Make a mailing address change through USPS (2023)

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Change of mailing address in the United States

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Make a mailing address change through the USPS

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When you move, you need to change yourShipping Address🇧🇷 A mailing address change is required through the USPS. You want to receive your mail at your new address after you move and settle down.

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After you move, ask someone to take your mail. If you do this, you can relax knowing you won't miss anything important.

To use:do not dopick up the mailthis is not yours unless you have been asked to. Taking mail that is not yours is a crime. If someone else has your mail, ask if they received anything with their name on it.

Don't open someone else's mailbox, even if your mail is in there.

change my address

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You are free to change your mailing address at any time. All you need is oneChange of mailing address in the United Statesyfill this form.

If you change your address online, use the USPS website. Do not use other sites as they can steal your information. To be sure, call your local post office and ask for a link to the official Change My Address page.

Who's moving?

There are three address forms you can fill out. Each one is different and will result in mail being forwarded to the new address. You'll move individually, but let's go over each shape.

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As an individual, this means that you are moving on your own. Your email with your exact name will arrive at the new address. This means that siblings, children and parents will have the same address.


That's what you should choose if you move with the family. You don't have to write the information down for each family member. Instead, the "head of household" or whoever is filling out the form will use your information.

Everyone with the same last name will have their correspondence forwarded to the new address. If some people remain at the old address, have the people moving fill out separate forms. If people moving in have different last names, they will need to complete separate forms.

The business

You can fill out a business mailing address change form if your entire business moves. If your business has more than one name, you will need to include the names in the Business Alias. Do not leave any aliases out.

If you move to a new location but still work at the old address, ask your boss to forward your mail. Try filling out the form as an individual and using the business as your old address. Use your name, not the business.

contact details

This is the contact information for the person filling out the form. You will need to enter your first, middle and last name, as well as any suffixes.

You will also need to include your email address and phone number. This will not set you up to receive regular text messages or sign up for email newsletters. You will receive one-time emails notifying you of the address change.

mail forwarding

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Permanent or temporary? This is a question that must be asked. If the move is permanent, you can forget about the old address once you move. If not, you'll need to remember when you decided the mail would be returned to you.

You can decide when you want your mail to arrive at your new address. You can decide when you want your email forwarded. The USPS can provide more information about whatmail forwarding🇧🇷 medium.

Is it permanent?

When choosing "permanent" as your move type, you will need to provide a date. The date you want your mail to start arriving at your new address. If you don't know, choose an earlier date.

You don't want whoever ends up at your old house to have your mail in their mailbox. If your mail is at your new address, no one will bother you.

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It's temporary?

If you plan on living in your new place for a short period of time, you'll need to do two things. Indicate when you want your email to be forwarded. Then indicate when you would like it shipped to the above address.

If you plan to stay in your new location and then move to another place, use the "permanent" form. You can change the address later, but make sure your mail isn't sent to the old address if you don't live there.

the confirmation code

After completing the form and submitting it, you will receive a confirmation code. The code is sent to your email address. If you do this in person, the code will arrive in the mail. Because email is instant, most people who apply for a US mailing address change do so online.

Change of mailing address in the US in person

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If you prefer to do things in person, go ahead. Postal staff will be happy to help you through the process if you visit the post office. You must bring two things and trust us, it's easier than the DMV.

To change your mailing address at the post office, you will need to bring your identification. You can use your driver's license or other form of identification. You will also need to bring proof of residence.

A utility bill, medical bill, or bank statement is fine. They need to know that you live where you say you do so that no one tries to forward someone else's mail to their address. This security step may seem like a burden, but it protects you.

Another way to be sure is to check with government websites

Change of postal address price

This is one of the easiest ways to spot a scam or phisher. The United States Postal Service charges $1.05 for a change of address. This is for your security. It's nothing for every individual, but someone has to introduce change.

If a site offers this for free or charges more than $1.05, don't use it. It is important that you make the changes on the USPS website. If you are not sure, contact the post office and they will help you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)frequently asked questions

When should I make a mailing address change?

A good window is two to three weeks before you move in. Your order will be taken care of and you can relax knowing there is one less thing to worry about. If you know the day you are moving, you can file it the same day.

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What happens if I enter the wrong mailing address?

You can change your information through the USPS website. Use the Change My Address page where you changed your address. You can use the form for errors and address changes.

How do I get an update?

You can check the status on this official USPS page or by calling your local post office. If you do this online, you will need your confirmation number and new zip code. To be on the safe side, have proof of residency handy if calling the USPS.

Why does the USPS charge for a mailing address change?

The main reason they charge a small fee is fraud protection. You will use a card to pay. USPS ensures that the card matches your old address or your new address. Again, this sounds painstaking, but it's way better than someone forwarding your email!

Will changing my address update it everywhere?

The short answer is no. What changes is your mailing address. You will need to change your address when necessary. Make sure you cover your bases before you move.

Change of address Conclusion

Changing addresses is easy. If you follow the simple steps listed here, you shouldn't have any problems. The best thing you can do is plan ahead.

When you know the date you are moving, that's when you want to notify your local post office. Don't expect to change addresses at the last minute.


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