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Work flexibility in Spain for the hospitality industryhas become an extremely important and ever-evolving issue. In a context where work-life balance is becoming increasingly important, the HORECA sector faces the challenge of finding the perfect balance for its team.

In this article,we will explain 4 tips for implementing working flexibility in your company and the benefits it can bring to both employees and the sites themselves. From adapting programs and working methods to offering career opportunities.

Do not lose it!

It promotes a culture of adaptability and change.

Implement flexible schedules that meet the individual needs of your employees.

For example, you can offer compressed work schedules, allowing them to work more hours a day to get extra time off. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy more free time and balance their private and professional lives.

You have rotating shifts that allow your team to have variety in their schedules.

For example, in the case of a hotel, you can set different shifts, such as morning, afternoon and evening, to give your employees the flexibility to work at different times of the day and adapt to their personal needs.

Consider telecommuting

Finally, while telecommuting can be difficult in the HORECA industry, you should consider having employees who can work from home for specific administrative tasks. For example, those responsible for planning menus, managing orders or creating marketing strategies can perform their tasks remotely, giving them more flexibility and the ability to balance work and personal responsibilities.

2. Create effective and transparent communication channels.

It creates a climate of trust

Encourage communication and transparency where your employees feel comfortable sharing their needs and concerns. You can organize regular meetings to keep communication flowing and discuss possible solutions to balance your team's work and private lives.

It sets up an early shift system.

For example, if an employee needs to attend a medical appointment, they can request to change shifts well in advance and find a colleague who is willing to change schedules. Innickname, the employee autonomously manages his request for holidays and absences, from his mobile phone! This makes the process much simpler and faster for both the manager and the employee. Forget about emails!

Uses internal communication tools

Integrate digital communication tools such as instant messaging applications,integrated social networkor collaboration platforms, to maintain effective communication and ensure that all members of your team are aware of changes and updates. This makes coordination easier and allows your employees to stay connected in real time, even if they work on different schedules or from remote locations!

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3. Provides opportunities for professional development and growth

Creates training and education programs

By adopting them, you enable your employees to acquire new skills and advance their careers in the industry. For example, you can offer courses in customer service or specialized cooking.

Makes individual development plans

Customize them to suit your employees' goals and aspirations. This will motivate them and give them a sense of progress in their work.

4. Use technology to your advantage

In the competitive hospitality industry, work flexibility has become a key factor in ensuring the efficiency and satisfaction of your team. The good news is that technology can become your ally, and specialized software like niikiis can make all the difference in managing your frontline workers.

This allows you to enjoy a number of advantages that promote working flexibility and improve the efficiency of your team:

Record time

With niikiis you can easily create and assign work schedules to frontline workers. You can clearly visualize the availability of each team member and adjust schedules according to the hotel's needs. Plus, employees will be able to access their schedule through the mobile app, keeping them constantly updated and in more control of their time, without the need for a computer or tablet!

Automation of processes

Say goodbye to headaches, automate repetitive and administrative tasks, freeing up time to focus on strategically managing your operations! From vacation management to time recording, the software ensures accurate and fast recording and processing of information. This not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of errors and makes it easier to respond to last-minute changes in business operations.

Smooth and collaborative communication

Effective communication is essential to ensure work flexibility. With niikiis you can communicate instantly and efficiently with your team and vice versa through our built-in social network.

Indicator analysis and monitoring

Get detailed reports on your employee management and evaluate your team's performance. You can visualize data such as attendance, working hours and productivity so you can make decisions based on accurate and objective information. With this information, you can identify opportunities for improvement, recognize outstanding employee performance, and adjust operations to achieve the optimal balance between flexibility and work efficiency.

Beenicknamewe want to help you grow, always looking out for the well-being of your team.Request our demo now and see all the solutions we can offer you.

Benefits of working flexibility in Spain

The benefits of implementing work flexibility in Spain for the hotel industry are many and go beyond the satisfaction and well-being of your employees. Let's see how this practice can positively impact your operations and results:

Increased talent retention

Providing work flexibility is a key factor in attracting and retaining the best professionals in the hospitality industry. In an environment where staff turnover can be high, the ability to balance work and private life becomes an attractive differentiator. Employees value flexibility and tend to commit to and stay with organizations that provide them with this opportunity.

Increased productivity

When your employees are able to adjust their schedules and balance their personal responsibilities, they feel more motivated and engaged in their work. By having a work-life balance, they will be more willing to give their best in their professional performance. As a result, productivity and service quality are improved.

Reduction of absences due to illness

Work flexibility can help reduce sickness absence. Allowing your team to adjust their schedules around personal situations, such as medical appointments or family obligations, fosters an environment of trust and well-being. This reduces the chance of unauthorized absence and contributes to a more positive work climate.

Improving the working environment

Work flexibility promotes a positive and collaborative work environment. By offering scheduling options and allowing employees to rotate shifts, an atmosphere of support and cohesion is created among team members. This fosters a sense of belonging and promotes healthy working relationships, which is reflected in customer satisfaction and a harmonious work environment.

Adapting to peaks in demand and activity

The hotel industry is known for its seasonal nature and fluctuations in demand. Work flexibility allows for better adaptation to these changes, as you can adjust schedules and changes to customer demand. For example, during peak season or special events, you can organize workgroups based on needs, avoiding overloading or underutilizing resources.

Successful cases of work flexibility in Spain

In the hotel sector in Spain, several companies and hotels have chosen to implement flexibility measures at work, with successful results for both employees and their operations. Let's look at some notable examples:

Hotel Costa del Mar

This famous hotel on the shores of the Mediterranean distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to working flexibility. They have implemented flexible schedules that allow their employees to adjust their working hours to their personal needs, always ensuring the necessary coverage to provide quality services. Additionally, they have created rotating shift systems that allow workers to take extra days off or reduce their workload during the off-season. This flexibility has helped them achieve greater team satisfaction, reduce job stress and retain more talent, resulting in improved reputation and customer loyalty.

The restaurant on the terrace

Located in the heart of a tourist town, this restaurant has found in flexibility of work the key to optimizing its activities and excellent service. They have implemented telecommuting for some administrative and programming tasks, giving their core team a better work-life balance. In addition, they have established rotation schedules for dining and kitchen staff, enabling them to adapt to changes in demand and maintain a motivated and engaged workforce. Thanks to this flexibility, they have achieved greater efficiency in managing their team and job satisfaction that is reflected in the attention and quality of the dishes offered.

These examples show that working flexibility in the HORECA sector can yield successful results. By adjusting schedules, introducing telecommuting where possible and offering rotation options, these companies have achieved significant benefits such as improved work climate, talent retention, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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