The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (2023)

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The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (1)

There are many good reasons to fire up the barbecue this time of year, including Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and the simple fact that the days are getting longer and warmer. Whether you've upgraded to a full outdoor kitchen or are more of a rustic fireplace type, you can elevate the experience of eating food cooked over flames by pouring world-class wine alongside it.

When juicy steaks are on the menu, there are a wide variety of varieties to choose from, includingCabernet Sauvignon,Sangiovese, SeTempranillo. Well-marbled cuts of meat and red wines with strong tannins are a love match for all ages. But grilling doesn't always have to involve red meat, so make sure you have some high-quality whites on hand for the fish, chicken and veggie lovers in your company.

  • Michael Mondavi 2018 Animo Heritage Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley, Καλιφόρνια

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (2)

    Michael Mondavi and his son Rob Jr. they felt that this particular vineyard has a unique energy and spirit, so they named it Animo, the Italian word for "soul". The vines themselves have a history that begins in Chateau d'Yquem, France and are planted in volcanic soils at elevations from 1270 to 450 feet above Napa Valley. This 100 percent Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of freshly baked bread, lemongrass and white stone fruit. On the palate there are flavors of tangerine, lemon zest and lemon curd with balanced acidity. It's generous on the palate with an exuberant body and a lingering finish that just doesn't let it down. Delicious with grilled swordfish or roast chicken.

    Buy Now: $70

  • Domaine Belargus 2018 Ronceray Anjou France

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (3)

    Named after the blue Adonis butterfly (Polyommatus bellargus), this area enjoys a privileged location on a steep slope composed of shale, shale, pebbles and clay. Owner Ivan Massonnat has dedicated the entire estate to the cultivation of Chenin Blanc. His Ronceray is a pale straw yellow with aromas of lemon zest, citrus blossoms and wet river. It is smooth on entry with balanced acidity and aromas of tropical fruit, citrus pith and bitter almond. It's complex but crisp and clean and there's a nice level of salinity and bracing minerality on the long, lingering finish. Pair with grilled mussels, oysters or cedar wood salmon.

    Buy Now: $64

  • Remirez de Ganuza 2014 Gran Reserva White Rioja Spanje

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (4)

    Founded in 1989 by Fernando Remirez de Ganuza in Samaniego, Álava in Spain's Rioja wine region, this bodega has been recognized for quality red and white wines since the beginning. This enticing white Rioja is made from 100 percent Viura and is fermented in oak barrels giving it a more complex, rounder profile than many other whites from the region. It has a light yellow color with aromas of white flowers, dried herbs and slate. It's fruity and juicy with flavors of citrus zest and lemon curd, a nice, round texture and balanced acidity on the finish. Try it with grilled seafood and vegetables and goat cheese salads.

    Buy Now: $115

  • Arzuaga 2017 Reserve Ribera Del Duero Spain

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (5)

    Florentino Arzuaga bought the La Planta estate in the early 1900s, planted vines and began building a winery. It is currently located in the west of the Ribera del Duero wine region near Valladolid, Spain and is run by Ignacio Arzuaga Navarro. In addition to producing great wines, it maintains a 3,500-acre natural habitat for wild boar and red deer. Reserva 2017 has aromas of ripe red raspberry, red cherry, red plum and brown baking spices. It is full-bodied with velvety tannins and aromas of plums, cranberries and freshly picked black cherries. Enjoy this fine wine with a grilled Porterhouse.

    Buy Now: $55

  • Skipstone 2018 Oliver's Blend Alexander Valley California

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (6)

    Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Fahri Diner and his wife Constance are the driving force behind the Skipstone estate in the mountains above the Alexander Valley. Together with their winemaker Laura Jones and consultant Philippe Melka, the team produces excellent wines. Oliver's Blend 2018 is purple-garnet in color with aromas of black cherry, pencil lead and anise leaf. It is smooth on entry with flavors of raspberry, Darjeeling tea and black raspberry and is full-bodied with balanced acidity and well-integrated tannins. Enjoy this wine with grilled steaks and pork ribs.

    Buy Now: $220

  • Banfi 2017 Brunello di Montalcino Ιταλία

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (7)

    Hailing from one of Italy's top wine regions, Banfi Brunello di Montalcino is made from 100 percent Sangiovese grapes grown on the rolling hills around Montalcino in the province of Siena. The word Brunello means "small coffee" and refers to the size and color of the grapes. The 2017 vintage produced wines that are fruitier and riper than a "classic" vintage, but that means many of them are now perfectly drinkable. This wine has aromas of crushed violets, black cherries and black licorice with flavors of ripe red and black fruits, vanilla and sweet brown baking spices. The tannins are silky smooth and the acidity is well balanced, making it the perfect complement to a well-marbled Bistecca all Fiorentina.

    Buy Now: $65

  • Bodegas Valduero 2014 Premium 6 Years Ribera Del Duero Spain

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (8)

    Valduero was founded in 1984 by Gregorio Garcia Álvarez and his daughters Yolanda Garcia Viadero and Carolina Garcia Viadero with the aim of producing quality wines in Ribera del Duero. Their vines are planted between the towns of Villanueva de Gumiel and Gumiel de Mercado at altitudes between 800 and 900 meters above sea level. This exceptional wine is made from 100 percent Tempranillo and is aged for a minimum of six years, including three years in oak barrels and three years in the bottle. It has aromas of ripe black fruit, espresso leaf and tobacco and aromas of dark cherry, cranberry and pomegranate with silky tannins and a long, lingering finish. You want breakoutsgrote tomahawksfor this.

    Buy Now: $80

  • Jacopo Biondi Santi 2019 Sassoalloro Gold Tuscany Italy

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (9)

    Jacopo Biondi Santi continues his family's winemaking tradition at Castello di Montepo in Scansano with Sangiovese Grosso grapes. The 2019 Sassoalloro Oro is bright garnet in color with aromas of blackberries, red raspberries and dried cranberries. It is smooth with silky tannins and flavors of red and black currant, crushed violet and vanilla. Pair this delicious wine with grilled filet mignon or rib eye.

    Buy Now: $80

  • Jean Luc Colombo 2018 Cornas Burnt Earths Rhonedal Γαλλία

    The 9 best wines to drink no matter what you're baking this summer (10)

    In 1984, former pharmacist Jean-Luc Colombo and his wife Anne opened the "Centre Oenologique des Côtes du Rhône" and suddenly became highly sought-after wine consultants. Today they are making beautiful wines and Jean-Luc believes the 2018 vintage showed exceptional quality, as evidenced by the anthocyanin and polyphenol levels that help form wines with good color and age-worthy tannins. This 100 percent Syrah is garnet in color with a purple rim. It has aromas of violet, lavender and raspberry with flavors of raspberry, red raspberry and black plum. The tannins are soft and round with a juicy finish. Pair this wine with rosemary roasted lamb or lamb chops.

    Buy Now: $75

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