The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (2023)

as one ofrome neighborhoodswhich often see local and foreign tourists exploring its interesting places, discovering where to eat in Ostiense is also important to increase the enjoyment of your entire trip.

You will be surprised by the wide variety of options you will find. From traditional Roman dishes prepared and served with a modern twist to rich plant-based delicacies and Indian specialities, this trendy southern Rome neighborhood has it all.

We have tried most of the restaurants in Ostiense and we are always pleasantly surprised. Now, we share our favorites and some of the most famous restaurants in the neighborhood.


  • 1 best restaurants in Ostiense
    • 1.1 Restaurante Pennestri
    • 1.2 Romeow cat bistro
    • 1.3 Outside the norm
    • 1.4 Eataly
    • 1.5 Zampagna All'Ostiense
    • 1.6 Angelina Restaurant
    • 1.7 Al Biondo Tevere
    • 1.8 River Port
    • 1.9 Double zero
    • 1.10 Gandhi Indian Restaurant
    • 1.11 Andreotti
    • 1.12 calendula

Main Ostian Restaurants

Restaurante Pennestri

Trattoria Pennestri is a relatively new (2017) opening located near the Ostiense viaduct and offers a truly delightful experience. The concept of this restaurant is to mix modernity and tradition with a personal touch to original dishes served in an old style trattoria.

The dishes on the menu vary according to the season and local products, buttraditional roman recipesascheese and pepper doughorigatoni all'amatricianathey are always available. Therefore, some of the summer ingredients will definitely include bell peppers, eggplant, and zucchini. The main courses always include meat or fish, while the starters and first courses are also for vegetarians.

The prices are very reasonable, with first courses between 9 and 11 euros, while main courses between 14 and 16 euros. Side dishes and desserts are usually around 4 or 6 euros.

Much attention is paid to the wine list that includes the excellence of Italy with special attention to local products from the Lazio region.

  • Direction: Via Giovanni da Empoli 5
  • Telephone: +39 06 5742418
  • website.
The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (1)

Romeow Cat Bistro

This is one of our favorite restaurants in Ostiense, and if you like vegan cuisine,Romeow Cat Bistrois for you. Also, if you are a cat lover, you will be in heaven. The menu here is a rich selection of gourmet vegan dishes inspired by traditions that aren't necessarily Italian. Along with the Mediterranean delicacies, in fact, you can ask for Indian, Mexican, Thai, Greek, raw recipes or any type of recipe strictly in its vegan version.

On the menu there are starters and appetizers, as well as first courses, main courses and, of course, delicious desserts. In fact, you can try their cakes throughout the day, since the bistro is also a cafeteria. In the afternoon you can also enjoy a good tea, coffee, juice or milkshake.

One of thebest vegan restaurants in rome, the ingredients they use are seasonal, so the dishes on the menu change frequently depending on the season and the products, which are usually local, fresh and organic. If you're wondering where to eat in Ostiense if you're on a plant-based diet, this is a great place.

  • Address: Via Francesco Negri 15
  • Telephone: +39 06 5728 9203
  • website.
The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (2)

out of the norm

Fuorinorma is an innovative restaurant in Ostiense that aims to serve simple, fresh and seasonal cuisine. Open to experiments and new flavors, the only thing they are not willing to sacrifice is the quality of their ingredients.

All the products they use are purchased directly from the producer, avoiding intermediaries and strictly following seasonality. In this way, its menu is always changing and dynamic with several vegetarian options and always a new "dish of the day".

In winter you can find dishes such as mushroom and berry risotto and tender pork chops with winter vegetables, while in summer the offer includes mussel linguine with sea asparagus and cicory pesto, a summer amatriciana called “matricianella” and smoked eggplant with tomato paste and olive powder

The wine list is a careful selection of some 30 labels from nearby wineries with which they are in direct contact.

  • Direction: Via Giuseppe Giulietti 5
  • Telephone: +39 06 9436 6835
  • website.
The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (3)


Right next to the Ostiense train station, one of the main centers ofRome public transport, you will find Eataly. Here, you can combine your souvenir shopping with your meals, be it lunch or dinner, and even your grocery shopping if you have rented an apartment in Rome.

In Eataly, in fact, you will find a supermarket with fresh fruits and vegetables on the ground floor, as well as specialties from all Italian regions, from cheeses to breads, cold cuts, wines and much more.

If you're here for lunch and dinner, you certainly have a wide variety of options to choose from. Do you like a light meal? On the second floor is Il Fritto, a restaurant dedicated to street food with all the fried delicacies of the Roman tradition.

If you prefer a more relaxed meal, try the Terra restaurant with grilled dishes and a complete menu from starters to dessert. Among the other places to eat at Eataly in Ostiense are La Birreria brewery where you can enjoy your meal with a craft beer, Pizza & Cucina for pasta or pizza, Il Bosco Umbro for traditional Umbrian dishes and Mozao with specialties from the Region by Emilia Romagna.

For coffee, hot chocolate or ice cream, the ground floor is for coffee, Sicilian pastries and ice cream only. If you like delicious ice creams and chocolate delicacies, your place is Cioccolateria Venchi, also on the ground floor, next to the cafeteria.

  • Endereço: Piazzale XII Octubre 1492
  • Telephone: +39 06 90279201
  • website.
The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (4)

Zampagna in Ostiense

One of the favoritesrestaurants in rome, Trattoria Zampagna if you look for itBasilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls. Its interior is quite simple and traditional in style, as is its cuisine, which is authentic, abundant and tasty.

Typically Roman trattoria, it also has an interior patio where customers can choose to eat. Homemade Roman recipes and generous portions are some of the reasons why this restaurant is frequented by the locals.

The restaurant's decor is quite simple and sometimes austere, but the good value for money and the authentic flavor of its dishes, including the homemade cake, make it a favorite stop for lunch or dinner.

  • Address: Via Ostiense 179.
  • Telephone: +39 06 574 2306
  • website.

Angelina Restaurant

This restaurant in Ostiense is located in Via del Porto Fluviale and surrounded by some of the most famous pieces ofostiense street art. While they do have a few outdoor tables for outdoor drinks or snacks, I always prefer to sit inside. The interior of Angelina's restaurant is charming, a kind of mix between classic industrial and post-modern decoration.

Open all day, you can stop here for breakfast, a drink and a meal. They serve all the dishes, from starters to starters and seconds, as well as salads if you are a vegetarian. You'll also find plenty of desserts, from tiramisu to cheesecake, crumb cake, Mississippi mud pie, panna cotta, and more.

  • Address: Via del Porto Fluviale 5F.
  • Telephone: +39 06 8971 5031
  • website.
The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (5)

in the blond tiber

Restaurant and pizzeria, “Al Biondo Tevere”, La Rubia Tíber, opened its doors in 1915 with a very suggestive view of the Tiber River and the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls. A favorite gathering place for many Italian artists, actors and film directors, this historic trattoria serves traditional, simple and rich in flavor dishes, including Roman-style pizza.

Classic decoration with old photos and images from the modern history of Rome decorate the interior of this restaurant made popular when the Italian director Luchino Visconti filmed scenes from the famous movie “Bellissima” starring Anna Magnani and Walter Chiari. This is where writers like Alberto Moravia loved to dine and this is where the great writer and film director Pierpaolo Pasolini dined for the last time the night he was assassinated.

This is the place to eat in Ostiense, not far fromDistrict of Garbatellaboth for the flavors of tradition and for the not-so-old memories that it evokes and brings back.

  • Address: Via Ostiense 178.
  • Telephone: +39 06 574 1172
  • website.

river port

Cafe, bistro, restaurant, pizzeria. Open every day throughout the day, Porto Fluviale really caters for all tastes and preferences. Installed in an old warehouse of approximately 900 square meters in the industrial district of Ostiense, the restaurant offers a variety of experiences and dishes in four different areas.

Whether you prefer a Naples-style pizza, a traditional dish from all Italian regions, an appetizer, casual street food or a cocktail, Porto Fluviale has it all and allows you to enjoy it in a comfortable and spacious environment. And in summer, you can dine al fresco in the restaurant's charming dehors.

  • Address: Via del Porto Fluviale 22
  • Phone: +39 06 5743199
  • website.
The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (6)

double zero

More than strictly a restaurant, Doppiozeroo is a bakery, café, and bistro. From breakfast to brunch to lunch to dinner, you can stop here for a coffee and croissant, a juice, a light buffet lunch, and a full dinner.

Being also a bakery, some of its strong points are the fresh bread, the delicious pizzas, the fantastic pastries and cakes.

The dishes are for all tastes and preferences, so whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian or strictly vegan, at Doppiozeroo you will find the ideal foods. This is the place to eat in Ostiense if you want a tasty, casual lunch.

  • Address: Via Ostiense 68.
  • Telephone: +39 339 207 2894
  • website.
The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (7)

Gandhi Indian Restaurant

This is a good Indian restaurant in Rome, so if you like spicy food, curries, na'an bread, samosa, biryani rice and those kinds of dishes, Gandhi Indian Restaurant in Ostiense is for you.

When we went we ordered two entrees and bits of appetizers and sides. I enjoyed my palak paneer, a creamy spinach stew with paneer cheese, which is a North Indian dish. Although it wasn't exactly the same as what I had in India, it was quite similar. Same for the dish my husband ordered which was a biryani rice with vegetables.

The mix of vegetables that we had for starters came with some very spicy sauces that we also enjoyed with bits of garlic and na'an cheese.

  • Direction: Via Pellegrino Matteucci 124
  • Telephone: +39 06 6442 0047
  • website.
The 12 best restaurants in the Ostiense neighborhood (8)


One of the most popular bars in Rome is Andreotti, right on Via Ostiense near the Gasometer, one of the most visible relics of the city.The industrial archeology of Rome.

Andreotti is also a delicious pastry shop, cafeteria and artisan ice cream parlor, a favorite for breakfast or coffee among residents to start the day with pastries and energy drinks. This is also one of the best places in Rome to eat maritozzo, a traditional Roman pastry consisting of a fluffy sweet bread cut in half and filled with whipped cream. Not exactly the healthiest of breakfasts, but very satisfying.

At Andreotti, they also serve savory food made with high-quality ingredients, perfect for a light, casual lunch or late-night snack.

  • Address: Via Ostiense 54/56.
  • Telephone: +39 06 575 0773
  • website.


A relatively new addition to the Ostiense food scene, Marigold is a modern restaurant with its own micro-bakery. Sourcing its ingredients primarily from local farms, its menu is very seasonal.

They serve breakfast and lunch every day, while on weekends it is also possible to have brunch but they do not take reservations.

While in Italy breakfast is quite sweet and quick, at Marigold they decided it was worth taking a little more time and eating delicious. You can opt for sweet or savory dishes ranging from homemade pastries and cakes to eggs in the most varied shapes, through a simple yogurt with granola.

Weekend brunch offers what you see for breakfast plus sandwiches, pancakes, shakshuka soup, porridge, and pudding. Lunch is relaxed, although the dishes on the menu are original and well refined with options such as pumpkin gnocchi, Tuscan kale and brown butter, pita with potatoes, puzzone and fontina cheese, and green endive salad and cabbage stuffed with rice, lentils, chickpeas chickpeas, cauliflower and labneh cheese from the Middle East

A selection of coffees and teas complete the delicious experience, with coffee made from Marigold's own blend.

As for alcoholic beverages, the beer they serve comes from the local Rebel brewery and the wines are carefully selected from different Italian regions.

  • Direction: Via Giovanni da Empoli 37.
  • Phone: +39 06 8772 5679
  • website.
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