frady. The Los Angeles episode of little Steven's excitement at Orangethorpe. Our Campus Roadshow highlighted how faculty, staff and students welcomed a team from Teach Rock New York City to Orangethorpe, adjusted to our new learning environments and Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, worked to keep students engaged and o Founder (actor, musician, singer, songwriter) integration of the living arts despite COVID-19. doctor Steven Dr. Ginger Frady Van Zandt. Main This visit was an opportunity for our ORCA students and staff to showcase the integration of the arts on our campus and highlight the impact of our Teach Rock partnership. March 12th was an emotional day that will not be forgotten despite the COVID school closures the next day. Fast forward to Sept. 28, when Steven Van Zandt and Drew Carey spent an afternoon chatting with two. Covering the Fullerton School District February/March 2021 11
Pacific Drive Elementary 1501 W. Valencia Dr., Fullerton, CA 92833 • 714/447-7735 • Computer Science Week Questions from Students about Education, Career, Perseverance, Pride and Culture of the Pacific Drive Dolphins. Thanks to Zoom technology and the celebration of Flipgrid Computer Science Week, we experience a close connection over a safe distance from December 7th to 11th, 2020. A natural extension of our existing Pacific Drive extends a heartfelt thanks to the Computer Science Trail, the CS week had guest speakers, faculty and staff making it possible for these students beyond an hour of code application to have a memorable week.Dr. Kelly Castillo her core computational thinking skills with new and different platforms. From block coding to the Python language, all students enjoyed showing off their projects. As peer role models and mentors, Grade 5 students partnered with our Grade 3 GATE group to create and explore SWIFT. The dolphins also enjoyed the personalized messages from our guest speakers. This team of software engineers from YouTube and Intel shared their personal stories and responded: Students demonstrate coding while sharing their Zoom screen with the class. Parks Junior High School 1710 Rosecrans Ave., Fullerton, CA 92833 • 714/447-7785 • #TheParksWay and #ParksBest2Years Parks' 8th grade PATHfinders were given the opportunity to choose their high school's “Best Fit Match” at the beginning of Laura Makely's 2021 Virtual School Year! Because our core students know that their talents and strengths support not only their daily habits and routines, but also their current and future choices, we take the time to validate and accept their desire for voice, choice, and agency by providing an introduction to them. comprehensive "Best Fit Match" high school options. With pre- and post-survey data, Parks will be able to support 8th graders on their journey, or PATH (Personal Actions for Happiness), from elementary school through high school. Owner of OCCOVID.COM during our virtual Career Con Our 7th grade PATHfinders got a chance to kick off 2021! his virtual meeting for the 2021 school year with Principal Parks continues to focus on #TheParksWay and the award-winning Netflix documentary, "Spelling the #ParksBest2Years in hope that Happiness and Health Can Dream," a Food Network food stylist, and be the focus for 2021.12 www
Raymond Elementary School 517 N. Raymond Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831 • 714/447-7740 • Dual Language Academy Raymond's Dual Language Academy program brought innovation and persistence to distance learning. With interactive face-to-face experiences as a hallmark of bilingualism and biliteracy in Spanish and English, Cristina Centeno has reinvented interaction. Main Thanks to the collaboration of our bilingual community, our team brought enthusiasm to the challenge. There has never been a prouder moment for the program than delivering on our mission statement through thick and thin. Teachers continue to find new and creative ways "for all students to achieve high levels of academic achievement, develop biliteracy and bilingualism, and cultivate the intercultural competencies needed to succeed in a multicultural society and global economy." Every day, students are connected: they speak, read and write. Our teachers took advantage of DLA Kindergarten Teacher Maestra Maldonado teaching students in person and virtually from various technology platforms such as Flipgrid, Padlet, Chatterpix and more. Students, both face-to-face and online, are interacting with each other and their teachers in the program, contact Director Cristina Centeno on development in both languages. or 714-447-7740. Richman Elementary 700 S. Richman Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832 • 714/447-7745 • Our Connection Remains Strong At Richman, one thing is certain: we come together to continue to grow and stay connected virtually. A prime example of this growth and connection is our speaking and debating team, a dynamic group of 14 students in Grades 4-6 in Kristen Holm and the strong leadership of Principal, Ms. Ninofranco, a sixth grade teacher. Successful speech requires students to memorize, add blocks (hand and body movements), voices and facial expressions to make them informative, powerful and fun. During virtual practices, students warm up, set goals, recite speeches, receive coaching, congratulate each other, and give each other feedback. Dona Ninofranco describes the team as a FAMILY because they are there to support each other. “Richman is known for our amazing students and the trainers love working with them because they are always so positive and hardworking.” Therefore, our connection is strong! Aubrey Gonzalez proud to win first place in poetry. Covering the Fullerton School District February/March 2021 13
Rolling Hills Elementary 1460 E. Rolling Hills Dr., Fullerton, CA 92835 • 714/447-7795 • Student mental health is a priority, realizing these values ​​are essential for students to feel At Rolling Hills, we believe be a confident and ready to learn. Community-wide responsibility to help Our goal is to foster an environment that encourages students to become caring, compassionate learners to develop positive relationships that help adults. they are successful in life. We use a complete children's approach to teach Juleen Faur and promote principal values ​​of kindness, safety and responsibility to foster a caring school culture. To build on that foundation, we've incorporated lessons on how to foster a growth mindset for learning to help students develop positive attitudes about learning and a keep-trying attitude that will help them long-term in the future. This year, we continue this practice through socio-emotional classes that teach our students to identify their feelings, manage their emotions and solve problems in order to incorporate these values ​​into their daily lives. Now more than ever, we Sunset Lane Elementary 2030 Sunset Ln., Fullerton, CA 92833 • 714/447-7750 • Spread holiday cheer to Seahawk families this December. This time families traveled Although this school year looked down Candy Cane Sunset Lane to stop at the holiday decorated differently than ever before, sunset chests and receive treats, toys and gifts. Families Lane remains committed to positive building, even getting a fun surprise visit from Mr. relationships with students and families. Collectively, these community building events have brought smiles to the faces of our students and their families, found creative ways to toast, and look forward to continuing the fun throughout the year. The school community of Dr. Tracy Gyurina has come together to spread director's holiday cheer to our families. In October, we brought Spooky Sunset Lane to our school community as a fun twist on a trunk or treat event. Students and families stayed in their vehicles as they traveled down Spooky Sunset Lane and stopped at decorated trunks to purchase Halloween treats and trinkets. Likewise, we brought Candy Cane Sunset Lane into our preschool team's decorated trunk for our Candy Cane Sunset Lane event.14
Valencia Park Elementary 3441 W. Valencia Dr., Fullerton, CA 92833 • 714/447-7755 • The Virtual Winter Program was a blend of memories of the past combined with one of the school's beloved traditions with new memories of the present. Through the magic of video, at Valencia Park, hybrid students and virtual students will perform together, even sing in the annual winter, even though they have never been together as a group. Program. Overall, this joyous occasion has not only brought much joy to the Valencia Park school and family community amidst the coronavirus, but it is also an opportunity for students to weather a pandemic. Dr. Erlinda creates special Soltero-Ruiz Principal memories with her colleagues. This year, the pandemic and security restrictions threatened to cancel the event. However, Dr. Ruiz, director of Valencia Park, didn't let that get in the way of some much-needed holiday cheer. She orchestrated a virtual winter program that students and families enjoyed in the comfort of hybrid, virtual kindergartens delivered to their homes. The free-spirited virtual version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” Woodcrest Elementary 455 W. Baker Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832 • 714/447-7760 • Social Justice Book Club At Woodcrest, social justice is an issue that spans the entire school focus and journey, with new layers being added each year. This year, our principal, Ms. Wolf, started a Rochelle Wolf book club that focuses on the principal's issue of social justice. The goal is for students to read books that raise awareness of issues like race and equity, learn to advocate for social justice, increase reading comprehension, and provide students with a place to share their ideas. The first read was Sylvia & Aki by Winifred Conkling, which tells the story of Sylvia Mendez and Aki Munemitsu Nakauchi, two girls who grew up during World War II. Although Mrs. Wolf ask questions, she really just facilitates conversation between students. The club, originally six weeks long, now has students use what they learned in the club to help turn it into a year-long passion project. The hope is that the world is a better place. Covering the Fullerton School District February/March 2021 15
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Sean's Book Review Kailani's Review Middle School Can Change Your Life Positive Outlook Finding the Worm Ways to Make Sunshine by Mark Goldblatt, is written by Renée Watson, about seventh grader Julian a Coretta Scott King Twerski, who attends the Award and Newbery Medal McMasters Middle School. winner. The story is about there 9th graders are 10 year old Ryan Hart Sean's real problem as they are Kailani T. who has had to adjust to many bullies. Julian is seen as a change in his life after admiring the painting of a historical picture, and then his father lost his job. His father's new job accused of screwing up! Julian's friend Quentin suffers from a tumor on his head which does not pay him as much as his old job and because of this he is promised a family must move into a smaller house visited by a famous baseball player. 🇧🇷 Another friend, Beverly, already needs to limit her spending. Ryan has faced many challenges and was constantly asking Julian to run with her, but at this point in her life. With the help of his loving family, he always says no. This book has a lot of side stories that, and friends, you could see the positive sides of contributing to the main idea, what makes the book interesting, the changes. Ryan brought sunshine to his family and everyone full of suspense and fun. Mark Goldblatt did a great job with her trying to be a good daughter, a good sister and connecting this book to her previous book Twerp. In a good friend. In conclusion, Finding the Worm is pretty cool, but reading this book taught me to think positive. If we look, we should read Twerp before that, as it will have many positive aspects, we can always find good things at a better time! even in the worst situation. I give this book 5 stars out of 5. Sean is a sixth grader who enjoys playing basketball and volleyball. Ele Kailani is a third grader who loves to read. When he's not playing with her, he loves teaching his dog, Chewie, tricks and taking him for walks. His little brother, Kailani, enjoys coloring and drawing. He started studying Spanish. Her favorite subjects at school are math and physical education. The best of lessons while sheltering in place. Horseback riding and rollerblading in quarantine was spending time with family in nature. are the new activities you enjoy. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Novelist: Word Search Contest Rules! A word in the list is NOT in the wordsearch. When you have completed the word search, there will be one word left and that word will be emailed to: Please write Fullerton in the subject line. Entries must be received by March 30, 2021. COMPUTER PEN From the correct entries, one name will be drawn to win a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble. EDITOR BROWSER IPAD GOOGLE SPOT CORRECTOR INTERNET BING PRINTER EDITOR ASPIRIN NOTEPADS KEYBOARD READERS PHONE PENCILS WIFI IDEAS IMAGINATION Congratulations to Kerwin Shue, winner of our October 16th word search contest!


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